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Christian D Larson, Just Be Glad

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Just Be Glad, Christian D Larson

ALL things respond to the call of rejoicing; all things gather where life is a song. This
is the message of the new order, the new life and the new time. It is the golden text
of the great gospel of human sunshine. It is the central truth of that sublime
philosophy of existence, which declares that the greatest good is happiness, and that
heaven is here and now. To live in the spirit of this wonderful message ; to be a
living example of this great gospel, to work out in everyday life the principle of this
inspiring philosophy, the first and most important thing to do, is to lay aside our
sorrows and glooms, and just be glad.

Wherever you are, or whatever has happened, just be glad. Be glad because you are
here. You are here in a beautiful world; and all that is beautiful may be found in this
world. It is a world wherein all that is rich in life may be enjoyed beyond measure; a
world wherein happiness may overflow eternally in every human heart ; a world
wherein all the dreams of life may be realized, and all the visions of the soul made
true. Then why should we not be glad ; first of all, that we are here ; that we are in
this world ; that we may stay here for a long time if we so desire, and enjoy every
minute to the full.

The real truth is that this world is nothing less than a limitless sea of happiness, the
vastness and glory of which we are just beginning to know. And life itself is a song,
while time is one eternal symphony. To be in tune with life, therefore, and to be in
harmony with the endless music of time, we must of necessity be glad. But after we
have learned to be glad, under every circumstance, it is no longer a necessity; it is a
privilege, and has become a part of our active, living, thinking self.

Just be glad, and you always will be glad. You will have better reason to be glad. You
will have more and more things to make you glad. For great is the power of
sunshine, especially human sunshine. It can change anything, transform anything,
re-make anything, and cause anything to become as fair and beautiful as itself.
Just be glad and your fate will change; a new life will begin and a new future will
dawn for you. All things that are good and desirable will begin to come into your
world in greater measure, and you will be enriched far beyond your expectations,
both from the without and from the within. And the cause of the change is this, that
all things respond to the call of rejoicing; all things gather where life is a song.
When you are tempted to feel discouraged or disappointed, be glad instead. Know
that you can, say that you will, and stand uncompromisingly upon your resolve. Be
strong and be glad. For when strength and rejoicing combine in your soul, every
trace of gloom or despair must disappear; because such conditions can exist only
where weakness is the rule and mastery the exception.

Combine strength with rejoicing and you will exercise a magic power and you will
possess a secret that will serve you royally no matter what your difficulties or
obstacles may be. All joy is light; and it is the light that dispels the darkness.
When things are not to your liking, be glad nevertheless, for the glad heart can
cause all things to be as we wish them to be. When things do not give you pleasure,
proceed instead to create pleasure in your own heart and soul. And you can if you
will always be glad. Besides, things will soon change for the better if you continue in
the spirit of rejoicing. It is the law that all good things will sooner or later come and
be, where the greatest happiness is to be found. Therefore, be happiness in yourself,
regardless of times, seasons or circumstances.

When things do not please you, resolve to please yourself by being glad, and you can
add immeasurably to your happiness in this simple manner. Then you must
remember that the fountain of joy within your own soul is infinitely greater than all
external sources of joy combined. But as far as we can, we should add the joys from
without to the joys from within, and in all things be glad.

Rejoice in your strength, rejoice in your talents and powers, rejoice in the wonders of
your own nature. For there is far more in you than you ever dreamed. So whatever
may come, you are greater than it all, richer than it all. And knowing this, why
should you not be glad.

When evil befalls you, consider the fact that the good that is yet in your possession
is many times as great as all the evil you could ever know. Consider this stupendous
fact and be glad. Then remember, with rejoicing, that neither evil nor wrong can
exist very long in the radiant sunshine of a glad triumphant soul.
If you have lost anything, have no regrets. Be glad and begin again. Be glad that you
can begin again. Be glad to know that the future is always richer and better than the
past if we only try to make it so. Then forget the loss, and rejoice in the fact that you
have the power to secure something far better in return. You know that you have
this power; then you can never be otherwise than glad.

Whatever comes or not, sing again and again the song of “the soul victorious” ; and
mean it with your whole heart. Enter into this song with all the power of mind and
spirit, for it is always that which we know and sincerely believe that contains the
greater worth and power.

When you resolve to be glad at all times and under every circumstance, resolve also
to give your whole heart and soul to the spirit of your rejoicing. Give power to your
gladness, and give life to your song. Open the way for all the sunshine of your soul ;
and see that every sunbeam from within be one of power as well as one of joy.
It is the full joy of the soul that makes the heart young and the mind great. For as it
is in nature, so it is also in man. It is the full glory of the noonday sun that quickens
the earth, that makes the fields green, that causes the flowers to bloom. Where the
sun is strong all growth is luxurious and all nature bountiful. It is the same when
the sunshine of the soul is full, strong and constant in the daily life of man. So
therefore rejoice with great joy. Rejoice always and give life and power to your joy.
There is magic in the sunshine of the soul ; there is a charmed power in the radiant
splendor of a beaming countenance. Such a countenance can dispel anything that
may threaten to give disappointment or dismay. So remember to be glad and mean
it. It is the greatest remedy in the world, and the greatest protector in the world. It
can harm nothing for it turns all wrong into right. It is the sunshine from within
that causes all darkness to cease to be. It therefore brings good to everybody, and he
who is always glad is always adding to the welfare of every member of the race.

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