Murdo MacDonald Bayne, Beyond The Himalayas

Murdo MacDonald Bayne, Beyond The Himalayas

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Beyond The Himalayas


To you, the reader of this book, I want to say, this book is not written merely as a history of
my travels in Tibet, neither is it meant to be a display of words to reveal the Truth, for the Truth
cannot be revealed in words. Neither should it be read from an intellectual point of view so as to
give pleasure to the mind; nor is it meant to give you a new religion or a new authority or belief.

It is meant to open up, to awaken the inner Being that is closed up, asleep, to become
aware of the powers and possibilities of the Real Self, so that you are no longer the little
personality with a limited life, but a centre of Universal action and in direct contact with
Cosmic Forces. Then you will no longer be the unwilling plaything of fate but a concious
Master of Nature, liberated from the imprisoned smallness and sufferings of the gross human

It will take you beyond every mental idealistic culture of ideas and ideals belonging to
the mind, which are only half-truths.

It shows you how to bring the supramental power of the Divine Conciousness into the
ignorant mind, transforming the mind and body, thereby creating a Divine Life in matter.
To the critic I would say, do not criticise anything you know nothing about. If your
beliefs prevent you from accepting what I say, you will know why by reading this book with
an open mind.

To the dogmatist, this book can only help you when you understand what dogma is and
how you have acquired it.

To the reviewer, do no review this book if you do not understand youself – otherwise it
will expose your lack of wisdom.

To the earnest seeker, I do not want you to accept what I say or it may become another

A belief only hinders the revealing of the Truth. Believing or disbelieving, accepting or
rejecting, will not give you understanding. Cleanse your mind first by discerning impersonally
all you have read or heard, and you will find a silence that is not of time in which the Truth will
be revealed to you.

To the atheist, you think you are a disbeliever but you have just another belief which
prevents you from understanding. Search your mind and see what formulations you have
created there; then you will realise how ignorant you are of the Real Truth.

To those who are caught up in the various philosophies, religious organisations, etc., I
would say, examine what these are first before you read this book or you will be merely
reading you own conditioning into it. Free your mind from all fear, superstition and belief, and
then there will be be an immediate transformation, for the Truth is Eternal and Ever-present in
the Now.

Immediately you get rid of your mental formulations, your imitations, by
understanding what they are and how they have come about, the Truth will be revealed
instantly. Truth is not a matter of time or becoming.

Becoming is always to-morrow—this is going away from Reality-Truth. Being now, is
Truth. If Truth is not Now, it will never be to-morrow. Living in the Now, moment to
moment, this is Truth.

There cannot be any memory, or right or wrong, past or future, when you live in the
Now; there can only be Love and Affection which is Truth.

Being Now, is Real; Being Now, is loving and truly living: Being Now, is Eternal Life
in which there is no death. All else is made up in your mind.

Your reactions will tell you how your mind is made up, because Truth is not made up,
and has no reaction. It is the mind that reacts according to its conditioning; therefore watch your
reactions and you will see how you are caught up.

Everyone reacts differently according to his or her mental make-up.

If you believe or if you disbelieve, if you reject or accept, if you feel that it is disturbing
your pet ideas, your religious beliefs, if you are in any way mentally disturbed, it shows that
you are not free. Your reactions may be automatic, which shows you are bound, hand and foot.
Note your reactions and you will understand the self with its bundle of theories, its
formulations, its likes and dislikes, beliefs, ideas, its hates, its jealousies, its antagonisms, its
wants. Then you will know how far you are from the Truth.

Geshi Rimpoche, who is mentioned in this book, has passed from the physical and I
have since spoken to him, proving that there is no separation except in the mind of man.

My friend is still in the flesh in Tibet, and though he has travelled in the astral many
times since helping me in my work, his name is purposely not mentioned, at his own request,
so that he may not be troubled by curiosity-seekers in and out of Asia.


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