Neville Goddard Lecture, Who Is The Real Messiah

Who Is The Real Messiah

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It is in us as persons that God is revealed. ―He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ,‖ [Philippians 1:6]. To say ―Jesus Christ‖ is the same as saying ―Jehovah‘s Messiah. Christ is Messiah.
This will not shock you because you have been coming – maybe all of you – for quite a while. It certainly would be a shock to the outer world to learn who Messiah is. But I am telling you from my own personal experience Who-He-Is. We are told in Scripture, ―He is the Son of God,‖ [Acts 9:20]. I am telling you tonight who the Son of God really is; and you will never in Eternity find another Son – not in Eternity!

You and I were taught as Christians that Jesus Christ differs – is something entirely different from that of the Old Testament. Yet he is made to say, ―I have come to fulfill Scripture,‖ [Matthew 5:17]. ―Scripture must be fulfilled in me,― [Luke 22:37]. ―Then beginning with Moses and the law and the prophets and the Psalms, he interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself, [Luke 24:27]. He came only to do the Will of God.
Now, in the 40th Psalm we are told:
―I delight to do Thy will, O God.Thy law is within my heart. [Psalm 40:8]
This is the Psalm of David. It‘s the 40th Psalm.
―I delight to do Thy will, O God.
In the 13th Chapter of the Book of Acts, by the same author that gave us the Book of Luke, we are told – and this is the Lord speaking: ―I have found in David, the son of Jesse, a man after my own heart who will do all my will,‖ [Acts 13:22], — confirming the 40th Psalm, which is the Psalm of David: ―I delight to do Thy will.‖
Well, I am telling you from my own experience, the day is coming – and I hope it‘s in the immediate present – that you will be set free. You‘ll be set free only as you find David. ―If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed,‖ [John 8:36]. Well, who are you? You are God the Father. That‘s Who-You-Are.
You came down and became man; but before you came down and became man, you had prepared a way for your Self to return, and only your ―son,‖ which is the result of your experiences in manhood – the result is David; and when you see the result of your experiences, and know then – like memory returning – Who-You-Are – you are set free as told us in the Book of Samuel: He has promised to set the father of the one destroying the enemy of Israel – to set that father free. So he inquired. But who inquired? The king. But the king was insane; his name was Saul. He couldn‘t even remember that he met the lad and met the father of the lad prior. Here in the 16th Chapter, he has asked the father of the lad to let the lad serve him. In the 17th Chapter he is inquiring: ―Whose son are you, young man?‖
―Inquire whose son – whose lad – the stripling is.

No one knows, because Saul is an insane man, as we are! You are not confined in some institution; but if you have lost your memory as to Who-You-Are, you are insane. You are suffering from amnesia. And in this case, although we are not violent, we are suffering from total amnesia, because we do not know our only ―son.‖ That only son is David, named in the New Testament as Jesus Christ, which is Jehovah‘s Messiah. And David is the Messiah. ―Rise and anoint him, for this is he, and then the spirit of the Lord came mightily upon David from that moment forward, [I Samuel 16:12, 13]. He never lost a battle, because the Spirit of the Lord was with him. But to find David, what else is worthwhile in this world?

Maybe tonight you could use, — and who cannot use, — a fortune? Any one of us tonight could use an extra sum of money, no matter what it is. If I had tonight millions, I could still use another few. If you had only a few thousand, you could use a few thousand more. Everyone can use it. But what is that, compared to the finding of the Son? ―If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed,‖ as told you in the 8th Chapter of John.
If the Son – and man is looking for the Son, and he is complacent – he is satisfied, because he has been taught to believe one called ―Jesus Christ,‖ born two thousand years ago is the Son. He has completely accepted that; he believes that, and he thinks that is going to set him free. It will not in Eternity set you free. You must find, in the spirit, David; and David, in this spirit, is going to call you‖Father.‖ And when he calls you ―Father,‖ your whole memory returns. And that is God-awakening!
You rise from the grave first, and still you do not know the Son. You are born from above, ―not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God,‖ [John 1:13] – born of your Self. You came out all by yourself. Yet, you are not free – not until you find the Son. And when you find him, it‘s told you in the form of a parable. ―For this your brother was dead, and is alive; he was lost, and he is found.‖ [Luke 15:32]

And the one who complained never left home. He remained in the land of Innocence; he never entered the world of Experience. You entered the world of Experience; and having gone through all the fires of this world, you come out as God the Father. To be a father, there must be a son; and the son, may I tell you? Is David. I will state it a thousand times over: there is no other son. ―God and His Son‖ is the drama in this world. You – sound asleep and completely oblivious as to Who-You-Are, suffering from total amnesia – only one thing in this world can ever bring back to you your memory, and that is the discovery of David. And when you find him, suddenly memory returns, and the whole thing unfolds within you. And you are the One who conceived the play, and did not pretend that you are man. You actually became as we are, that we may be as You Are. So you became man that man may become God! but prepared the way for your return to your own Godhood

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