Neville Goddard Lecture, Whom Do You Seek

Whom Do You Seek

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The Bible, from beginning to end, is the vision of the Lord God Jehovah, yet the message given there can be applied in a most practical manner. In two weeks the Western world will be told the story of Good Friday. They will hear of a man who was in a garden with those who believe him, when a band of soldiers came looking for a certain person. Then it is said: “Knowing what was to befall him, Jesus came forward and said, ‘Whom do you seek?’ and they answered, ‘Jesus of Nazareth.’ Then he said to them, ‘I am.’ (The pronoun “he” is not in the original manuscript.) When they heard that, they drew back and fell to the ground. Again he asked, ‘Whom do you seek?’ and again they replied, ‘Jesus of Nazareth,’ and he said, ‘I told you that I am; so if you seek me, let these men go.’” That is the story and when man first hears that the one who is speaking is his own wonderful I AMness, he falls to the ground in shocked disbelief. You see the word “Jesus” means, “I am.” Recorded in the Old Testament as “Jehovah the Lord”, when the name is revealed, it is “I am.” This is true all through scripture. When those who are seeking a savior on the outside hear that their own wonderful human imagination is Jesus, they draw back in shock, for they simply can’t believe it. Now let me tell you a story I recorded in one of my books. The year was 1950 and the man is my brother-in-law. Having graduated from Harvard, he entered the banking business, where he remained for many years. Now, in the banking profession a promotion occurs only when someone dies, is fired, or resigns. Qualified to hold the finest job, he wanted the best for himself, his wife, and their two children. He was a pillar of the Episcopal Church in New York City, sitting on the planning committee, advising them as to the care of their money, yet he knew nothing of the art of prayer or the secret of Christ. One day he came to the house, and telling me of his financial desires, he asked what he should do. When I asked him if he would like to be in the investment business, he replied: “I want it more than anything in the world.” Then I said: “Go to bed tonight knowing you are now investing large sums of money.

Do that night after night and the position you desire will be yours.” Shortly after his visit my family sailed to Barbados, where we remained for three months. When we returned, my brother-in-law and sister came for dinner and this is the story Sam told me. Three weeks after our previous visit he attended a meeting on Wall Street. After the meeting was over a man he had known for years came over to him and asked if he would consider leaving the bank and joining him. He then quoted a salary which was twice what Sam was presently making, as well as promising him a five week paid vacation every year. Well, Sam was stunned beyond measure. He went home, discussed the offer with his wife, and they agreed it was a marvelous opportunity. That day he began his investment career representing the Rockefeller brothers – not the foundation, but the five brothers and their sister. He never bought stock, only suggested it. One day he told me he worked with one portfolio for $394 million, and that’s just one of many! Sam remained there for eight years, leaving to become a junior partner in a brokerage firm. I wrote his story in one of my books and gave him a copy. A short time later while visiting them I discovered my book had found its place on a top shelf, completely out of reach. They had read the book, but as a pillar of the church with its orthodox concept of things, they could not associate the Jesus they worshiped with what they did, and the next time I went to their home, my book was completely out of sight. As a Harvard man, he could not believe that one who had never seen the inside of a college had helped him. So whom do you seek? Is it not Jehovah, the savior of the world? The one who created all things, and without him there is not a thing made that is made? Sam knew what he did to get the job, but he could not believe that what he did was Jesus. Through the years we have remained close and dear friends, but never has one word been said concerning this.

At dinner he gives grace and thanks someone on the outside for their food, doing it by rote. He can’t help it, for it is part of his training, but the day will come when he will discover who Jesus is. He found him, but – unable to recognize him – he turned his back upon the one and only one [who] is Jesus Christ. We are told: “He who is not with me is against me and he who will not gather with me, scatters.” At the present time Sam is not with me, but continues to worship something on the outside. Now you see how practical this story is. Do you seek Jesus? Say “I am” and you have found him. Man finds it so difficult to understand that his own wonderful human imagination is the being he is seeking, but the day will come when he will find him. On that day Jesus’ Son will stand before him and call him “Father”. Jesus is not Jehovah’s son as you were taught. Jesus is Jehovah. Now, if Jehovah has a son and Jesus is Jehovah, is not David the Son? One day the veil will be lifted and God’s Son, David, will stand before you and call you “Father”. Until then, although many will listen to my words, they – like my brother-in-law – will not accept it. Everything came about as Sam desired it to be. They are now living in a beautiful apartment. Their children have graduated from Smith and Harvard and in two more years he plans to retire and travel throughout the world. Sam found Jesus but did not recognize him. He is still looking for something on the outside – but may I tell you: no physical man is Jesus. If anyone comes to you saying he is a holy man, do not believe him. Jesus is holy, for Jesus is Jehovah, he who can only be recognized through his Son, as it takes God’s Son, David, to reveal your true identity, that of being the Lord God Jehovah. Jesus Christ, that’s who you really are, and only God’s Son can reveal it to you. I know the truth of which I speak, for it has happened to me. The world teaches that everything is on the outside. That your success or failure depends upon where you live, the church you attend, your school or college education. This they believe because they do not know Jesus Christ, who is their own wonderful human imagination!

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