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GOD’s Creative Power

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We are told in the Book of Exodus: “God said to Moses, „I AM the I AM. I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob as God Almighty, but by my name I AM I did not make myself known to them.‟” And if you read the 1st chapter, the 24th verse of 1 Corinthians, you will discover that the I AM (the creative power of God) is personified as Jesus Christ! Now you and I are called upon to find this creative power. The Christian world claims to believe in Christ, but they do not know him for he must be found. This challenge is given in scripture. “Examine yourselves to make sure you are holding to the faith. Test yourselves!” If you want to find Jesus Christ you must test yourself! Are you really convinced that Jesus Christ is in you? Have you tested him? If you have and are still not sure, then you have failed the test. Ask the highest leader of the Christian faith down to the lowest if he believes that Jesus Christ is in him, and if he is not convinced that the creative power of the universe is within and personalized as himself, then he has failed to meet the test regardless of what his man-made rank may be. You can attend all the churches in the world, give to the sick and poor on the outside, but if you do not know from experience that Jesus Christ is in you, you have failed the test.

 I tell you that Jesus Christ is your own wonderful human imagination, who is the eternal creative power of God. If you do not know that, you do not know Jesus Christ! You may say: “He is a person.” Well, you are a person, aren‟t you? Jesus Christ is God the Father and God the Father is Spirit, And those who worship him do so in Sprit through the art of feeling! I have imagined a state and seen it externalize itself and become a physical fact that I may share with another. This I have done unnumbered times and taught others to do it. So I have found him and know him to be the only creative power of the universe. Everything in your world which is now a fact to be shared with others was once only imagined. And if you know that Jesus Christ is the creative power that brings things into this world, that all things must be first imagined, then you have found him. Having found him, you must learn to trust him and live by this principle. Do this and you will find yourself moving into the stream of eternal life by fulfilling scripture and knowing that “All power in heaven and earth is given unto me.” The true meaning of power is “effectiveness in achieving a purpose.” Today as a nation we have the power of the atom bomb, but are not willing to use it because it is not our objective to wipe out cities; so where is the power that could bring about our purpose? Man does not know Jesus Christ, therefore he thinks there is power in nuclear energy, in money, in his intellectual or social position; but the only power is Jesus Christ who is the human Imagination! I was born and raised in a Christian environment, yet I did not learn this truth in Sunday school, in church, or at home.

I was taught to believe in a being outside of myself. Some person who was born two thousand years ago who was crucified on a wooden cross by people who did not believe he was the Son of God. This is the story my mother taught me as her mother had taught her. The story comes down this way, yet it is not the true story of scripture. I tell you a mystery: Christ in you is the hope of glory, for God, your human imagination became man that man may become God. This is a mystery that we are called upon to test, for the power that created the world became as you are, that you may know yourself to be all creative power, as He is! I did not receive this knowledge from a man. I did not read it in a book, nor did I ever hear of it from another. It was revealed to me that God, in man, is his own wonderful human imagination! Having no place to turn, or no one to turn to, I began to experiment; and as it proved itself in the testing, I found myself fulfilling scripture. Instead of another, I was playing the central role fulfilling the only belief! Then I began to tell it and those who heard and believed began to test themselves, and as they did, they moved into the mainstream and scripture fulfilled itself in them. We are told: “Remain in the city until you are clothed with power from on high.” Scripture personifies this fantastic power as Jesus Christ, but man is taught that Jesus Christ is some distinct individual outside of himself and turns to him to grant his wishes and respond to his prayers. Then one day man hears who Jesus Christ really is, and turning to no one on the outside, God reveals himself to that man as I AM. God said to Moses: “I made myself known unto Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob as God Almighty, but by my name I AM I did not make myself known to them.”

If God‟s name forever and forever is I AM, how can you look outside of self? You cannot point to another and say: “I AM.” You can observe this or do that, but you cannot point to another when you say:” I AM.” Having revealed himself as Almighty Power, then I AM, God‟s third revelation, is that of Father. And if God is a Father, he must have a Son. The world has been taught to believe that Jesus Christ is God‟s Son, but I know from revelation that Jesus Christ is God Himself. There is a son, however, as told us so clearly in the 2nd Psalm. That son is David, who says: “I will tell of the decree of the Lord. He said unto me, ‟Thou art my son, today I have begotten thee.‟” I tell you scripture does not record secular history, but supernatural history. Its message is sacred and hasn‟t a thing to do with anything that took place in a secular manner. Yesterday I read where someone in Ohio, who claimed he had traced his background back to David, died at the age of 84 or 85. Of all the nonsense of the world, if he meant it secularly. David is not a character of human history, but the eternal state one enters when he believes in God‟s power as his own imagination, exercises it, and enters the mainstream and awakens. Personifying God‟s creative power, David will stand before you and call you Father, revealing you to be one with your creative power.

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