Neville Goddard Lecture, An Assured Understanding

An Assured Understanding

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In Pauls letter to the Colossians, he said: “I strive for you to have the riches of an assured understanding and the knowledge of God‟s mystery of Christ.” Now, you may think there is no mystery to Christ and believe – as any Christian believes – that Christ is Jesus, the son of God; but Paul doesn‟t state that. What Paul is trying to do is change your fixed ideas of the past, in order for you to have the same assured understanding and knowledge of God‟s mystery of Christ that he has.
Paul tells us that Christ is our human life. Now, if you took all of your experiences throughout all of the generations and condensed them into a single youth, it would be David. It is he in whom the Christ-seed flows. This is the same David who was anointed by the Lord and told that he would bring forth a son who would become the Lord‟s son, being one with the Lord. In other words, David will bring forth a being who is his Father. That is the mystery.

Housed in you, a human being, is the Christ-seed, which will bud and flower into fulfillment as Jesus the Lord. Until David is formed in you, you can describe Christ in many ways, but “No one can say „Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Spirit.” This is true, for the Holy Spirit brings to your remembrance all that you were told in the beginning.
To understand this, let us look at the parable of the prodigal son. In the story, the one who remained at home complained, because when the son who entered the prodigal state returned, the father killed the fatted calf, and gave him the robe and ring. He was given shoes for his feet and much was made over him. Then the father said: “Son, all that is mine is yours. It is right that we should make merry and be glad for this your brother was dead and he is alive, he was lost and is found.”

May I tell you: before you entered this world of tribulation and death you were God the Father, but you did not know it. You had to come into this experience in order to know that the world is yours and all within it. And, since it is all the Father‟s, the only way you can know it is all yours is to become the Father. You could own the earth, but if you did not know everything in it was yours for the taking, you could die of starvation, not knowing how to appropriate it.

Before you came into this world you were, but you did not know that you were, so you were unaware of all that you owned. Leaving the awareness of being, you came here and became lost, as your consciousness wandered from state to state. But when your journey comes to its end, you will return to your heavenly awareness. Then the Father will embrace you and place his robe and ring of authority upon you. You will be given the fatted calf, which is a symbol of abundance. Shoes will be placed upon your feet to designate your freedom, for only slaves go without shoes. Then that which is personified as humanity will stand before you to reveal your Fatherhood.

This is not spelled out in the scriptures, but – as Blake said, (and he was quite the student of the scriptures): “That which can be made explicit to the idiot is not worth my care.” The prophets and the apostles wanted to rouse man‟s faculties to act. They did not spell everything out, so that man would dig and find the seed within himself.
Every child born of woman contains this incorruptible Christ-seed which possesses the power of self-expression and self-development. And every man is destined to mature and become his own father. If you come out of humanity, then humanity is your father; and if the symbol of humanity is David, and you come out of David, then he is your father – but not forever. Having planted the Christ-seed in humanity, in time it will bud and flower and bring to fulfillment all that was contained within it. And when humanity has done his job completely, you will look back to see David – he who fathered you in the world of time – standing before you and calling you Father. Then you will have matured, for you will have become your own father‟s Father. That is the mystery of Christ; for the Lord, speaking through his prophet Samuel, told you that when you are gathered together and lie down with your fathers, “I will raise up your son after you who shall come forth from your body. I will be his Father and he shall be my son.” Coming out of your body, he seems to be your son, but he is the one who is made to say: “My Father is he who you call God, for I know my Father, as he and I are one.”
Everyone will one day discover that he is God the Father, whose son is humanity, brought into focus as a single being called David. I hope you understand, as I cannot spell it out any clearer. I am telling you of my experiences of scripture. I am not manufacturing them, adding to, or speculating about them, but explaining scripture as clearly as I possibly can; for I, like Paul, strive for you, that you may have all the riches of an assured understanding and the knowledge of God‟s mystery of Christ.

The term, “God‟s mystery of Christ” is used to express both the human race and the individual who attained the ideal David represents. The human race certainly is not ideal. It is scattered and always at war, but when the race is finished, its experiences are brought together into one single, beautiful being. While humanity is scattered its beauty cannot be seen, but at the journey‟s end all of its horror is brought together and personified as a glorious youth called David, the son of God, who is God himself.
It was God who buried himself in humanity, and at the end God comes out of humanity. Coming out, he is humanity‟s son; but when David appears, he is God‟s son, revealing his father. When that Christ-seed blossoms and fruits in you, individually, you will share the fruit of your labor by telling everyone who will listen to you of the mystery of Christ.

You will notice in the prodigal son story that it was the second son who went out. It’s always the second son. Cain killed Abel, the second son. Isaac, Abraham‟s second son, was offered in sacrifice to the Lord. Then we are told that the Lord loved Jacob, the second son, and hated Esau. It is said that Judah fathered the twins of Tamar, who – when the first one came out – the midwife put a red string around its finger for identification; but when he pulled the hand back the second son, Perez, came out.

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