Neville Goddard Lecture, Eschatology-The Drama of the End

Eschatology – The Drama of the End

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The word “disciple” means “learner”, and anyone who hears God’s pattern of salvation from one who has experienced it and believes, hungering to learn more, is a disciple. Tradition tells us Peter, James, and John were disciples. No, you are a disciple if you believe my words! Now, when I speak of Jesus, I am speaking of the pattern man, for “He has made known unto me the purpose of his will which he set forth in Christ as a plan (a pattern) for the fullness of time.” That pattern has unfolded in me and I can tell you from experience: Jesus Christ is the unfoldment of the Father and the Son. If you believe me, you are my disciples. Now, I have a few perfectly marvelous eschatological dreams to share with you. Here is an experience of one who heard and believes. This is his dream: He said: “You were on the platform, teaching. Although you smiled at me there was great intensity in your eyes. Taking a golden arrow from your side, you placed it in your bow and shot it directly at me. As it came toward me I could read the word, “resurrection” imprinted upon it as it penetrated my forehead.

Then you shot a second arrow, which read “David” and it penetrated my chest. The third arrow carried the word “ascension” and it penetrated my belly, touching my spine. The fourth arrow carried no word, only a white dove, and as it hit me I felt as though every pore of my body had been struck. I have never known such ecstasy of love before. I felt like a spiritual fountain of pure, pure love.” “The following night in a dream, a man I have never seen approached me. Radiating love he said: ‘I am preparing a great feast and I will come on the seventeenth to take you with me.’” Now this could literally mean the seventeenth, but in symbolism seventeen is a marvelous number. In Hebrew you do not write the number seventeen as “one-seven,” but “seven-ten,” denoting greater importance. This number first appears in the 37th chapter of Genesis as “Joseph was seventeen years old.” Then in the 47th chapter of Genesis, Joseph and his father are taught by Jacob [sic] for seventeen years. So seventeen, denoting a combination of seven and ten, is broken down to read: seven – as spiritual perfection, and ten – as order perfection. In this gentleman’s preceding vision the order was perfect, beginning with resurrection, then David, the ascension, and finally the dove who smothered him with love. Here is order perfection and spiritual perfection! I can say to him tonight: the arrows have penetrated you and nothing can stop them from reaching their destiny in the world beyond the world of dreams.

You are a complete being now, as the pattern is buried in you; and in the not-distant future Jesus Christ, the pattern man, will unfold from within. Now, the earliest gospel begins with these words: “The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ.” The world “gospel” means “good news”, not “good advice.” So the gospel is “The beginning of the good news of Jesus Christ,” the good news of how God actually becomes Man that Man may become God. That’s the good news I share with all Here is another dream: This lady found herself walking with members of the group who attend these lectures. Coming towards them were groups of people moving as though being conveyed by a power not their own. The first group was dressed in black with shawls covering their heads. They seemed to be a mournful group with many of them crying. They appeared to be Catholic to her. The next group wore stern, uncompromising faces. Representing religious fundamentalists, they were self-righteous and without compassion. They were followed by a friendly group of men and women, animated, smiling, and asking questions, as seekers often do. When questioned by this group, the lady said: “You will find who you really are and who God really is, and when you do you will know it is all here.” And with that remark she extended her right index finger and pointed to her forehead. Then she ran to join the group as she awoke. In the earliest gospel you will discover that the turning point is repentance. The very first words spoken by the pattern man are: “The time is fulfilled and the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe in the gospel.” Believe the good news that you have heard from me. To repent is to radically change your mind. Regardless of what you believe, when God’s pattern of salvation is presented, can you accept it? Can you completely turn from the belief in a physical Christ on the outside, to the belief in a man of spirit on the inside? Or are you like the foolish Galatians, before whose eyes Jesus Christ was publicly portrayed as crucified?

Do you know what the word “portray” means? “To make a picture of; to describe in words; to play a part like a drama on the stage.” Jesus Christ was portrayed as crucified; so “Let me ask you only this, did you receive the Spirit by the works of the law, or by hearing with faith? Are you so foolish having received the Spirit, are you now ending with the flesh?” Repentance is turning around from the belief of a fleshly being called Jesus Christ, to the spirit that is Christ, the pattern man who is trying to awaken in you. Turn around by exercising your right to change your mind. Dare to believe the opposite, in spite of the facts that seem to be screaming at you. This is what I call “revision” and the Bible calls “repentance”. To revise is to repeal and if you have repealed a thing you have changed it. You can modify your concept of Christ and not completely change it by holding onto a little bit of the physical nature; but eventually you will drop it and turn around to start moving upward with the spiritual Christ, as the pattern which must unfold in all, unfolds in you. Now here is another dream. This lady writes: “In my dream I am at a neighbor’s house which is filled with numerous people. Suddenly realizing it is my responsibility to feed them all, as I extend my hands everyone is fed. Feeling detached and no longer a part of the group, I depart to discover a shovel, a pitchfork, and a rake have been placed in front of my house. Entering the house I find a friend there whose husband has been dead for many years. Smiling at me, she says: ‘My husband wants to see you.’ Going to the window and looking out I watch my friend’s husband, wearing a uniform of either a general or a colonel, bring the most beautiful white horse I have ever seen into my house.” (The only one who rides a white horse in scripture is the Word of God called Jesus Christ. The white horse is hers, for she has the implements used to care for one: a shovel, a pitchfork and a rake.)

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