Neville Goddard Lecture, The Pattern Man

The Pattern Man

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Tonight‘s subject is ―The Pattern Man. Paul, in his final letter to Timothy, — when he felt that he was about to depart this world, he wrote Timothy, and he said: ―Follow the pattern of the sound words which you have heard from me. Guard the truth which has been entrusted to you by the Holy Spirit who dwells within us.‖ [II Timothy 1:13, 14]
Paul‘s Letters were written twenty-odd years before any other part of the New Testament. The earliest Gospel is Mark; that came twenty-odd years after the Letters of Paul. It was in Paul that the entire story unfolded itself. Paul said: ―When it pleased God to reveal His Son in me, I did not confer with flesh and blood.‖ [Galatians 1:16,17] To whom would he turn? And he spent his last days, as told us in the Book of Acts, expounding the matter to them [Acts 28:23], ―trying to convince them about Jesus, then from the law of Moses and from the prophets. And some were convinced by what he said, while others disbelieved.‖ [Acts 28:23,24]

He found the Pattern. Like every one, we are looking for a man, — some strange being coming out of space to save humanity; and he was one of those who looked for a man. Then he found it was not a man, but a pattern that was buried in man; that God had prepared the way for His sons to return, and the ―way‖ is buried in man as a pattern.
When that pattern unfolded in man, then the one in whom it unfolds realized Who the Coming One really was.
If you take the 39 books of the Old Testament; although they are written across the centuries, they form one book, and events that are widely separated in time are welded into a pattern, and that pattern unfolds within the individual, forming what we call in Scripture ―Jesus. Jesus, then, is the pattern. I call Jesus the Pattern Man.
The first one to use the word ―Jesus‖ is Paul. The first one to use the word ―Christ is Paul. He speaks of Jesus Christ. Well, ―Jesus‖ has the same root as the word ―Jehovah,‖ — the Lord God Jehovah, the same root as that of Jesus; and the word ―Messiah and the word ―Christ are one and the same. So, when he speaks of Jesus Christ, he is speaking of the Lord God Jehovah and His Messiah.

Now, where did he find it in the Old Testament? In the Second Book of Samuel, the 7th chapter, we read these words: ―Go to my servant David, and say to David, ―When your days are fulfilled, and you lie down with your fathers, –‘‖ which is a euphemism for ―Death‖ — when you are dead and you are buried with your fathers, your forefathers, ―‗I will raise up your son after you, who will come forth from your body, . . . I will be his father, and he shall be my son.‘‖ [II Samuel [7:12,14J Here He tells David that He is going to raise up a son that will come forth from his body, and that He the Lord will be the father of that boy. That son will call Him ―Father.
Now, everyone was looking for the physical descent of someone called David, because they did not understand the great mystery of Scripture. David symbolizes Humanity. The whole vast world of man is symbolized as David, and he will raise up out of man That which will be the Son of God.
Well, you are a man. I am a man. Regardless of our sex, generically we are all Man, whether you be male or female; so, I will raise up out of Man a son that will come forth from his body, but I will be his father, not the man out of which he is raised! I, the Lord, will be his father.

Well, how on earth would you know this unless it happened to you? You can hear it from others, as they heard it from Paul, — as you are hearing it from me. In the early church Paul was known as the Apostle, — not just an apostle, but the Apostle, as though there were no others, because Paul — whoever Paul was; but Paul is that state that everyone must reach. When he reaches that state called ―Paul,‖ then it happens in him, and he is sent to tell it. So, he tells it, hoping to convince those who will listen to him, concerning this great mystery. ―And some were convinced by what they heard, while others disbelieved. [Acts 28:24] He used Scripture to persuade them. He showed them in Scripture what he really meant. As it unfolded in him, then he took Scripture, and this is what it meant. For in me something was raised, but it wasn‘t another; it was myself. I found myself buried in myself. When I rose in myself, I came out of this thing you call a man; so the son was raised out of man, which is David. Now, that which came out is my very Being! I came out.
And then in time — in the not-too-distant time after coming out, here I found Humanity personified as the David out of which I came. And Humanity then became my son, but I then was the Father. He simply raised up Himself out of Man. It was the Father who was buried in Man. He raises up out of Man Himself. So that man who was raised can say, I and my Father are one.‖ [John 10:30]
So, ―when you see Me, you see the Father,‖ for: ―I and my Father are one. [John 1O:3O] We are not two. First there is a father and then a son, and then it is David. — The whole of humanity personified will come out as David.
So, the pattern is buried in man, and God has prepared the way through that pattern for Himself to return. It was God Who came down into humanity. It is God who actually became as we are, that we may be as He is, because it is God who is buried in man.

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