Secret of the Ages, Robert Collier ( Audio Book )

Secret of the Ages, Robert Collier

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Secret of the Ages, Robert Collier

Volume One Contents

I. The World’s Greatest Discovery
II. The Genie-of-Your-Mind

Volume Two Contents
III. The Primal Cause
IV. Desire—The First Law of Gain

Volume Three Contents
V. Aladdin & Company
VI. See Yourself Doing It
VII. “As A Man Thinketh”
VIII. The Law of Supply

Volume Four Contents
IX. The Formula of Success
X. “This Freedom”
XI. The Law of Attraction
XII. The Three Requisites
XIII. That Old Witch—Bad Luck

Volume Five Contents
XIV. Your Needs Are Met
XV. The Master of Your Fate
XVI. Unappropriated Millions
XVII. The Secret of Power
XVIII. This One Thing I Do

Volume Six Contents
XIX. The Master Mind
XX. What Do You Lack?
XXI. The Sculptor and the Clay
XXII. Why Grow Old?

Volume Seven Contents
XXIII. The Medicine Delusion
XXIV. The Gift of the Magi

IF you had more money than time, more millions than you knew how to spend, what would be your pet philanthropy? Libraries? Hospitals? Churches? Homes for the Blind, Crippled or Aged?

Mine would be “Homes”—but not for the aged or infirm. For young married couples!

 I have often thought that, if ever I got into the “Philanthropic Billionaire” class, I’d like to start an Endowment Fund for helping young married couples over the rough spots in those first and second years of married life—especially the second year, when the real troubles come.

 Take a boy and a girl and a cozy little nest—add a cunning, healthy baby—and there’s nothing happier on God’s green footstool.

 But instead of a healthy babe, fill in a fretful, sickly baby—a wan, tired, worn-out little mother—a worried, dejected, heart-sick father—and there’s nothing more pitiful.

 A nurse for a month, a few weeks at the shore or mountains, a “lift” on that heavy Doctor’s bill—any one of these things would spell H-E-A-V-E-N to that tiny family. But do they get it? Not often! And the reason? Because they are not poor enough for charity. They are not rich enough to afford it themselves. They belong to that great “Middle Class” which has to bear the burdens of both the poor and the rich—and take what is left for itself.

 It is to them that I should like to dedicate this book. If I cannot endow Libraries or Colleges for them, perhaps I can point the way to get all good gifts for themselves. For men and women like them do not need “charity”—nor even sympathy. What they do need is Inspiration—and Opportunity—the kind of Inspiration that makes a man go out and create his own Opportunity.

And that, after all, is the greatest good one can do anyone. Few people appreciate free gifts. They are like the man whom an admiring townsfolk presented with a watch. He looked it over critically for a minute. Then—”Where’s the chain?” he asked.

But a way to win for themselves the full measure of success they’ve dreamed of but almost stopped hoping for—that is something every young couple would welcome with open arms. And it is something that, if I can do it justice, will make the “Eternal Triangle” as rare as it is today common, for it will enable husband and wife to work together—not merely for domestic happiness, but for business success as well. ROBERT COLLIER

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