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In The Light of The Spirit – Christian D Larson / Chapter One

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Chapter 1 – Leave It To God…………………..3
Chapter 2 – The Highest Prayer………………..5
Chapter 3 – The Religion Of The Soul…………..7
Chapter 4 – The Spiritual Side Of Life………..12
Chapter 5 – The Mysteries Of The Kingdom………19
Chapter 6 – The Secret Of Spiritual Power……..27
Chapter 7 – The Use Of Spiritual Power………..30
Chapter 8 – The Light Of Inner Consciousness…..32
Chapter 9 – The Power Of Spiritual Transparence..35
Chapter 10 – Upon The Path Where All Is Good…..42
Chapter 11 – The I Am Is The Way……………..51
Chapter 12 – I Go Unto The Father…………….57
Chapter 13 – I Am With You Always…………….65
Chapter 14 – It Is Well With The Soul…………73
Chapter 15 – The Spiritual Borderland…………78
Chapter 16 – When God So Wills……………….83
Chapter 17 – Regions Of Infinite Repose……….86

CHAPTER 1 – Leave It To God

When you are confronted with problems that you cannot solve, or find yourself in the
midst of conditions that are distressing and adverse, do not permit yourself to become
disturbed for a moment. There is a simple secret that will invariably set you free and
change everything for the best. And the secret is this – “Leave It To God.” When you
do not know what course to pursue, leave it to God. When you do not know where to
turn, or how to dispel the darkness that may surround you, then leave it to God. When
you do not know where the path to the greatest good may lie, and have not become
conscious of that supreme light of the soul through which all things may be discerned
- rest serenely in the faith that you can leave it all to God. In His hands everything is
safe; and whatever we place in His hands, will be disposed of in the best conceivable

It is remarkable how soon darkness takes flight, how soon confusion is stilled, how
soon conditions adjust themselves and how soon adversities change into blessings,
when we can say, in perfect faith, and in perfect sincerity of soul – “Leave It To God.”
For thus we place everything in the keeping of a Wisdom that knows what should be
done, and in the hands of a Power that can do what is best for all concerned.
It is the best for everybody that we all desire; it is the happiest outcome of everything
that we pray for as the most perfect ideal of visible existence; and we know full well
that such an ideal will surely be realized when we leave it to God. The Infinite can
solve our problems, and so arrange all things in life, that the greatest good will come
to pass, regardless of time, place or circumstances. And we should not hesitate to seek
the superior guidance of the Infinite in this regard, whether our problems be great or
small, momentous or insignificant.

Whatever the matter may be, we should leave it to God. The sun will soon shine once
more, and all will be well again. There are many things we may wish to do, but do not
know whether to begin now or later. There is some one, however, who does know;
and if we leave it to Him, something will happen to delay the matter, if that is best, or
to bring about a speedy beginning, if that is best. And afterwards, when we see how
delightfully all things worked out, we will be glad – very glad, that we did say, when
in doubt “Leave It To God.”

We frequently come to places where the whole world seems to be against us; when
every friend seems to be gone; and when adversity seems to make life a useless desert
of waste and desolation. But at such times we should not be disheartened or
dismayed. There is a way to freedom. There is a Light that is stronger than all the
darkness in the world. There is a Power that can change everything in our entire
destiny. There is a Love that can bring to us the friendship and the sympathy of all
mankind. Then why should we ever be discouraged or sad? There is a royal path that
leads out of, and away, from all adversities. And we may find that path if we leave it
to God.

When we can say, in perfect faith and sincerity of soul, that we will leave it to God,
we place ourselves in that state of being where the power of the Infinite can work for
us, and through us, to the end that the best may surely come to pass. The Infinite is
always at hand, waiting to be of service; but we must be willing to accept such
service; and we do accept when we can say with depth of sincerity – “Leave It To

Then we must know, and fully believe, that what we leave to God to do, will be done
right; and we must realize that when anything is done right, every trace of evil, sin,
pain or sorrow is eliminated completely. God will never bring sickness, pain, want or
death to any human soul. It is not the will of God that any human being should suffer,
or be deprived of anything that is good in the world. The ways of the Infinite do not
lead into pain and privation, but always into greater freedom, greater good, greater
power, greater joy.

When we leave anything to God, we may know that the wrong alone will be taken
away; the good will remain and be multiplied again and again, without end and
without measure. We may rest assured, therefore, that nothing that is worthy or good
or beautiful will be lost when we leave things to God. The kingdom of the Supreme,
with all its riches and glory, is for man; but man must be willing to receive; and he
does express perfect willingness when he can say, with the faith of the soul, that he
will, henceforth, leave everything to God.

Whatever there is in life that we wish to change, remedy or perfect, the simple secret
is this – “Leave It To God.” And we should make this statement in that deep feeling of
the soul that knows – that feeling that seems to say to us that our wish will be realized,
our prayer will be answered – the best will come to pass. In truth, how could it be
otherwise? God would not have it otherwise; therefore, when we leave all things to
Him, we may know that the outcome will be all that we could have wished for and
infinitely more



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