Neville Goddard Lecture, Who Is The Son of Man

Who Is The Son of Man

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So, the Tonight‘s subject is: ―Who is The Son of Man?‖ In the 16th chapter of the Book of Matthew, the question is asked of the Disciples: “„Who do men say that the Son of Man is?‟ and they answered, „Some say John the Baptist come again, others say Jeremiah or one of the prophets, others say Elijah.‟ And then he said to them, „But who do you say that I am?‟” [Matthew 16:13-15]
So here He equates the Son of Man with I AM. It is the one title that is most used concerning Jesus in Scripture. We find it in Ezekiel throughout the entire book, and the 7th chapter of the Book of Daniel, we hear “one like a son of man, and he came to the Ancient of Days and was presented before him. And to him is given dominion and glory and kingdom.” [Daniel 7:13].
Dominion is supremacy in determining and deciding and directing the actions of others. It is really ascendancy over human and unhuman forces, such as assures being obeyed.
Now, let me give you an experience of mine that you may taste of this power that is in store for you. You will only taste of it before you have complete possession of it. You may not get complete possession of it until you are completely permeated with Love, or you can wreck the world. This is the Power. You will come upon a scene like this:
To give you my own experience, I came upon a scene that I felt to be about two hundred years ago in the New England States of our Country. Somehow I thought it was a Sunday afternoon, and they were all dining. My attention was attracted to a family of four: the father, mother and what appeared to be their two sons in the early 20‘s – say, 21 and 22 or 21 and 23. As I stood watching them, I felt within myself that I could stop an activity that I was feeling, and that if I succeeded in arresting this activity within me, everything would stand still. Well, I did it. I arrested an activity within me, and everything stood still. A bird was flying and it flew not. The waiter was coming in with the next course, and she walked not. They were dining; and one, as I looked at him, he had the soup spoon just about here (indicating a spoon approaching the mouth) and he couldn‘t bring it any further. He dined not. The leaves falling, like the Fall of the year, and they fell not. The grass was waving, and it waved not. Everything was frozen, as though made of clay. I looked at them, and one second before they were all alive and seemingly independent of my perception of them; and now I knew they were not – that the whole vast world was dependent upon an activity that took place within me, of which I was totally unaware until that moment.

When I released that activity within me, they all continued to fulfill their intentions. The bird flew to the branch where it intended. The waitress continued walking towards the table where she would serve the second course; and the leaves began to fall to the earth, and the little green grass waving continued to wave, and the boy brought the soup to this mouth. Everything continued as it intended to when I stopped it. I know now that I could have changed their intention; and had I changed their intention and then released it, they would have thought they had initiated the change, and they would have done exactly what I had ordered. That is dominion – complete control over the actions of others so that they must obey you. What enormous power is in store for man when man awakens from the dream of life! That‘s dominion.
Then comes glory. Well, ―glory‖ in the Bible is equated with God. “I will make my glory to pass before you,” [Exodus 33:19], and “…as I pass….” [Exodus 33:22]. There He equates ―glory‖ with ―I‖, so He gives Himself to you – actually, literally gives Himself to you, so that you become God!
And the kingdom. What is a kingdom but a realm, subject to an anarchical form of government by a king? Therefore, you become the king as spoken of in Scripture. This is in store for every child born of woman. That One, in scripture, is called the ―Son of Man.‖ We speak of Him in Scripture as the Lord Jesus. The Lord Jesus is in everyone, and that One, one day, will awaken as the one in whom He awakes; and then you will have dominion, and then you will have glory, and then you will have the kingdom. That‘s what is in store for everyone in the world.

Not a thing in this world will die, but that which has no right to live. Only that which has no right to exist will be brought to an end, and it is not any child born of woman. Any child born of woman has a right to live, a right to exist; so I show you now – or tell you rather – what must die, what must be brought to an end.
One day you are going to have this experience. You will suddenly be confronted, in vision, with the most monstrous thing that you have seen. It‘s an animal, but it speaks. It speaks in a guttural voice. You will see two: a beautiful angelic being, radiantly beautiful, and this monstrous thing covered with hair. In fact, I would not offend the gorilla by likening it to a gorilla, for a gorilla is made by God. But this is made by man. You will confront these two: one, the embodiment of all your misused energies in the world, every unlovely thought formed it. Every violent act of yours formed it, and it thrives on violence.

As I looked at it, I did not realize at the moment that I had created it, and it called this lovely angelic being ―Mother;‖ and I struck it, and it gloated. It loved being struck! And I pummeled it, and it grew bigger and stronger through my violence. And as I looked at it, something within me knew that I was the father of it. I brought it into being by my own violence, my own misused of energy, as I brought this glorious being into being by my loving use of the same energy. As I looked at it, I pledged myself that if it took me eternity I would redeem it.
I had no one to whom I could turn as a witness to my pledge. I pledged myself to redeem it if it took me eternity. At that very moment of my pledge, which I meant beyond all doubt, the whole thing melted before my eyes, and all the energy that went into it returned to me. Not one little drop was lost. It all came back to me, the one who misused that energy and formed this monstrous thing out of my misused energy. And this other one glowed – glowed like the sun. She simply personified my loving use of the same energy.

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