Love Is Freedom, Joseph Murphy ( Audio Book )

Love is Freedom, Joseph Murphy

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Love is Freedom, Joseph Murphy


True mysticism is the ability inwardly to sense the invisible things of the Spirit, and through feeling, present them to the intellect.

In discerning the deep things of the Spirit, the intellect must follow the intuition—and it will never follow it in vain, for that which the in­tuition reveals, the intellect may later analyze. It is this feeling back toward spiritual prototypes that marks the work of the true mystic in any age.

In this book Joseph Murphy, one of the out­standing mystics in the metaphysical field, has presented a depth of feeling seldom expressed through the written word.

Those who have had the privilege of listening to the discourses of Dr. Murphy have felt that which was not spoken, the impartation of a spirit­ual essence which can only be felt. I am certain that the reader of this book will find a response in their consciousness to that invisible and in­effable beauty which it suggests.

–Ernest Holmes

The scripture says, “God is love, God is all, over all, through all, all in all” Love, there­fore, is resident in all men and in all things; so let us seek it in all. “Seek and ye shall find.” Yes, if you truly look for the God-Love in the other, it will shine forth in all of its pristine glory. The first thing we do when we see another is to look for that Divine Love to radiate through his thoughts, words, and deeds. If we truly recognize It as being within him, he must radiate this Love. “As within, so without.” “As above, so below.” “As in heaven (consciousness), so on earth (man­ifes-ation).”

We must not let fear step in; for it is the op­posite of love. Fear is the inversion of love, or love turned upside down. There is only Love. If a man recognizes love in a dog, the animal responds in kind. When we fear the dog or any other animal, the latter senses it, and strikes up a similar response in him.

When we are faced with a problem, let us be­come still; feel within ourselves that Divine Love is working through the situation now; realize only harmony and peace prevail; then dismiss it from our minds knowing that it is so. We will find a perfect solution is offered to us which blesses all.

By illustration, a woman told me that her son was an aviator during the war. Each night while he was away, during her meditation she would take her son in her arms realizing that Divine Love enfolded him in the midst of the chaos of war. She knew the aura of His Love surrounded the plane, always making it invisible to the so-called enemy. The boy was never attacked; the enemy planes never saw him; so how could they attack him?

Jesus disappeared in the multitude; likewise, the multitude of human thoughts and false be­liefs disappear when the shining armor of Truth comes rushing in, lighting up the whole house; then the dawn appears and the shadows flee away.


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