Long Term Projects & News:

We have decided to add a couple of massive projects to the site that will add incredible depth to the already rich resources available to our members. Beginning in June we began work on recording the Gnostic Bible / Apocrypha, the many lost books of the bible that were intentionally left out of the bible and provide a  incredible alternative version of some of the bible stories. You can see the index of the lost books here Gnostic Index

Our second and largest project is the Yoga Vasishta Maharamayana, an incredible Vedic text that is over 1,800 pages long and will take a minimum of 8-10 months to complete. We will be adding chapters to the site monthly. I have always wanted to add some important Vedic texts to the site. This will also be a great lesson in patience for me. To avoid confusion there are 3 editions of Yoga Vasishta, the Full Unabridged text, called The Yoga Vasishta Maharamayana ( Brihat )which is what I am recording now, there is also the Yoga Vasishta Laghu which is an abridged version, and finally The Yoga Vasishta Sara which is a small distilled version ( maybe 45 minute audio ). One of the nice features of the full edition is the descriptive title headings for each chapter. You can research specific chapters or listen to the book compilations at the end of each chapter list.

Uploaded for March / April

We continue on our path of “The Way of Mastery” with 8 more additions. We will be finishing off the WOM in the coming months and then moving on to A Course of Love

Ignorance is Bliss
Joy Part 1
Joy Part 2
The Holy Spirit
The Blessings of Forgiveness
Mastering Communication
Heaven on Earth
The Light That You Are

Uploaded for February

As promised, The Way of Mastery, 4 books, listen in sequence. There are 35 main lessons, The Way of the Servant and then 17 additional PDF’s that are being recorded. Of ALL the material I have ever read these have struck me as the most profound that I have read and I have big plans for these lessons in the future. These are A Course in Miracles for the HEART. Enjoy

The Way of the Heart (1)
The Way of Transformation (2)
The Way of Knowing (3)
The Way of the Servant (4)

Uploaded for January

5 New Uploads start of the new year

William Walter, author of The Sickle brings us The Plain Talk Series

Geoffrey Hodson, master metaphysician brings us a lecture series in his own voice

Pranic Energy Mystic Power of the Ancients

Vern Howard, booklet selection to give you a taste of some of his writings

Neville Goddard mentions Maurice Nicoll as one of the writers he would take if he had to choose only a few books and his commentaries on Gurdjieff and Ouspensky are famous. This title, Living Time and the integration of the Life

Uploaded for December

6 New Uploads from one of our favorite Female mystics, Lillian DeWaters

Realities Supernal
The Practice of Reality
Seamless Robe
Light of the Eternal
The Journey Onward
Greater Works

Uploaded for November

4 books uploaded for November

Incredibly interesting book on dream interpretation by Vern Hansen

The Meaning of Dreams

Classic by Lillian DeWaters, Heaven

The Art of True Healing, Israel Regardie

The Consciousness of the Atom, Alice Bailey

Uploaded for October

4 books uploaded for October

Another classic from Elisabeth Haich author of Initiation and continuing on with the Yoga tradition

Self Healing, Yoga & Destiny

Paul Bruntons Classic, The Short Path to Enlightenment

One of our favorite authors Joseph Murphy brings his classic “Miracle Power for Infinite Riches”

and a book on Advaita / Non Duality by V Subrahmanya Iyer from the notebooks of Paul Brunton

Advaita: The Truth of Non Duality

Uploaded for September

3 books uploaded for September.

Initiation by Elisabeth Haich

Sexual Energy & Yoga Elisabeth Haich

Destiny, Geoffrey Hodson

So why only 3 books for this month? Good question. Initiation by Elisabeth Haich is a massive book, over 15 hours of audio and took almost 3 weeks to record. This is why I try and stay away from huge books, but it is a classic. A little side note on her book. She spends the first 19 chapters on the back story, which in my opinion was a little excessive, almost 4 hours pf audio. If you have the patience you can start at the beginning, if not start at Chapter 19 and it begins to get into her past life in Egypt. Good book, just a little long winded in parts, the teachings of Ptahhotep are definitely worth the read.


