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Your Faith is Your Fortune – Neville Goddard / Chapter One

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The book contains 27 chapters , Total length 2hrs 48 mins

Neville Goddard

Your Faith is Your Fortune

In Your Faith is Your Fortune, originally published in 1941, Neville presents his interpretations of key Biblical passages as the basis for conveying metaphysical principles. Each of the book’s 27 essays begins with a quote from Scripture, which Neville uses as a starting point for his revelatory teachings.

A key principle of Neville’s metaphysics is the I AM, a presence that emerges over and over again in Scripture. Neville identifies the I AM as the fundamental consciousness from which all experience springs. As he writes in the fifth essay of this collection: “This I AM within you, the reader, this awareness, this consciousness of being, is the Lord, the God of all Flesh. I AM is He that should come; stop looking for another.” In this way, Neville continually encourages his students to explore the manifestation of I AM within their own lives. Biblical stories and Christian traditions that seem, on the surface, to have nothing in common (the Christmas story; circumcision; the crucifixion; the triune God; the twelve disciples) are shown, by Neville’s hand, to reveal a common message of our divinity and our path to transcendence.
This book explains that the Bible is the greatest Psychological book ever written.. Neville teaches that whatever we want simply requires us to take possession of it in our imaginations first. We must live as though we have already achieved our goal and commit to that goal. We all have a built in Genie and most of us were never told how to ask it or that we even had it.

Your Faith is Your Fortune is an essential text for anyone who seeks a deeper and more mystical understanding of Biblical truth.


Chapter 1 – BEFORE ABRAHAM WAS……………
Chapter 2 – YOU SHALL DECREE……………..
Chapter 4 – WHOM SEEK YE?………………..
Chapter 5 – WHO AM I?……………………
Chapter 6 – I AM HE……………………..
Chapter 7 – THY WILL BE DONE……………..
Chapter 8 – NO OTHER GOD…………………
Chapter 10 – TO HIM THAT HATH…………….
Chapter 11 – CHRISTMAS…………………..
Chapter 13 – THE I’M-PRESSIONS……………
Chapter 14 – CIRCUMCISION………………..
Chapter 15 – INTERVAL OP TIME…………….
Chapter 16 – THE TRIUNE GOD………………
Chapter 17 – PRAYER……………………..
Chapter 19 – LIQUID LIGHT………………..
Chapter 20 – THE BREATH OF LIFE…………..
Chapter 21 – DANIEL IN THE LIONS’ DEN……..
Chapter 22 – FISHING…………………….
Chapter 23 – BE EARS THAT HEAR……………
Chapter 24 – CLAIRVOYANCE………………..
Chapter 25 – TWENTY-THIRD PSALM…………..
Chapter 26 – GETHSEMANE………………….
Chapter 27 – A FORMULA FOR VICTORY………..

Chapter 1


Verily, verily, I say unto you before Abraham was, I AM. —John 8:58.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

In the beginning was the unconditioned awareness of being, and the unconditioned awareness of being became conditioned by imagining itself to be something, and the unconditioned awareness of being became that which it had imagined itself to be; so did creation begin.

By this law—first conceiving, then becoming that conceived—all things evolve out of No-thing; and without this sequence there is not anything made that is made.

Before Abraham or the world was—I AM. When all of time shall cease to be—I AM. I AM the formless awareness of being conceiving myself to be man. By my everlasting law of being I am compelled to be and to express all that I believe myself to be.

I AM the eternal No-thingness containing within my formless self the capacity to be all things. I AM that in which all my conceptions of myself live and move and have their being, and apart from which they are not.

I dwell within every conception of myself; from this withinness I ever seek to transcend all conceptions of myself. By the very law of my being I transcend my conceptions of myself, only as I believe myself to be that which does transcend.

I AM the law of being and beside ME there is no law. I AM that I AM.

Chapter 2


So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth; it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.—Isaiah 55:11

Man can decree a thing and it will come to pass.

Man has always decreed that which has appeared in his world. He is today decreeing that which is appearing in his world and he shall continue to do so as long as man is conscious of being man.

Nothing has ever appeared in man’s world but what man decreed that it should. This you may deny; but try as you will you cannot disprove it for this decreeing is based upon a changeless principle. Man does not command things to appear by his words which are, more often than not, a confession of his doubts and fears. Decreeing is ever done in consciousness.

Every man automatically expresses that which he is conscious of being. Without effort or the use of words, at every moment of time, man is commanding himself to be and to possess that which he is conscious of being and possessing.

This changeless principle of expression is dramatized in all the Bibles of the world. The writers of our sacred books were illumined mystics, past masters in the art of psychology. In telling the story of the soul they personified this impersonal principle in the form of a historical document both to preserve it and to hide it from the eyes of the uninitiated.

Today those to whom this great treasure has been entrusted, namely, the priesthoods of the world, have forgotten that the Bibles are psychological dramas representing the consciousness of man; in their blind forgetfulness they now teach their followers to worship its characters as men and women who actually lived in time and space.

When man sees the Bible as a great psychological drama with all of its characters and actors as the personified qualities and attributes of his own consciousness, then—and then only—will the Bible reveal to him the light of its symbology. This impersonal principle of life which made all things is personified as God. This Lord God, creator of heaven and earth, is discovered to be man’s awareness of being. If man were less bound by orthodoxy and more intuitively observant, he could not fail to notice in the reading of the Bibles that the awareness of being is revealed hundreds of times throughout this literature. To name a few: “I AM hath sent me unto you.” “Be still and know that I AM God.” “I AM the Lord and there is no God.” “I AM the shepherd.” “I AM the door.” “I AM the resurrection and the life.” “I AM the way.” “I AM the beginning and the end.”

I AM; man’s unconditioned awareness of being is revealed as Lord and creator of every conditioned state of being. If man would give up his belief in a God apart from himself, recognize his awareness of being to be God (this awareness fashions itself in the likeness and image of its conception of itself), he would transform his world from a barren waste to a fertile field of his own liking.

The day man does this he will know that he and his Father are one but his Father is greater than he. He will know that his consciousness of being is one with that which he is conscious of being, but that his unconditioned consciousness of being is greater than his conditioned state or his conception of himself.

When man discovers his consciousness to be the impersonal power of expression, which power eternally personifies itself in his conceptions of himself, he will assume and appropriate that state of consciousness which he desires to express; in so doing he will become that state in expression.

“Ye shall decree a thing and it shall come to pass” can now be told in this manner: You shall become conscious of being or possessing a thing and you shall express or possess that which you are conscious of being.

The law of consciousness is the only law of expression. “I AM the way.” “I AM the resurrection.” Consciousness is the way as well as the power which resurrects and expresses all that man will ever be conscious of being.

Turn from the blindness of the uninitiated man who attempts to express and possess those qualities and things which he is not conscious of being and possessing; and be as the illumined mystic who decrees on the basis of this changeless law. Consciously claim yourself to be that which you seek; appropriate the consciousness of that which you seek; and you too will know the status of the true mystic, as follows:

“I became conscious of being it. I am still conscious of being it. And I shall continue to be conscious of being it until that which I am conscious of being is perfectly expressed.”

“Yes, I shall decree a thing and it shall come to pass.”



Neville Goddard, Summa Theologica, Manly P Hall, A Course In Miracles

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