Neville Goddard Lecture, No Other Foundation 1969

No Other Foundation 1969

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In Paul’s 1st letter to the Corinthians he said: “No other foundation can anyone lay then that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.” And in his 2nd letter he asked: “Do you not realize that Jesus Christ is in you?” Now I ask you: who is this Jesus Christ who is in you? He is your own wonderful human imagination – the foundation stone of your world! Your dreams create your world, and the dreamer dreaming those dreams, is your human imagination scripture calls Jesus Christ. You may think of Jesus as someone other than yourself, someone separate and apart from you, but I tell you, Jesus Christ is in you as your wonderful human imagination. He is the dreamer, the foundation of your day as well as your night dreams. You may not be able to write a letter, paint a picture, or carry a tune, but you can dream because Jesus Christ is in you. Now let me take you into the greatest story ever told man. It is the story of the Lord Jehovah, the being you really are. The Bible is your autobiography.

You dictated it, recorded it, then came into the world to fulfill it – and you will! People are forever looking for the coming of Christ, but he cannot come from without, for Jesus Christ is already within! He comes when the dreamer in you awakens and the dream comes to its end. As the dreamer awakens, you awaken by a series of events which were predetermined before the world was. Let man speculate as to the age of the earth, the moon, and all the things round about him. That’s perfectly all right; it’s part of the dream, too. But when your individual dream comes to its end you – its dreamer – will find yourself awakening within your skull, the skull where Jesus was buried. You will come out of that skull, fulfilling Peter’s words: “You are born again through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.” Now, no one here thinks he is dead. We think those who depart this scene are dead, while we are very much alive; but I tell you: those who appear to be dead are no more dead than an actor who leaves the stage. Rather, they are restored to life in a world just like this, to continue their dream just as you and I continue it here. They have a body just like the one they left behind, only young – about twenty, where they can continue their dream until the dreamer in them awakes by a series of events which take place in them. The series begins with a peculiar awakening within yourself to discover you are in your skull, the skull where you were entombed. Then you come out of that sepulcher to find the symbolism described in scripture surrounding you.

You do not bring forth a child; the child you find merely symbolizes your birth, for you are born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God, to discover that you are the dreamer who – having foretold exactly what would happen, in symbolism – awoke from the dream of life.Those who are not awake will continue to fight shadows in this world, for everything here is imagination made visible. Shelley once said: “He has awakened from the dream of life. ‘Tis we who, lost in stormy visions, Fight with phantoms and unprofitable strife.” Those who are fighting against the establishment do not realize that they are fighting against the objectified images of their own mind. But the day will come when he who is dreaming his world into being, will awake within himself to know he is its foundation, the one the Bible calls Jesus. The words “Jesus” and “Joshua” mean “Jehovah, the Lord’s salvation.” A man is saved from his dream by returning to the state he occupied before the dream began. When Jesus told those who were listening to him that he came down from heaven, they could not understand his words, for they knew his physical father and mother, his physical brothers and sisters. Seeing only the outer man, they thought he had a demon and was mad. Man is looking for a savior to change the establishment and society in the outside world when it is but a reflection of a dream whose reality lies deep within him. A savior will never be found in the midst of shadows. He will only be found when he who laid himself down within the individual man awakens in a wonderful series of events.

Everything said of Jesus Christ in scripture is said of you, for you are the dreamer, and the world is your dream pushed out. Fight with it if you will. Do as you like, but you will not awaken until the dream is finished. Then you will awaken to discover that you are its dreamer and creator. There is nothing but your wonderful human imagination! There is no other God. There is no other Jesus Christ. There is no other Lord. Your human imagination is the God of scripture. This I know from experience. The series of events which will take place at your awakening begins with your resurrection. You will not resurrect from any cemetery, for every cemetery is conceived by dreaming man who desires to make money. There is no holy ground outside of where you stand, for the holy sepulcher is the human skull. That is where God is buried; and one day, when your dream is complete, you will awaken, not to find yourself in a world you like or dislike, but within your skull which is completely sealed, like an egg whose seal must be broken from within. This you will do, and coming out of that skull, you will know yourself to be the same being you were when you retired the night before. There will be no change of identity, but the symbolism of scripture will be there. You will find the infant wrapped in swaddling clothes, whose birth will be witnessed by three others. Two, taking the child literally, will deny that you could bring it forth; but one witness will find the evidence and present it to you, the being who awakened from the dream of life. You will take that infant in your arms, and as you speak to it endearingly the vision will dissolve

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