Uploaded for August

4 books bring our month to a close with 2 of our favorite authors.

Meditations on the Occult Life Geoffrey Hodson

The Pathway to Perfection, a treatise on the Path of Swift Unfoldment Geoffrey Hodson

You Try It, Robert A Russell  ( One of his best, he has several guided meditations that are excellent )

Victory Over Fear and Worry  Robert Russell


Uploaded for JULY

Sorry for the delay, 6 books bring our July celebration in with a brand new metaphysical author, Geoffrey Hodson and some additions to our long term projects

A favorite author Robert A Russell brings in “The Answer Will Come”

5 Books from an incredible metaphysical author, Geoffrey Hodson, a 5 book series on Angels. They are numbered 1-5 as they were written in order so please listen in order marked.

The Brotherhood of Angels and Men

Be Ye Perfect

The Angelic Hosts

Man: The Triune GOD

The Supreme Splendor

6 More hours have been added to out long term project Yoga Vasishata, Book 4


Uploaded for JUNE

6 books kick off June with some large additions to our long term projects

2 additional books by a website favorite, Dr Robert A Russell

Talk Yourself INTO it  & Talk Yourself OUT of it

2 books by mystic Lillian DeWaters

The One  & The Astonishing New Revelation

Murdo MacDonald Bayne, 10 Lessons on The Higher Power you Can Use

A book based on the teachings of Mother Mary, Ten Teachings. One World

and an additional 14 hours has been added to the Yoga Vasishta Maharamayana ( Book 3 )


Uploaded for May

5 books kick off April with some large additions to our long term projects

Dry Those Tears, Robert A Russell, a book on how to deal with grief

4 books by a new female author, Vivian May William, a truly Illumined Soul

Understanding GOD

Absolute Science Practice in 22 Lessons

There is Nothing But GOD

The Healing Truth You Need

LONG TERM PROJECTS: We recorded and added 30 books from the Gnostic Library, CLICK HERE FOR INDEX

The Yoga Vasishta Maharamayana we recorded 2 full books ( out of 7 ) CLICK HERE


Uploaded for April

6 books kicks off April with some surprises for Neville Goddard Fans

The Arcane Teachings by William Walker Atkinson, read this one first

The Arcane Formulas by William Walker Atkinson, this is the supplementary to the book above

Vril, or Vital Magnetism by William Walker Atkinson

Another spiritual classic by Dr Robert Russell, Vital Points in Demonstration

A short version of the Yoga Vasishta called the Vasishta Sara

and for you Neville Goddard Fans, we have 12 Lectures given by Frank Carter, Neville’s part time driver and friend. He speaks of Neville’s last day and expounds on a lot of Neville’s teachings. These are available nowhere else, they were part of the Neville Goddard Project and were converted and EQ’d by us for our members. Frank Carter Lectures

Uploaded for March

5 books kicks off March and they are excellent as usual

3 more books by the mystic Lillian DeWaters, The I AM SELF , In His Name & The Finished Kingdom

1 more by the mystic Marie S Watts, 3 Essential Steps

and 1 by Rudolf Steiner called, The Fifth Gospel, where he accesses the Akashic Records to shed more light on the early life of Jesus Christ.

Uploaded for February

8 books kicks off February and they are excellent.

Another classic by Alfred Aiken “That Which Is”

Classic by Kahlil Gibran “The Prophet”

I promised last month to introduce you to another brilliant woman mystic, Lillian DeWaters, here are 5 of her best

The Great Answer, The Christ Within, Who AM I, The Voice of Revelation, Lifting the Veil

Something a little different from George W Van Tassel, Council of the Seven Lights

Uploaded for January

WOW, can you believe it, I Am Early AGAIN, PLUS an extra bump for New Years, 10 Books instead of 4, let’s see what we got.

