The Magic Seven ( Audio Book )

The Magic Seven – Lida A. Churchill / Chapter One

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The book contains 7 chapters , Total length 1hr 8min

Lida Churchill

The Magic Seven

The Seven Magical Steps toward achieving Perfect Spiritual Power explained in this book are:

* Step 1  -  How To Center Yourself
* Step 2  -  How To Go Into the Silence
* Step 3  -  How To Concentrate the Mind
* Step 4  -  How To Command Opulence
* Step 5  -  How To Use the Will
* Step 6  -  How To Insure Perfect Health
* Step 7  -  How To Ask and ReceiveThis eBook is what you need to make your life a sure-fire success! You need the key to unlock your life’s full potential; and that key is within your own mind. With your mind and your thoughts working for you, everything will work according to your plan and in your favor!

“I should have made it shorter if I had had time,” was the reply of a noted clergyman when a listener complained that his his sermon was too short.

The author of this book spent much time in making THE MAGIC SEVEN so short that it can not only be carried in the pocket, but its contents be carried in the memory and the heart. It aims to eliminate all which would entangle the thought or confuse the mind, and to make plain a course by which mental powers may be utilized in all the affairs of life.

The unseen forces are the real forces. By the per­sistent, patient, intelligent use of the thought implements, you may put in operation power which is invincible.

If you are looking for a 300 page metaphysical/spiritual treatise full of esoteric theories and fluff than this eBook is not for you. This eBook is less than 50 pages long and can be read in an hour or two. It is straight to the point and contains no vague theories at all. It contains everything you need to know in order to make your life a grand success in such a condensed and easy to read and understand form that anyone can follow what it says and benefit by it.

Don’t turn down this opportunity to control the events of your life with the powers of your mind. Not all people are given the knowledge to apply their inner power in a positive and constructive way. You are very fortunate to have that opportunity well within your grasp. Get THE MAGIC SEVEN: 7 Steps to Perfect Spiritual Power right now and begin to think your way to success!


Neville Goddard, Summa Theologica, Manly P Hall, A Course In Miracles

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