Dr. Murdo MacDonald Bayne

Inspiration and How It Can Be Acquired - Murdo MacDonald Bayne

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Dr. Murdo MacDonald -Bayne: Dr Murdo MacDonald-Bayne was born in Scotland in 1887. During his lifetime he traveled throughout the world healing thousands of people of all kinds of diseases and taught the Truth of the Law of Being to many thousands more. Murdo MacDonald-Bayne was fondly referred to as Dr.Mac by his students who often spoke of seeing him overshadowed by a higher being during his lectures. It is said that he journeyed several times into India and Tibet where he spent long periods (recounted in Beyond the Himalayas and it’s sequel The Yoga of the Christ) in the company of true Masters of the Tibetan Himalayas.

There his powers to heal were strengthened and he received greater enlightenment for his mission to reveal those profound teachings to the outside world. The developed spiritual power and wisdom he acquired is reflected in the writings of his first books, The Higher Power You Can Use and I Am the Life. After establishing spiritual centres in several countries, Murdo MacDonald-Bayne lived in New Zealand/Aotearoa and Australia during the early 1940s and by 1944 he settled in South Africa where he continued to heal and give lectures twice a week, some of which are recorded. He also produced during this period Heal Yourself, Spiritual & Mental Healing, What is Mine is Thine I & II, How to Relax and Revitalise Yourself, Your Life Renewed Every Day.


So when the message came, he left immediately, journeyed through India and reached the Himalayas. If you are fortunate enough to acquire his books, Beyond the Himalayas and The Yoga of the Christ, you will find details of his experiences and travels in Tibet, of spending time and study and practice of the higher spiritual instructions which he received from the living Masters and formed the foundation for his later teachings. He traveled many miles through rugged Tibetan terrain, visiting lamaseries where he witnessed extraordinary feats and demonstrations of both a spiritual and physical nature. He developed his talents of telepathy and learned to leave his body at will, mastered pranayama, and acquired a profound knowledge of the Eternal and Everlasting Life through meditations of several days’ duration.
Upon returning to the so-called civilized world, Dr. Mac resumed his travels, establishing further centers in Australia, New Zealand/Aotearoa, Canada and the United States. Even today, there are people in various countries who still remember his talks and healing sessions. We have been extremely fortunate to find and upload over 115 lectures given by Mr Bayne. A special thank you goes out to Bozena Kalinic for her incredible help and generosity.

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  1. Inspiration and How It Can Be Acquired ( Full Lecture Above )
  2. The True Torch of Progress
  3. Your Faith That Produces Works
  4. Desire Is A Living Force
  5. The Subtle Power of Emotion
  6. Mine Your Mind
  7. Are We Hypnotized by Our Emotions
  8. Developing Your Faith
  9. If We Are Hypnotized by Our Emotions
  10. Unearth Your Emotional Habit Patterns
  11. The Wise Shall Inherit Glory
  12. First Step Towards Divine Power
  13. 2nd Step, Taking off the Brakes
  14. 3rd Step, Reviewing Your Mental Makeup
  15. 4th Step, Transforming Power of Breath
  16. 5th Step, Relaxation While You Sleep
  17. 6th Step, The Part The Mind Plays
  18. 7th Step, Relaxation In Occupation
  19. 8th Step, Organ Misbehavior
  20. 9th Step, Changing Cells, Relax Vocal
  21. 10th Step, Applying Complete
  22. Death & Life in the Power of the Tongue
  23. Whatsoever I Have Done
  24. He Shall Call Upon Me
  25. Occupational Therapy in it’s Finest Form
  26. Occupational Therapy Means Action Now
  27. Jesus Taught Modern Medicine
  28. The Infinite Has Made Me To Be
  29. In Our Daily Living We Feel Separation
  30. Awake Them That Sleepeth
  31. It Must Have Been Done By Some Law
  32. Awaken Out Of Your Dream Of Illusion
  33. Become Conscious of Your Mental Makeup
  34. To Solve The Greatest Problem
  35. Life More Abundant
  36. Thy Sins are Forgiven, Arise and Walk
  37. The Last Parables of the Kingdom
  38. The World Made by The Word Of GOD
  39. With Thee Is The Fountain of Life
  40. Behold I Stand at the Door and Knock
  41. Where Could I Go From The Spirit
  42. GOD Being Life
  43. He Who Grows Wise
  44. A Friend is Always A Friend
  45. Spirit is The Power
  46. To Depend on any Outside Agency
  47. Right Thinking Leads to Freedom ( Johannesburg )
  48. Right Thinking Leads to Freedom
  49. Love is the Fountain of Joy
  50. Creative Genius
  51. Three Principles
  52. Man Is Uneasy
  53. I Give You A New Command
  54. There is No Contradiction in Truth
  55. To Err is Human
  56. Thou Hast Made Known To Me
  57. Blessed are they that have Not Seen
  58. I Was Hungry and thou Didst Feed Me
  59. Love Is The Foundation of Joy ( Version 2 )
  60. The Word That Became Flesh
  61. I Say To You do Not Worry for Your Life
  62. Behold GOD Giveth To Man
  63. If The Individual Is Sick
  64. I Have No Authority Except Him
  65. What Our Neighbors Mean to Us
  66. Cause and Effect
  67. Within Myself is the Glory
  68. Self Knowledge is the Beginning
  69. Faith Is Power Little Understood
  70. Absolute & Relative Power of Thought
  71. Our Consciousness is like a radio broadcasting Beacon
  72. The Subtle Power of Thought
  73. The Spirit That Rules The Ocean
  74. My Word Is Life
  75. Love and Wisdom Foundation of Security
  76. The Spirit Alone Has Voice
  77. The Word Of Creation
  78. Happy is the Man That Listens to Me
  79. Believing and Disbelieving
  80. The Secrets of the Science of Life
  81. To Understand What Is Right Meditation
  82. The Hidden Powers of Man and his Breath
  83. Only by Our Relationship
  84. What Is Virtue
  85. All Power Is Given Unto Me
  86. Concentrated Power of the Master
  87. Protect The Mind
  88. When We Are Confused
  89. A Practical Approach To Divine Healing
  90. GOD, Man and the Universe are One
  91. The Dead Bury Their Dead
  92. The Boundless Reservoir Of Supply
  93. Slaying the Goliath of the Self
  94. The Law of Deterioration
  95. Love, Wisdom and Power Are NOW
  96. Our Thoughts and Words Go Forth
  97. The Continuous Renewal of the Everpresent
  98. The Universal and The Individual are One
  99. He Who Clings To Authority
  100. Reaction Is Not Action ( Pretoria Version )
  101. There Is No Dead Among the Living ( Pretoria Version )
  102. The Unknown Cannot Be Known
  103. Thy Kingdom Is Within
  104. Transformation Within
  105. Happiness
  106. We Give Expression To The Absolute
  107. There Can Be No Perfect Action
  108. Creativeness Exists Only In The Present
  109. Understanding Is Within Ourselves
  110. Live Is Complete in Itself
  111. Reaction Is Not Action ( JHB Version )
  112. There is No Dead Among the Living ( JHB Version )
  113. To Be Free We Must Set Others Free
  114. Is Our Civilization Crumbling
  115. Making The Cosmic Forces Your Own
  116. The Spring of Living Water Is Within
  117. Pure Thinking Is Creative
  118. A State Of Love


Neville Goddard, Summa Theologica, Manly P Hall, A Course In Miracles

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