One of my all time favorite books, The Book Of Mirdad by Makhail Naimy

2 Books by / about William Blake  Jerusalem and William Blake on the Lords Prayer

2 Booklets by Alfred Aiken The Simple Truth & The Unchallenged Self

5 Books by an Illumined woman Mystic , Marie S Watts

Just Be YourselfSuccess is NormalYou are the SplendorThe Ultimate & Your Eternal Identity

We also restored the section of Manly P Hall lectures

I believe that there are over 400 or more lectures in his own voice.

You will be seeing a  LOT more by Marie S Watts and the addition of another illumined woman mystic, Lillian DeWaters next month….Enjoy the abundance.

Uploaded for December

WOW, can you believe it, I Am Early….not only early, but an extra bump for Christmas, 7 Books instead of 4, let’s see what Santa left us ;-)

A rare find for the Neville Goddard lovers in the group. A series of 10 short talks called “I Know My Father

A book by Emmet Fox “The Garden of Allah

A classic by Christian D Larson “Steps In Human Progress

Two more books by Robert Collier, “The GOD In You” and “The Kingdom of Expansion

Robert A Russell rounds out the year with 2 excellent books, “GOD Works in Silence” & “Making the Contact

Here’s hoping for a white and blessed Christmas / Holiday season for all our members. May your new year be healthy, Joyous and Prosperous beyond your wildest imaginations!


Just Uploaded for November

An additional book by author James E Dodds, Gentleman From Heaven

Three Magic Words by U S Andersen

Two exceptional books by American mystic and healer Joel S Goldsmith

The Thunder of Silence & Living Between Two Worlds

We will be adding more book by Goldsmith in the coming months, exceptional works


Just Uploaded for October

Another book by the author of GOD works Through You and GOD Works Through Faith, Dr Robert A Russell “You Too Can Be Prosperous”

A classic metaphysical book by Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health 1875 Edition, this is the first edition of her classic work and the edition she considered to be her best volume.

The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth and The Divine Pymander of Hermes in 17 Books rounds off our selection for October


Just Uploaded for September

A short book by Christian Larson, Leave it to GOD

2 Spiritual Classics by Dr Robert Russell

GOD Works Through You

GOD Works Through Faith

A very rare and expensive metaphysical book by William Walter, The Sickle

and a shorter book, The Allness of Good


Just Uploaded for August

Imagine that, on time for a change ;-)

A classic by Joseph Benner, The Way Out

A timeless book by The Three Initiates, The Kybalion

A lost classic by Freedom Barry, Neville Goddards protege Passkey

Fans of Charles F Haanel, Author of The Master Key System, his book “Mental Chemistry”


Just Uploaded for July

3 Books by J J Van Der Leeuw

GODS In Exile

The Fire of Creation

The Conquest of Illusion

A Combo book by Emma Curtis Hopkins

High Mysticism & Workbook


Just Uploaded for June

Sorry for the delay, busy recording, recording & Recording ;-)

Continuing on with the Essene tradition 5 more books by Edmond Szekely, Enjoy

The Essene Origins of Christianity

The Essene Jesus

Essene Book of Creation

Josephus and his Contemporaries

Enoch to the Dead Sea Scrolls


Just Uploaded for May

We have discovered a treasure trove of works in regard to the Essene Tradition by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, who wrote over 65 books on the subject and related subjects. We start off with the most important selection in regard to The Essene Gospels of Peace and their Discovery in the secret vaults of the Vatican. These are very important works and we plan on recording the bulk of Szekelys works over the coming months. There is a beauty and clarity in these Gospels that you will not find in traditional orthodox sources. The water is always the clearest at the source of wisdom.

The Discovery of the Essene Gospel of Peace, The Essenes and the Vatican

The Essene Gospel of Peace Book One

The Essene Gospel of Peace Book Two

The Essene Gospel of Peace Book Three

The Essene Gospel of Peace Book Four


Just Uploaded for April

3 very interesting volumes dealing with Kahuna Wisdom, there will be more volumes later.

