Neville Goddard Lecture, He Dreams In Me

He Dreams In Me

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The Old Testament calls upon God to awake, saying: “Rouse thyself! Why sleepest thou, O Lord? Awake! Do not cast us off forever! Having hurled Himself into time/space, God is dreaming he is man and sees Himself as enslaved and cast off. But in the New Testament, God succeeds in awakening in man, and in the Book of Ephesians calls upon man to “Awake and rise from the dead and Christ will give you life.” Tonight I will take the two and try to show you who this presence really is. Your own wonderful human imagination is God. It is your imagination who is calling upon you to awake, for you are all imagination and God is you and you in Him. Your external body is the imagination, and that is God Himself. Let me begin by telling you what happened to me last Tuesday morning. Early in the morning, desiring to check the time I switched on the television to the “Today Show.” Hugh Downs, the master of ceremonies, having been giving a cue to ad-lib for the next thirty seconds or so, said: “Let me tell you of a dream I once had. In the dream I was viewing a tape of one of my shows, when I said to the producer: ‘Do you know, I don’t remember having seen any of these people,’ and the producer replied: ‘That’s understandable, for this show is to be taped next Friday.’ When the following Friday arrived, the show I had dreamed of only a few days before was taped.” In his dream, Hugh Downs merged with the future and lived an experience he did not remember. Now, let me tell you [of] one who merged with the past and lived an experience of long ago. The lady writes: “I am seventy-two years old. In my dream I am a ten-year-old girl, asking my father to write in my autograph book.

Having memorized a verse I wanted him to write, I dedicated it to him as he recorded it in my book. Then the dream ended. Although I could not remember the poem prior to the dream, upon awakening I recalled every word in detail. A few days later, while visiting my daughter I told her of the dream; and when I recited the poem my daughter went to her library and – removing an old autograph book I had given her many years before – turned to the page where the verse was autographed by my third grade teacher.” Returning sixty-two years, this lady merged with a fact and remembered an experience of long ago. The she told me of a little boy of four, who – living next door – comes to see her often. One day he told her he had always known her and that there would never be a time when they did not know each other. Describing an incident of long ago, he looked out of the window and said: “Do you see that bush? As many leaves as are on that bush are the years, and I will know you when my head grows and reaches the sky.” Then one day he told her he had a dream that everything was nothing Modern man now concludes that the entire history of the world is laid out, and we only become aware of increasing portions of it successively. That you can merge with a section of the beginning or future relative to this moment, and experience that portion of history. How can that be? Because you are now merged with a dream. Awakening in the morning, you think you had a wonderful dream last night; yet while you were dreaming, the experience was a reality. Awake, the dream becomes subjective.

Why? Because you have once more merged with this section of time. While you are experiencing the dream, it is objective and real. If you would only realize that the depth of your own being (which is your human imagination) is trying to instruct you, trying to persuade you, to get you aroused, as my friend’s dream of the other night. Starting from the center God is working towards the surface, so it takes a while for Him to awaken and reach your surface mind. But while he is moving He is influencing your surface mind, and when He arrives you and He are no longer two, but one! You can tell when He is moving toward the surface, for He begins to question the reality of the world in which he lives. If a lady can return and so merge with the past that she can relive an experience of long ago in detail, and a man can advance into the future and interview those who will be taped the following Friday – where is the experience of the past and where is next Friday’s show? Is everything already finished and we simply tune in on certain states? Yes, for this is a dream which you can modify or radically change. In fact you are called upon to revise every day of your life and sometimes even to eradicate it. This is a world of death and everyone here is dead, dreaming the dream of life. In the beginning we all agreed to dream in concert and no one has ever violated that agreement. There are those, however, who would not agree to this cruel experiment, as told us in the 15th chapter of the Gospel of Luke in the form of the parable of the prodigal son. All through scripture you are told that God loves the second son. He loves Jacob and hates Esau. He loves Isaac and banishes Ishmael.

The second son – he who enters the world of death to become a slave, hungers, awakens, and – coming to his senses – remembers the Father who gave him birth. And when he returns the Father gives him the ring, the robe, and kills that fatted calf, for “Your brother was dead and is alive. He was lost and is found.” You and I, while living in this world of death are that second son, destined to awaken and remember the Father who gave us birth. Now let me share a vision of a lady. She said: “While gazing at the fish in our pond and thinking of nothing in particular I heard a masculine voice say: ‘You have run the race. You have fought the good fight.’ That night as I fell asleep I heard the voice again, but this time the pronoun was changed to: ‘I have run the race. I have fought the good fight. I have kept the faith.’ May I tell you: having had that experience, this lady is at the end of the journey. She has kept the faith made in the beginning.

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