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_ He who lives in Truth is not afraid to proclaim the Truth.He is strong, he is full of optimism. He looks for the bright side
in all things. In the darkest corners he makes the sun shine. He walks through life with a smile. He sings the song of joy. His faith is in the Absolute who lives in and through him. He carries a message of hope and courage and loves all life. He gives help where and when it is needed. He helps others to help themselves.
He is free from fear and worry always forgiving, always tolerant.He is devoid of hate, envy and malice. He radiates love to all the world and minds his own business and expects others to do the same.-He goes joyfully through life, things that drive others to despair and misery leave him in a calm undisturbed state of mind. His peace comes from within. He is like the ocean which receives all streams and rivers yet the ocean’s mighty calm is unmoved. Those who contact him feel his presence and receive encouragement.

He attracts love and friends; not that he desires them,because he does not depend on people and things, but these
things come to him as his right. He acknowledges the Law and the Law responds. He is at home with all classes of people, the rich and the poor are all alike to him. He does not favour one more than the other; he is not interested in what they have. All are equally at home with him. He is welcome in all homes, and children cling to his hands and coat.
He loves life and life responds. Sinner and saint are the same to him, he sees the good in the simier and does not look
for a weakness in the. saint. He knows that he himself is not without sin and so he never casts the stone. The outcast recognises him as a brother. The woman who has passed through the fumace of life trusts him. He gives of his love and wisdom and points the way to happiness.
He heals the heart and relieves the troubled mind. God never holds His love from His most disobedient child, neither
does He hold that love of God from his brother or sister. He neither pities nor condemns because he knows all are conquerors if they will to conquer. He iinds joy in his work; he never hurries nor can he be rushed. He knows that time does not control him:he is attuned to the eternal.

He has absolute faith in the absolute power of which he has become aware. He knows he is one with all life, and behind
him is the power of the universe. He believes in the all good. Divine justice is his key to all situations. He is simple, loving and kind. He recognises that to attain wisdom one must be humble and when wisdom is mastered one must be humbler still. He is the future’s promise of a better world to come.You can join in this promise too, open yourself, do not
resist; receive the true blessing of wisdom and understanding,through your love and service to others. Then you will become as He who knows.

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