Clearing Your Life path with Kahuna Wisdom by Dr Allan P Lewis

Living In Harmony With Kahuna Wisdom by Dr Allan P Lewis

The Secret Science Behind Miracles in the Kahuna Tradition, Max Freedom Long

and a book that may help for those suffering a loss in their lives

Reading to the Dead, A transitional grief therapy for the living by Barry J Peterson, based off the works of Rudolf Steiner

Don’t forget we have daily “I AM” affirmations on our YouTube Channel, they are uploaded at 6 am everyday to get your day started off on the right foot, CLICK HERE and subscribe

Just Uploaded for March

The complete 5 volume set of Robert Colliers Life Magnet Series

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5

Just Uploaded for February

2 more books in the Annalee Skarin Collection…

Secrets of Eternity

Celestial Song of Creation

a New Find by Florence Scovil Shinn, The Power of the Spoken Word

A small booklet by Emmet Fox, The Seven Main Aspects of GOD

Joseph Murphy, Getting Results from Your Prayers


Just Uploaded for January

January is Joseph Murphy Month…

Believe In Yourself

Riches are Your Right

How to Use your Healing Powers

The Wheels of Truth

Just Uploaded for December

Some Robert Collier Classics, all of Robert Colliers books are excellent but if your time is limited start with”The Magic Word” and work out from there..

The Secret of Gold

The Magic Word ( A Must Listen )

The GOD in You

Mary Bruce Wallace’s book, Spiritual Reconstruction

Big announcement for Neville Goddard Fans, over the last 6 months we have been working on and recently published the Definitive Neville Goddard Reader, including ALL 10 of Nevilles spiritual classics, check it out here and buy a copy for a loved one. Neville Goddard: The Complete Reader

Have some incredible finds planned for 2014, thanks for giving us a listen ;-)

Just Uploaded for November

The Complete works of H Emilie Cady

Lessons in Truth

How I Used Truth

GOD A Present Help

Classic by Joseph Murphy, The Cosmic Power Within You

Just Uploaded for October

We will be adding a few of the Catholic churches Encyclical Letters starting with Spe Salvi

2 Books by a man called RJH, popular a few years back, the First Called “IT WORKS” a very short book on the LOA and the followup that explains things better “The Meaning of the Mark”

A book from author Mary Bruce Wallace called “The Thinning of the Veil” and we will be adding a few more books by this author over the months

Just Uploaded for September

The Magic of the Mind, an Incredibly hard book to find by Louis Berlay

James E Dodd’s “Six Lessons on the Silence”

We recorded all 42 of the Beautiful “Odes of Solomon”

Emma Curtis Hopkins is an author that we will be adding to in the next few months, her self healing meditation is beautiful and is called “The Radiant I AM”

NOTICE: We are sorry but we were informed that the Manly Hall lectures were not in public domain and were asked to remove them from our site. To comply with the request we removed all Manly Hall lectures. Sorry for the deletion.

On a side note for those that enjoy daily devotions or meditations, we have added James Allen’s daily meditations, Around the Year with Emmet Fox, as well as Joseph Murphy “Quiet Moments with GOD” and we are also beginning to record “A Course in Miracles” for our YouTube Channel here feel free to subscribe for a lot of free audios that are not on our site currently.

Just Uploaded for August

A part of a 10 book series written by Annalee Skarin

Ye Are GOD’s

To GOD The Glory

The Temple of GOD

These books should be listened to in sequence as that is how they were written, we will be completing the series with the next few months

A final book in the series on EG Fricker, the incredible healer that healed over 1 million people over his 25 year career.

I Hear A Voice

Just Uploaded for June / July

Three books from a very important and unknown author, Joseph Benner

The Way to the Kingdom

The Christ In You

The Impersonal Life

Another book by an extraordinary gentleman, a healer that healed over 1 MILLION people in his 25 year career, E G Fricker

GOD is my Witness

Just Uploaded for April / May

My apologies for being late in the uploads, I got lost in the recordings and was sidetracked, but as they say “All Good Things come to those who wait” ;-)

First, we recorded the first volume of Swami Vivekananda Life works which includes the books Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga and many Discourse and Lectures see below

Response to Welcome
Why We Disagree
Paper on Hinduism
Religion not the Crying Need of India
Buddhism, the Fulfillment of Hinduism
Address at the Final Session
Soul, God and Religion
The Hindu Religion
What is Religion?
Vedic Religious Ideals
The Vedanta Philosophy
Reason and Religion
Vedanta as a Factor in Civilisation
The Spirit and Influence of Vedanta
Steps of Hindu Philosophic thought
Steps to Realisation
Vedanta and Privilege
Gita I
Gita II
Gita III
The Soul and God
Practical Religion: Breathing and Meditation

From there we added a book by Edward Bernays, the father of Propaganda, as an interesting sidenote, it is always interesting to know who is pulling your chain and how.

