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Wonder Working Power

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You have within you a wonder working power! To understand this power, let us turn to the Book of Joshua, where we are told: “Wherever the sole of your foot shall tread, I have given you.” The Hebrew form of the word “Joshua” is Yad He Vav [corr. Yod Hey Vav Shin Hey, pron. Ye-ho-SHOO-ah] and means, “Jehovah saves”. So you see, Joshua is not promising another, but himself! Jehovah leads the dance of life. We are his dancers, yet his very self; for God and his eternal name is one I AM. There is no place you can go and not know that you are! You may suffer from amnesia and not know who you are or where you are, but you know that you are; so without voicing it you are saying I AM! That’s God. There is no place where God is not and there is nothing that God is not; for if there is something, it has to be God! Now, all things by a law divine in one another’s being mingle. If you will take the idea of inner penetration seriously, you will find its possibilities are staggering. Everything in this world penetrates your brain. You penetrate my brain just as I penetrate yours. My apartment is several miles from here. New York City is three thousand miles, and the place where I was born is five thousand miles away. I know they are there, but if I accept the thought of inner penetration then I believe they are also in my brain. If I desire to visit my island home in Barbados, but do not have the means or the time to go there, I can enter its image in my imagination by approaching it on the fiery chariot of my contemplative thought. I have done it. I do not use this wonder working power lightly anymore, because I know that after imagining, my desire fulfilled (although I may forget it) I will be compelled to experience it in this world of shadows. This wonder working power is to be used for anything you desire. It now penetrates your brain, and it is wherever you are. I know that Barbados is in the outer world, but I also know that I am all imagination. I know that God is Man and exists in us and we in Him; that the eternal body of Man is the Imagination, and that is God Himself. So if I – imagination – enter into an image I desire to occupy, no earthly power can stop that image from becoming an objective fact.

What is the secret that makes this wonder working power operate? Feeling! Reality is controlled by feeling, as told us in the 27th chapter of Genesis. The central character in this chapter is the state called Isaac, who has two sons – Esau and Jacob. Esau is clothed in objective reality, while Jacob wears subjective reality as longings, wishes, and desires. When Jacob disguised himself as an objective fact, Isaac said: “Come near that I may feel you to determine whether you are Esau or not.” And when he asked: “Are you really Esau?” Jacob answered, “I am.”Put yourself into a subjective state. Then feel the objectivity of the state by giving it sensory vividness and tones of reality. Then deceive yourself into believing that the image into which you have entered is now objectively real. Do that, and you have entered the state called Isaac. And we are told that when Isaac once more saw his objective world, Esau returned and Jacob disappeared. Then he realized that he had been self-deceived, but could not take back the blessing given to the subjective state. Although your objective world denies the reality of what you have done in your imagination, that which you have subjectively assumed is on its way to supplant your objective world and become your Esau. You see, in life you are playing the part of Isaac with your two sons: Esau – your objective world, and Jacob – your subjective one. Your subjective world may seem to be clothed in unreality; but when you enter into its image in your imagination and clothe that image with feeling, your subjective desire takes on the tones of reality. This is how I do it: When I close my eyes this world is shut out and I, like Isaac, am blind to the outer world. Then I feel myself into the state of my desire. With my inner eye I see it all around me. I sense its solidity, and when my five senses are awakened I have the feeling of relief, knowing it is accomplished. When I open my physical eyes, Esau – my physical world – returns and tries to persuade me that what I did was unreal. But having done it time and time again, I know that my desire is moving towards its objective fulfillment.

This is what I mean by wonder working power. It is all within your own wonderful human imagination, for that is God. The promise to Joshua is God’s promise to himself, for there was no one to play the part that is so uniquely you, but God. Having conceived a play which existed only for him, God, the director and author, became the actor. His name is I am! Before I am known as John, Peter, man, or woman – I simply am! Clothing myself in what I would like to be, I am rich, poor, known, or unknown. Although my objective world denies the reality of what I have done, when I have felt the reality of my desired state, I have given it my blessing and cannot take it back. The moment that which was subjective becomes objectively real to you, you have given it your blessing and cannot take it back. Clothed in the feeling of insecurity, your outer world (Esau) reflects that feeling. But when you clothe yourself in the feeling of being rich, even though it is subjective, watch – for as insecurity will no longer have your blessing to remain alive, riches will supplant it. Every state of consciousness is within you, for everything is God made visible! And all things by a law divine in one another’s being mingle. The moon is remote in space, yet it penetrates your brain; therefore it is in your brain. I can’t take you with me to view the earth from the moon, but you can go there yourself. You can go to any point in space that you can conceive of, by just imagining you are already there.

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