Neville Goddard Lecture, Sons Of The Most High

Sons Of The Most High

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President Hoover, a man who began his life here on earth in the state of poverty, yet rose to the highest office in our land made this statement at a convention in San Francisco: “Human history, with its forms of governments, its revolutions, its wars, and in fact the rise and fall of nations, could be written in terms of the rise and fall of ideas implanted in the mind of men.” We are told in the 8th chapter of Nehemiah that Ezra read from the Book, from the law of God with interpretation, so that the people understood the reading. It is my hope that I can interpret the words of President Hoover and the meaning behind the words from the Epistle of John so that you may understand their meaning. The words are these: “I am from above; you are from below. You are of this world; I am not of this world. Now I say to you, unless you believe that I am he you will die in your sins.” To sin means to miss the mark, so what he is saying is that unless you believe you already are what you want to be, you will never be it. Would you like to be secure? Then say to yourself and yourself alone: ‘Unless I believe I am secure I will die in my sins.

 I will continue to believe I am insecure; thereby missing my goal in life.’ Unless you can believe ‘I am secure,’ even though there is not one thing to support it, you will die in your sin and never feel secure, for the name of God is I AM and besides I AM there is no other. Imagination (I Am) is from above. Imagination is not of this world and nothing is impossible to imagine! That is the story of scripture. In the beginning, Imagination (God) said to us: “You are my creative power and we are one. You are sons of the Most High, all of you; nevertheless, you will die like men and fall as one man, O princes. This, you will do because you cannot believe you are all imagination.” Then he set up a pattern that we could believe in, and the pattern is this: God the Father has one Son, whose name is David. Find David and you will know God to be yourself! Now, I did not know that I am the Father of David, and you did not know that you were the Father of David, or that we were one; so we descended and became the son of Man to fulfill scripture, for “No one can ascend into heaven but he who descended from heaven, the son of Man who is in heaven.” Descending to prove a prophecy, you are truly sons of God and you and I are one. Having no feeling that we were one or that we were the Father of David, we had to descend in consciousness into this world in order to discover and believe: I am he who is God the Father of David. So I descend and then I ascend in the same manner that Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness. As the Son of God I descended to become the Son of Man, to ascend as God himself.

And so it is in this wonderful world of ours; as ideas implant themselves in the mind of men do our nations rise and fall. We descended in consciousness and we have gone through all of the fires of hell. But one by one we will rise to discover we really are God, the Father of his only begotten Son. How can I ever convince you of this while speaking on this level where there is such division, yet I tell you we truly are one. We fell into division for one purpose and that is to rise into unity, into the oneness that is God. Everyone will know that consciousness; but while we are here we can prove President Hoover’s statement, that the rise and fall of ideas will determine the environment in which the individual lives. So I say to you: name what you want to be and become so conscious of being it, you believe “I am he,” for if you are not consciously saying: “I am he,” you are missing your mark. Unless you feel you are the man (or woman) that you want to be and persist in that assumption, you are not going to reach your goal. Your assumption may be for earthly things, but I urge you to persist in the assumption that you are God until your very breath proclaims: “I am he!” The world may tell you that you are crazy, but I am telling you from experience that you’ve got to feel you are God in order to know who God is! God’s story begins in the Old Testament and comes to its fruition in the New. The story is told of Jacob, who comes into a place at night, and using a stone for a pillow he falls asleep and dreams of a stairway leading up to heaven, with the gods [sic] ascending and descending as God stands above.

Then he awakens and says: “Behold, this is the place of God and I did not know it.” Tonight when you go to bed, you lay your head upon a pillow and God (Imagination) rests upon your skull, for that is the stone, the place of God where he dreams of the staircase leading up to heaven – the same God who said: “I am the Lord, the God of your father Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” The story continues as Jacob, now awake, takes the stone (awareness now individualized) and anointing it, he builds the temple of the Lord. That temple you are. God, the Father of all life is in you! Being all imagination, your true name is I AM, and besides you there is no other God. So I tell you: unless you believe “I am he,” you will die in your sins in the sense that you will continue missing the mark. You must assume that you are now the man (the woman) you want to be and persist in that assumption, for there is no other way for you to be it, as there is only God in this world. The story recorded in the Old Testament lays the foundation of which the New Testament is its fulfillment, but “Even to this day when Moses is read a veil is over their minds and they cannot understand it.” When the mind is veiled, one cannot understand that the God spoken of by the prophets is imagination; but I tell you: at night when you go to bed God is dreaming, and when you awake in the morning he is still dreaming your world into being. But one day you will awaken in your skull (the stone that God anointed). You will fall upon it and say: “Behold, this is the place of God and I did not know it.” Tonight when you put your head on that rock may you dream that you are now contributing to the good of the world and awakening everyone you touch. That you are fulfilling the eternal story as told us in the Old Testament.

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