An exceptional book by Ruby Nelson, The Door Of Everything, I suggest you listen to it multiple times

Another Addition from Robert Collier “Be Rich”

Several More additions from Murdo MacDonald Bayne Your Silent Partner, Cosmic Consciousness Part 1 &

Your Silent Partner, Cosmic Consciousness Part 2

as well as a very rare course by Bayne on living life fully called “Supreme Power Course”

A old and rare book by Tito Colliander “The Way of The Ascetics”

An incredible book by Geroge Drummond called “The Greatest Thing In The World” listen to this one every week for months and take the 90 days challenge

A new author Mabel Collins has been added with

As The Flower Grows,

A Cry From Afar,

The Illumined Way

Through the Gates of Gold


Just Uploaded for March

We were extremely fortunate to get permission to add a fascinating book by Sankara Saranam GOD Without Religion

Five more books by Samael Aun Weor

Three Mountains
Perfect Matrimony
Yellow Book
Revolution of the Dialectic
Great Rebellion

Four Lectures By Samael Aun Weor

Alchemical Symbolism of the Nativity of Christ
The Cosmic Christ and the Holy Week
The Didactic for the Dissolution of the “I”
The End of the Kali Yuga


Just Uploaded for February,

An incredibly powerful book by Elie Wiesel Night

An if I didn’t know better I would say that February was Rudolf Steiner month..22 Full Books

1. Truth and Knowledge
2. Intuitive Thinking As a Spiritual Path (The Philosophy of Freedom)
3. Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, and its attainment ( 2008 )
4. Theosophy. A Basic Book of Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy
5. A Basic Book of Anthroposophy ( An Outline of Esoteric Science )
6. A Way of Self-Knowledge and The Threshold of the Spiritual World
7. A Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe’s World Conception
8. Christianity As Mystical Fact and the Mysteries of Antiquity
9. The Autobiography of Rudolf Steiner: Chapters in the Course of My Life: 1861 – 1907
10. The Threefold Social Order
11. The Four Mystery Dramas of Rudolf Steiner Written 1910-1913
1 The portal of Initiation
2 The souls probation
3 The guardian of the threshold
4 The Souls awakening
12. Anthroposophy: A Fragment. A written work by Rudolf Steiner (Written around 1910)
13. The Education of the Child and Early Lectures on Education
14. The Spiritual Guidance of the Individual and Humanity
15. Cosmic Memory: Prehistory of Earth and Man
16. The Riddles of Philosophy
17. A collection of Essays by Rudolf Steiner ( Renewal of the Social Organism )
18. Anthroposophical Leading Thought [Anthroposophy as a Path of Knowledge: The Michael Mystery
19. The Stages of Higher Knowledge, Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition

AND…..over 790 Lecture Audios!!! So all you Steiner Fans can now go Nuts Baby!

PLUS, and additional 25 lectures by Murdo MacDonald Bayne in his own voice were added

Just Uploaded for January,

Murdo Macdonald Bayne Classics I AM The Life and The Divine Healing Of Mind and Body, The Jesus Lectures

What is significant about that particular lectures series is during the 14 lecture series a transfiguration occurred and Jesus spoke through Bayne as witnessed by everyone present. A truly inspirational set of lectures.

