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Poise and Power

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A genius is slumbering in the
subconscious of every mind.
This genius can be awakened.


WHATEVER we wish to attain or
accomplish, power is required;
and since it is our privilege as well as
our desire to attain much and accomplish
much, any method through which we
may increase our power will naturally
receive our most direct and most
thorough attention.

The newest science of life has discovered
such a method, and it is the purpose
of the following pages to elucidate
its principles and laws so perfectly that
anyone can apply them with the greatest
possible results.

The method under consideration we
shall call Poise, because Poise conserves
energy, and conserved energy accumulates

The path to increase is to save what
you now receive, and to constructively
use what you have saved. This we accomplish
through Poise.

When we attain Poise, all the energy
generated in the system is saved; that
is, all loss and waste is prevented. This
fact means much—so much that months
of experience may be required to realize
its import in full.

Some conception of the value of being
able to save all the energy generated in
the system will be gained when we learn
that the average person loses from threefourths
to nine-tenths of this power.

Even the mental giants in the world are
actually wasting nearly three-fourths of
the energy generated in their systems.
The one-fourth which is saved and employed
makes them great : then what
might they not become if they saved and
employed all this power?

The human personality may well be
termed a living dynamo, because the
amount of energy generated in the
average healthy person is simply enormous.
We may therefore predict great
things for the race when the art of saving
and using all this power is learned.
But the importance of the subject does
not end with attainment and achievement;
in fact, the art of saving one’s
power is of value in every department
of human activity.

Modem physiological research has
demonstrated conclusively that it is practically
impossible for any one to become
sick so long as the system is full of energy.
And it has traced the great majority
of the ordinary human ills to one
sause—lack of vital force.

It is therefore evident that sickness
could be wholly prevented had we some
method through which all the energygenerated
in the system ‘could be saved
because there is enough energy generated
in the average person to perform
several times as much physical or mental
labor as the average person does perform.
At the same time he can keep the
entire personality full to the brim with
vital force.

These are startling facts ; and since
Poise will prevent all waste and loss
of vital power, there can be nothing that
is more important than the attainment
of Poise.

When we enter the field of industry
and witness the numerous failures on
every hand, we find more evidence to
prove that our subject is one which deserves
the most profound attention ; because
is not a large number of these
failures due to a lack of mental capacity
and is not mental incapacity almost invariably
caused by a lack of energy ?

When the system is full of energy,
physical endurance and mental capacity
will both increase; and the mind with
its faculties and talents will be constantly
pushed forward. The result cannot be
otherwise than advancement and greater

The energy generated in the system,
when saved, will push the individual
forward to higher attainments and
greater achievements, even though nothing
else be done to promote progress.
Everybody knows through experience
that nothing can hold down the person
who is literally charged with enormous
energies, and we are all being charged
every hour with enormous energies, but
we do not retain them. We let ninetenths
of this power slip away because
we have not acquired Poise.

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