I am sure at one time or another we have all heard the aphorism that there is nothing new under the sun, and that is particularly true in the world of literature. People find new ways to package and sell truths that have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years and make them sound fresh and relevant to today’s needs.Even “The Secret” is nothing more then a repackaging of information from material that has been around for centuries, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that as information must be made relevant to the times in which we live. But often in repackaging there is a subtle loss in the rewriting of a book or course which diminishes the message and removes some of the vitality of the book, and that has always been the dangers and shortfalls of translations. There are so many classics that deserve to be revisited, for example:

If Universal truths are indeed universal then they will stand the test of time and remain relevant throughout history. I am sure we have all read books that after a few chapters failed to keep our interest because they seemed so dated in their views and presentation, that is in fact one of the key tests of a classic, it remains true no matter what the era.

What we have endeavored to do at Audio Enlightenment is to find all the classic self help books that stand the test of time, from Napoleon Hills, “Think And Grow” Rich, Charles F Haanels “The Master Key System” to lesser known works on abundance, concentration, self confidence and much more, and make them available to you in your own private online listening room. Listen from your desktop at work, laptop, iPad at home and enjoy the wisdom of the ages as you relax in the comfort of your own home. We will present to you 4 brand new selections each month in the membership area that you can enjoy at your convenience. And maybe you have an idea about a book that you think our members would enjoy…let us know and if it is in the public domain and there is sufficient interest we will add it to our to do list. You are not just a number, you are a member of a family that seeks to improve themselves on a continuing basis.

3 Degrees of Separation

You will find, if you are paying attention of course, that since most of these books deal with the movement known as “The New Thought Movement” that there will be references to other works in the books of one author to another or related published works.  For example, in Napoleon Hills ” Law of Success Course”  he references Emersons’ essay on Compensation several times, and if you will notice we also offer that essay to our members. Also, Thomas Trowards books are extremely popular, and another of our Authors, Genevieve Behrend was the only person that Mr. Trowards  ever accepted as a personal student and we have all her works on the site also which give another unique view of his works from an extremely qualified source. The more you listen and learn, the more you will see the same thought expressed in different terms and examples. Fashions, cars, entertainment will continually fall out of style because of mans fickle nature, but Universal truths always remain constant, from the creation of the Universe to present time. It is only mans interpretations of them that have changed based on their individual knowledge and level of enlightenment.

It is a truly incredible learning experience and we are as excited to deliver these works to you as we hope you are to listen and learn from them.

Where do I begin my learning adventure when there are so many choices? That is an excellent question and the answer depends entirely on what your current life goal. Here is a quote from Henry Thomas Hamblin from the Course “Dynamic Thought”

“Success in its lowest form is the acquisition of wealth, the building up of large businesses, or the earning of a large income. Although this aim is not so lofty as its predecessors, yet it is not an unworthy ambition, and if kept within bounds, will result in benefit to the community, and not too great a burden to the individual.Whatever your ambition may be, follow it. Whatever you have a taste for, whatever it is you have a burning desire to accomplish, follow it and strive after it.”

So what does that mean? It means that there are many definitions of success in this world..if you are seeking material success you look in one direction, if you are looking for spiritual success you look in another. Most of the titles in our library are pretty self explanatory, but if you would like specific recommendations feel free to drop us an email on the contact page and let us know your questions.

A Gift of Knowledge Lasts a Lifetime and Begins in your Private Listening Room.

Give yourself a gift today of membership in Audio Enlightenment and begin delving into the past classics in minutes. For less then a Latte Grande and few buttery Madeline’s you can have access to the rich past for years to come. $9.95 a month buys you quiet time to be with yourself with some of the timeless classics of the past.You deserve it…

Still not sure? No, problem. We believe in giving value for value and that is why we give you a audio sample of each book available on our site. Simply click on the links on the right nav bar and listen to the audio sample of any book you choose. And remember, you are not locked in to any time period. Stay a month, stay 2 years and grow with us. And if you stay we assure you the day will come when you will not be able to live without us, we are not a book store, we are a family. We encourage book suggestions from our members and look forward to expanding our selection with your input.This is a labor of love for us and that is one of the reasons we have kept our membership so low. Tell a friend and give the gift of knowledge!

*Note: There will be several times throughout the year that we may publish specialty audio books that will not be included in your membership fees.These will be massive projects in regard to size and commitment and to cover the production costs we must charge a straight fee for access or audio download. As a member you will receive a discount price should you wish to purchase. They will range from 30-120 hours of audio per book and will be of a specialty nature, philosophy,theology, course,etc.  Producing an audio of that size requires us to produce these items in addition to, and outside of our regular monthly production schedule, hence the additional costs. If you have any questions or concerns please contact customer service.

Neville Goddard, Summa Theologica, Manly P Hall, A Course In Miracles

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