We also obtained 116 Lectures in Baynes own voice and are adding them slowly to the site

2 Books by the founder of Opus Dei, JoseMaria Escriva. Friends of GOD and In Love With the Church

The Lost Word of Power by Robert Collier was added

2 Very interesting sets of talks that were channeled through a recorder, Christ Returns and Speaks his Truth and 16 Christ Articles, be sure to read the intro so you understand the origin of these talks. If you are interested in reading along with the audio for these talks we have added a site specifically for those audio here

Tai Sheridan is a ZEN Preist and we added 4 of his short books, Buddha in Blue Jeans, Zen Prays, Secret To Happiness and Realx, Your Going To Die

2 New Sections have been added for very popular authors and will have audios added soon, Rudolf Steiner which will be added 21 books and over 750 lectures in the coming months, and the works of Samael Aun Weor one of the creators of the Gnostic movement.


Just Uploaded for November,

Charles Fillmore adds another book to the site with The Twelve Powers of Man

Paul Tillich was added with The New Being

Dr Russell A Peterson, a noted Theologian and Educator was added with 2 sermons, which will be expanded at a later date

We have added some lectures by J Krishnamurti, in his own voice and will be expanding the selection as we find additional lectures. They are free to the public and not in the members section.

We have added 2 books by Teacher and Healer, Murdo MacDonald Bayne. Beyond The Himalayas and The Yoga of The Christ  Unfortunately very few people in the US are familiar with this teacher, but I feel very confident in saying that his work is on the same level as Neville Goddard’s work and teachings. If you are only looking for 2 exceptional spiritual teachers, then check out Neville Goddard and Murdo MacDonald Bayne. We will be adding more of Baynes works and lectures in the following months.


Just Uploaded for October,

3 Books from the Great Russian Author Leo Tolstoy. Don’t let the name Tolstoy stop you in your tracks if you ever fell asleep trying to read War and Peace or Anna Karenina. The last seven years of his life Tolstoy spent his time trying to interpret the bible and dedicated a great deal of energy and thought into the books below. They are very interesting and worth the listen.

The Kingdom of GOD Is Within You

What I Believe

Letter to a Hindu

3 More books from the prolific Christian D Larson

Poise and Power


Just Be Glad

Claude Bristol‘s Book  TNT, It Rocks The Earth

Meister Eckhart, The Great Theologian we have added Seven Sermons

And since we added the Aesops Fables we have been getting some feedback and decided to add some Japanese Fairy Tales to the site. Unlike the fables which were only 30-45 seconds each, these fables are anywhere from 15-25 minutes long. Enjoy

Japanese Fairy Tales

We found a Rare lecture by Freedom Barry, Neville Goddard’s protege called “Experience

So, by my reckoning, that’s 10 Books for October…We hope you enjoy the selections.



Just Uploaded for September,

Thomas Troward: Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning

James E Dodds: Consciousness Immortality

Robert Collier: The Secret of the Ages

Swami Prakashananda: Universality of Vedanta & The Inner Consciousness

Charles Fillmore: Talks on Truth & Prosperity

Joseph Murphy: The Magic of Faith, Love is Freedom, Miracles of the Mind & How to Attract Money

The last 42 Aesop fables recorded and uploaded

In case your not counting….That’s 11 books for September!

Just Uploaded for August,

Finished and uploaded the last 44 Neville Goddard lectures, we are now the most complete repository of Neville Goddard Lectures on the Internet! YAY! It has been a labor of Love, if you are not familiar with the works of Neville Goddard, do it now!


Ernest Holmes Audio Books

Creative Mind

Creative Mind and Success


Freedom Barry Audio Books

Freedom Barry was a student of Neville Goddards and Neville passed the mantle of teaching on to him after his passing. He has 2 books.


Seven salient Subjects


Christian Larson Audio Books

On The Heights

Mastery Of Fate

The Hidden Secret


Aesops Fables

Since Aesops Fables are so popular for kids and Adults alike we decided to record and add them to our site for a lighter side. Enjoy the ageless wisdom of the past at your convenience.


Walter Lanyon Sermons

We have found and uploaded 8 sermons in the Voice of Walter Lanyon, a prominent New Thought teacher and will be adding some books in the near future


Norman Grubb Sermons

We have found a source of Sermons from Norman Grubb, a well know author and preacher, well worth the listen.


