Neville Goddard Lecture, He Is Dreaming Now (2)

He Is Dreaming Now (2)

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Tonight’s subject is: ―He is Dreaming Now. The Bible begins, as far as man is concerned: ―And the Lord God caused a great deep sleep to fall upon man, and he slept. And then the Lord God formed woman out of man, and then he told man that he must leave everything and cleave to his wife until they become one‖ − one body, one spirit, just one. That is the beginning of our story. In Lewis Carroll’s book, Alice Through The Looking Glass, all these great writers take the same theme; all the great poets, they do it. And here we find this one little…well, a little dialogue: ―Come and look at him,‖ the brothers cried. And they each took one hand of Alice and led her up to where the King was sleeping. ―He is dreaming now,‖ said Tweedle Dee. ―And what do you think he is dreaming about?‖ Alice said: ―No one can guess that.‖ ―Why, about you!‖ said Tweedle Dee, triumphantly. ―And if he left off dreaming about you, where do you suppose you would be?‖ Where would you be when you are the creation of the King who is dreaming, if he dared to leave off dreaming about you until he completed his purpose?

For the Lord God has sworn: ―As I have planned so shall it be and as I have purposed so shall it stand.‖ ―And My will shall not turn back until I have executed and accomplished the intents of My mind. In the latter days you will understand it clearly.‖ What is his purpose? ―He has made known unto us the mystery of His Will, according to His purpose which He set forth in Christ as a plan for the fullness of time.‖ So what is this plan; what is this purpose? His plan − He is so in love with His creation that exists only for Him and not for itself; like an author − the play and all the characters they exist only for the author. They have no existence outside of the author. But He so loves His creation, He wants the creation to exist for itself. And there is only one way that it can exist for itself, for now it only is an animated body, the whole vast creation and He desires that it cease to be the poem existing only for Himself, but to exist for itself. And there is only one day and one way that He can do it. He can do it only by dying and becoming His poem. Only as He dies and becomes you, will you live for yourself. ―So unless I die,‖ said He, ―thou canst not live. But if I die I shall arise again and thou with Me.‖ So God dies − actually dies, and becomes His poem; He becomes you. And now you must dream the dream of death as he dreams it. The poets speak of it as ―the dream of life.‖ I rather go with Blake and say: ―My Emanation yet my Wife till the sleep of Death is over.‖ Shelley calls it ―the dream of life” He hath awaken‘d from the dream of life; ‘Tis we, who lost in stormy visions, keep With phantoms an unprofitable strife But I will go with Blake. They are all great, but this is the dream of death where everything comes into being. It appears, it waxes, it wanes, and it vanishes. When the dream is over, man, individually, will awake. And when he awakes he is the dreamer that is God the creator. Now, think of Alice and put yourself in the place of Alice −Alice Through The Looking Glass, the most fantastic play. And you are Alice, and he is telling you what he is going to do. Well, you weep because he is going to die that you may live. You don’t want that sacrifice, but he tells you: ―Unless I die thou canst not live,‖ then he makes you a promise: ―But if I die I shall arise again and thou with me.‖ He makes that promise.

Well, how would Alice know that this gift of God to herself, the great King who is dreaming, is complete? He tells Alice that He has a son, a glorious son, a youth just like Alice. He’s not more than a teenager − twelve, thirteen, very fair, beautiful eyes, and beyond the measure of beauty. That’s his son. Then He tells Alice that you are going to have a son. And Alice tells him: ―But how can this be, seeing I know not a man? I know no man.‖ Then he tells her: ―The Holy Spirit will overshadow you and the son to be born of you will be called Holy, the Son of God. His name will be David,‖ he tells Alice, ―it will be David.‖ And now we’ll continue the dream. And so he continues the dream with Alice, sharing with Alice all the horrors of the world. He puts her through all the furnaces, because he has to if she is going to bear his name. ―I have tried you in the furnaces of affliction, for my own sake, for my own sake I do it. For how should my name be profaned, my glory I will not give to another.‖ So he takes Alice through all the horrors of the world and then in the end, instead of thinking of Alice, He thinks from Alice. I can think of you forever and forever and you are but shadows within my mind, flat surfaces depicting that which I would like you to be. But you are not that which I would like you to be until I die and live in you and turn you into a reality. How different the cubic reality is from the ―dimension,‖ that is, the flat surface that depicts it. So Alice is simply within the imagination of the divine Imagination: only a flat surface, moving because He observes her. He animates her by being aware of her. But He so loves her, he will not let her go. He leaves everything and cleaves to Alice until he enters Alice and dwells within her and thinks from Alice, instead of thinking of Alice. And then one day He awakes within Alice and Alice discovers she is the King that was dreaming.

And then He brings confirmation of his gift and His promise to her. One day there is an explosion within Alice, and Alice sees standing before her this youth that He described, which was a boy − a handsome boy with beautiful eyes, ruddy, and fair of skin, and he stands before Alice and calls Alice: ―My Father.‖ And Alice doesn’t feel strange about it, although she’s Alice, a girl, she doesn’t feel strange that she is the parent of this wonderful son, who is the King’s son. And the King had told her in the beginning: ―That’s how I will prove to you that I will die and rise in you. I will give you myself and the only way I could ever give you myself is to give you my most precious possession; and my most priceless possession is my son David

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