Q: I love the format but there are several books that I love and would love to see them on your site so I can listen too, is there anyway to suggest a book for your site?

A: Yes, we recently added a suggest a book link in  our navigation tab. This will allow you to suggest a book for our members. There are a couple of consideration you must take into account before you submit a book for suggestion. First, the book must be in the public domain, which mean in general, that is was published before 1920, but there are also other books that are in the public domain that are as recent as 1960 so please do some research first to ascertain whether or not your book is in the public domain as we do not have the resources to research all the suggestions. Also, the book should be of a general interest to a wide group of people, not just something that interests you.


Q: If you choose one of my books for the site, how long until it become available to listen too?

A: Tough question, we generally book production at least a month in advance. It will depend on how long your book is in pages and how wide of an audience we believe it has. If it is a shorter publication with a wide appeal we may get it produced within a month, if it is more esoteric in nature maybe a few months.


Q: I would like to download these books to my Ipod instead of listening off my computer?

A: We spent a lot of consideration on this point and one of the first considerations and driving belief is that we wanted to make this website affordable to as many people as possible at the lowest possible price point. And since most people spend 10 bucks on a Starbucks and muffin we figured that it was an affordable option for the vast majority of people. Plus,we believe a large percentage of people are more then satisfied with listening on their laptop, desktop, Ipad , etc and so we decided on this model for the moment.


Q: You mention on your site that there will be some specialty books that will be published that we will not have access too? Can you explain this?

A: Sure, several times a year we may produce specialty audios that because of their size and commitment needed we will be selling straight out to help recover some of our production costs. As a member you will be able to purchase these at a discount for the general public, but they will not be put into the personal listening rooms. These will be very esoteric works generally in philosophy or Theology. If we did not do it in this way we would never be able to produce these books. As an example one of the projects is over 1,200 pages long and will produce anywhere from 35-45 hours of audio. Another planned in the future is over 5,000 page long and will produce over 150 hours of audio…a truly massive project.

Q: Do you think you will ever have any other membership options as far as downloading?

A: We are considering several different options for the future. One may be several different levels of membership, so if you want to download the audios you would upgrade to a higher level of membership and that would give you access to all audios in MP3 format for download and that would not effect those at the lower membership level. The second option is to keep only one membership level but give the member the option of purchasing the download  for any specific book they wanted. So you didn’t have to pay for access to all the books but would be able to choose only the books you wanted. We will publish on the members login page if we decide to change the structure in the future.

Q: How often do you update with new books?

A: We produce 4 new books a month and will upload the books as they are completed. Usually on the beginning of the week for each new book, rather then all 4 books at once. We may on occasion publish bonus books but those are exceptions and not the rule. You are Guaranteed 4 new books a month.


Q: Am I obligated to a long term commitment if I join the site?

A: No, stay as long or as short as you like, the only commitment on this website is our commitment to bring you the best classic books on audio for your Audio Enlightenment.

Q: I have a few questions not answered here, how can I contact you for general inquiries?

A: Just click on the Contact button on the top of the page and send us your questions. We will get back to you within 24 hours, excluding weekends.

Neville Goddard, Summa Theologica, Manly P Hall, A Course In Miracles