Just Uploaded for July,


What a BANNER Month..here we go


Another 110 Neville Goddard Lectures recorded and uploaded PLUS

129 Original Recording by Neville Goddard in his own voice

Joseph Murphy Audio Books

The Real Meaning Of Reincarnation
This Is It, The Art of Metaphysical Demonstration
The Power Of The Subconscious Mind
Peace Within Yourself, St. John Speaks

Audio Lectures by Joseph Murphy in his own voice

1. Your Friend The Subconsciousness
2. Master Key To Wealth
3. Living Without Strain
4. Develop Your Healing Consciousness
5. All The World Believes A Lie
6. How to Use Your Healing Powers
7. Overcoming Worry
8. Adjust to Wealth and Health

Another 96 lectures By Manly P Hall

# Esoteric & Metaphysical ( 29 Lectures )
# Esoteric Anthropology ( 5 Lectures )
# Esoteric Philosophy of H. P. Blavatsky ( 5 Lectures )
# Exploring Dimensions of Consciousness ( 5 Lectures )
# First Principles of Philosophy ( 5 Lectures )
# Five Paths of Yoga ( 5 Lectures )
# Greek & Roman Deities ( 5 Lectures )
# Health & Healing ( 10 Lectures )
# Inspirational & Mystical ( 13 Lectures )
# Interpreting Great Legends ( 5 Lectures )
# Landmarks of Esoteric Literature ( 5 Lectures )
# Literature ( 2 Lectures )
# Miscellaneous Lectures ( 18 Lectures )
# New Concepts of Therapy ( 5 Lectures )
# Occult Anatomy ( 3 Lectures )
# Paracelsian Philosophy ( 5 Lectures )

Claude Bristol in his own Voice

The Magic Of Believing

Napoleon Hill Lectures in his own Voice ( 9 Lectures )

Catherine Ponder  ( Dynamic Laws of Prosperity 6 Lectures in her own voice )

Christian Larson Audio Books

Your Forces and How To Use
Thinking For Results

Henry Harrison Brown Audio Book

Dollars Want Me



Just Uploaded for June,

In our continuing efforts to bring you the best of Neville Goddard, we have recorded and added an additional 110 lectures to our websites. ( We have found another 40-50 lectures that we will be adding in  July )


We have also added over 110 lectures by Manly P Hall, in his own voice. If you are a fan of the book, Secret Of All Ages then you will enjoy his lectures.

Alchemy ( 4 Lectures )
Alchemy of Attitudes ( 3 Lectures )
Ancient Mysteries & Secret Societies ( 5 Lectures )
Art & Aesthetics ( 5 Lectures )
Astro-Theology ( 5 Lectures )
Astrology ( 4 Lectures )
Bible & Christianity ( 15 Lectures )
Biographies ( 3 Lectures )
Buddhism ( 8 Lectures )
Classical Philosophy ( 4 Lectures )
Comparative Religion ( 2 Lectures )
Doctrines of Hermes Trismegistus ( 5 Lectures )
Doctrines of Neoplatonism ( 5 Lectures )
Eastern Philosophy ( 2 Lectures )
Education ( 2 Lectures )
Esoteric & Metaphysical ( 29 Lectures )
Esoteric Anthropology ( 5 Lectures )
Invisible Bodies of Men In Hindu Philosophy ( 5 Lectures )

Just Uploaded for May,

We recorded and uploaded another 110 Neville Goddard Lectures. We will be dedicating June to try and complete the remaining lectures for our members. If you are not familiar with Neville Goddard, please take the time to acquaint yourself with this author.

Just Uploaded for April, Go Get um….







 What is Truth

Christian Larson

In The Light of the Spirit ( Exceptional Book )

Christian Larson

The Pathway of Roses

Christian Larson

I and Thou

Martin Buber


The Great Within

Christian Larson

Neville Goddard Lectures

We recorded and uploaded 25 new Neville Goddard Lectures.

Neville Goddard, Summa Theologica, Manly P Hall, A Course In Miracles

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