Thought Force in Business and Everyday Life ( Audio Book )

Thought Force in Business and Everyday Life – William Atkinson / Chapter One

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The book contains 15 chapters , Total length 2hrs 58minWilliam Walker Atkinson

Thought Force in Business and Everyday Life

Being a Series of Lessons in Personal Magnetism Psychic Influence, Thought-Force Concentration, Will Power and Practical Mental Science. Partial Contents: Views of other writers, vegetarianism, celibacy, deep breathing, personal magnetism; How thought force can aid you; Direct psychic influence; Power or the eye; Magnetic gaze; Volic force; Direct volation; Telepathic volation; Adductive quality of thought; Character building by mental control; Art and practice of concentering.


In justice to myself, I think it well to state that this work has been somewhat hastily prepared from the notes used by me in certain of lectures, the lessons give herein practically being the syllabi of the said lectures. In the lectures, and in this work, my one and only purpose has been to acquaint the students with the means of developing, and effectively using the might forces latent within him – Personal Magnetism and Psychic Influence. To this end I have scarified all pretensions to literary style, all attempts to secure felicity of diction. I have felt that I had a message to deliver, and I endeavored to deliver it promptly, clearly and plainly, without any attempt at “fine writing.” If a homely word seemed to express my thought -1 used it. If a slang term or semi-slang phrase seemed to fit in – in it went.

I trust that my critics will spare themselves the trouble of pointing out my many defects of style and composition -1 fully realize these things. I have subordinated everything else, in my endeavor to make this work plain and practical. This is an explanation, not an apology.

With the above understanding between us, I submit this little work to your kind consideration. Whilst fully cognizant of its defects, I still feel that it will be helpful to some of the many who are endeavoring to overcome unfavorable environments, which it may serve as a guidepost, pointing out the past to better things. I feel that it will do its share of the work of removing Fear thought from the minds of men, of replacing “I Can’t” with “I Can and I WILL.” I feel that I must do these things, for it contains within it the germs of a mighty Truth.


Tiie nearer to the practical men keep
Tlie less they deal in vague and abstract things
The less they deal in huge, mysterious words
Tlie mightier is their power.
- Thomas L. Harris

Views of other writers – Erroneous theories – Vegetarianism – Celibacy – Vital Fluid -Deep Breathing

“Theories are but mighty soap-bubbles, with which the grown-up children of science amuse themselves.” The majority of writers upon this subject have devoted nearly all their efforts, as well as their space, to proving, first, that Personal Magnetism really existed; and, secondly, that the phenomenon was best accounted for by some pet theory of their own. Some attribute the power of influencing men to the use of a vegetarian diet, notwithstanding the fact that some of the most “magnetic” individuals “make graveyards of their stomachs.” Others insist that in celibacy and abstinence from sexual intercourse may be found the secret, notwithstanding the fact that the majority of “magnetic” individuals do not differ in their sexual customs from their less magnetic brothers. Others hold that the “magnetic” force abounds in the air around us to absorb great quantities of the vital fluid, charging ourselves with force in the manner of the storage battery. And so on, each with his little pet theory.

Now, I have no fault to find with the systems above mentioned. Although not leading a life of celibacy, I see much good in the doctrine of continence, and there can be no two opinions as to the merits of chastity; whilst not accepting the theory of the absorption of “magnetic force” from the earth’s atmosphere, I am a firm advocate of, and believer in, “deep breathing,” and believe that if the same was universally practiced much sickness and physical weakness would disappear from the earth. All these things are good, but a little reflection will show anyone that they are not the prime factors in the production of the quality known as “Personal Magnetism.” The writers on the subject usually conclude by telling their readers of the wonderful possibilities open to anyone who can acquire this power and learn how to use it. They, however, say little or nothing of how this force may be acquired, that is beyond stating their theories. They deliver discourses – but do not instruct.

They are preachers – not teachers. They dwell upon theories – and neglect facts.

The real progress in this branch of scientific research has been made, not by writers or theorists, but by a few earnest investigators who have conducted numberless experiments, and have explored every avenue of information, and who have brought this wonderful subject out of the realms of mere speculation and placed it upon a scientific basis.

The writer has been a close student and investigator of this subj ect for many years, and the present work is an attempt to give to his students some of the fundamental principles derived from the investigations and practical experiments of himself and his co-workers in this field. Our lessons, therefore, will be confined, so far as is possible, to statements of proven facts, and practical instruction, touching upon theory only when absolutely necessary.

In my opinion, I would insult your intelligence if I were to present to you an elaborate argument, the purpose of which would be an attempt to prove the existence of that wonderful force, latent in man, developed by the few, but possible of acquirement by all; that mysterious quality called, for want of a better name – Personal Magnetism.

To set out to prove its existence, would be akin to an attempt to convince the average intelligent man of the fact that the magnet influences the needle; that the X-rays penetrate the body of man or still more solid object; that a message be conveyed by electricity, along a beam of light, or even by wireless telegraphy, through the air without the need of any other medium. Every intelligent person is aware of the existence of the above-mentioned phenomena, and does not need to have the same demonstrated to him. If he is interested in the subject at all, he wishes to be taught how to permeate these forces, so that he may be able to reproduce the experiments himself. This is equally true of the student of Personal Magnetism. He has long since learned that such a force exists. He sees it around him everyday, and knows of the wonders that are accomplished by its aid. He, possibly, is aware that he has developed the force to a certain degree, and what he wants, in any event, is to become acquainted with the means whereby he can fully develop and intelligently use the force latent within him. I therefore shall make no attempt to demonstrate the existence of the force, believing it to be self-evident.

I also intend to avoid a tiresome discussion of the numerous theories, which have been advanced to account for the phenomenon theories, which have been advanced to account for the phenomenon of Personal Magnetism. I have no pet theory to advance. I will endeavor to teach you how to obtain results, and you can then read up on the subject of theories, or possibly formulate a new theory of your own. I will state briefly my own conception of the cause underlying the phenomena alluded to in this work, but I shall not attempt to force my views upon you. You are at liberty to accept or reject any theory, as the result in no way depends upon any special form of belief. Many of those who have obtained the best results, have discarded one theory after another, and now say that they do not attempt to explain the real cause underlying the results, being content to work on, without a dogmatic theory, so long as they know how to obtain the results. With this explanation, I will leave the land of theory and enter into the realm of practice, and will endeavor to so instruct you along the lines of the development and use of this mighty force, that you may reproduce the results already obtained by others, and perhaps may become investigators and leaders in the work of blazing the way through the woods of superstition and mystery with which the subject has been surrounded so long. I will ask you to accept nothing that you cannot prove.


Neville Goddard, Summa Theologica, Manly P Hall, A Course In Miracles

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