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Dollars Want Me, Henry Harrison Brown

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Dollars Want Me


Born in Massachusetts in 1840. Served in
U. S. Volunteers during Civil War from
August, 1862, until October, 1865. Taught
school;worked upon newspapers; lectured
in various fields for 17 years; was 7 years
a Unitarian minister. I entered my present
work of mental healing and teaching in
1893. Editor and publisher of NOW since
January, 1900. I have thus gained by
experience that which I teach in my
books. I consider none of them of more
immediate practical value than this little
book. Grateful for the generous reception
of former editions, I now send forth this
revised and enlarged edition, trusting it
will also win me as many friends as the
former has done.

The editor of a delightful San Francisco
magazine called “NOW” has written a
treatise on financial success, telling people
to assert “Dollars want me!” every
day, and to live in the thought that shining
ore and rustling greenbacks are hurrying
to find them.
Any other desired object or aim may be
treated in the same mental manner,
while we also use practical methods to
attain it.
All the opulence of God belongs to his
children. All happiness, peace, health
and usefulness belongs to us.
God made no such thing as ill luck. Man
made it by false conditions, false ideals,
false thoughts and false deeds.
— —–Ella Wheeler Wilcox,
in S. F. Examiner.

”This new Law of Henry Harrison
Brown’s has given me new strength and
power such as few could easily realize.”
— O Hashnu Hara, Editor of Wings
of Truth, London, Eng.
“I believe the idea that money wants
you will help you to the right mental
condition. Be a pot of honey and let it
come.” — Elizabeth Towne, Editor of

The constant and increasing demand for
this modest booklet and the beneficent
effect which it has had on thousands of
its readers, seem to justify its appearance
in a new and enlarged form. May
it have also a wider influence and an
enlarged power to free the minds of its
readers from the tyranny of things.
Henry Harrison Brown.
589 Haight Street, San Francisco, Cal.,
March, 1917.

“He who dares assert the I,
May calmly wait
While hurrying fate
Meets his demands with sure
— Helen Wilmans.

Harmony There is neither health nor
prosperity without harmony. There is
no peace, no health, where there is want,
be it want of material Supply, wisdom
Supply or love Supply. Love, Truth
and Dollars — these are necessary to human

Mind, body and estate must be cared
for. In order that there may be health,
happiness and prosperity, there must be
Harmony. This harmony is found in
merely giving Self, the Soul, its way.
Harmony is living in obedience to mental
law. It is found in right thinking.
Bane of Poverty is the main cause of
Poverty the unrest, the dis-ease (the
un-ease) that afflicts mankind. Remove
poverty by right thinking and all attendant
evils will disappear. This right thinking meansz
that there shall be on
the part of the individual a change of
attitude toward the Dollar.
Mental The prevalent attitude is want
Attitude for the Dollar, belief that Dollars
are power. This must be outgrown
and the attitude must be that ALL
POWER IS IN MAN. Dollars are
machines with power delegated to them
by man. They are useless without man.
Dollars want me! is to be the thought
of the “Coming man.” A few so think
now and have obtained mastery of Supply.
Demand It is a legitimate demand
and Supply on the part of each individual
that he have enough.
To supply human needs is the function
of the universe. All is for man. The
sun shines for him ; the waters run for
him ; the flowers bloom for him ; the
grain ripens for him; and the earth
teems with beauty for him. All would
be use-less, would be purpose-less but
for him. When he ceases to be, there is

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