TNT It Rocks The Earth, Claude Bristol ( Audio Book )

TNT It Rocks The Earth

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T.N.T. It Rocks The Earth


It was that period approaching the end of the second year of the
great economic depression when hopefulness had almost
vanished from business life, and everyone was overwhelmed
with fear, that Mr. Claude M. Bristol, my close business
associate of many years standing, astounded me by relating a
most amazing experience in having found ”that something” for
which he had been searching many years.

As he revealed the truths which had come to him I, at first, was
skeptical, but as he took me along with him, I, too, began to see
the light which only stimulated my ambition for further
knowledge of the theme of how to live powerfully by adopting
that science which relates to the development of the human

I realized that there was a great change for good coming over
myself, and sensed the possibilities of what could be done if the
members of our own organization put the author’s teachings into
practice, and forthwith arrangements were made for him to talk
to our entire staff. The immediate response of every member of
our organization in demanding a copy—followed by the most
remarkable transformation of individuals and organization,
brought home the positive conviction to me that the message
contained in his theme was exactly what the world most needed,
and that a great service could be rendered by publishing same
for general distribution.

In “T.N.T.—It Rocks the Earth,” you are told exactly how to
acquire a wonderful secret, that Power, or whatever you wish to
call it, which, when accepted and developed through a process
of right thinking, creates a philosophy of life which sweeps
away all obstacles and brings that which every human desires:
success, happiness and contentment.

If it were not for the fact that I am intimately acquainted with
the author I would pause to wonder where he acquired those
facts and principles which he sets forth in his story, but suffice
to say that I know that he knows what he is talking about, and he
clearly outlines a system of mechanics which can be used by
every one—irrespective of his or her walk in life.

Do exactly as he says, put his plan into operation—and I also
promise you that almost over night you will be transformed and
the things for which you have wished all your life will be yours.
Your fears, trials and tribulations will fade into the mists. The
door of yesterday will be closed forever. A grand and glorious
feeling will engulf you and you will smile, and when you do, the
world will smile with you.

I know it. I believe it and it is so.


“There is no doubt in my mind that we will get in life what we
desire in the ratio of the earnestness of our purpose in going
after it.”—J. C. PENNEY.

Author’s Note:

To express the thought in another way: We get out of life
exactly what we put into it—nothing more, nothing less. So it is
with the message within these pages. You will get out of it in the
same ratio which you accept the theme and apply the principles.
Therefore, if you wish to develop and get what you want in life,
do not loan or give this book away but make it your constant
companion and reread it as frequently as possible. The more
often it is reread the more workable become the principles and
the clearer the road ahead.

“He who does not know what the world is does not know where
he is. And he who does not know for what purpose the world
exists, does not know who he is, nor what the world is.”


For those of you who seek to learn and make progress, I gently
lay this in your laps. I do so without the slightest fear but that it
will turn your world entirely upside down—bringing you health,
wealth, success and happiness, providing you understand and

Don’t Misuse It

Remember T.N.T. is a dangerously high explosive so when you
gather it closely, handle it gently.

Down through the centuries its power has destroyed those who
sought to misuse it, therefore exercise great care that it is used
only for good.

It can be proved by the teachings of the Bible, certain well
established laws of physics, and last but not least, just plain
common sense. Read and determine for yourself whether or not
the proofs I offer stand by themselves.

Some of you may see only the spiritual side, others recognize
the scientific truths, and still others may accept it as just a
practical operating device to put you on the road to success. No
matter—many know the truth and for you who will open your
minds the light will pour in with dazzling white brilliancy.

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