Neville Goddard Lecture, The Living Word

The Living Word

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In all the revelations that await you, there is none so fundamental and so filled with ecstasy, as when you discover that the Bible is all about you. What joy will be yours, when the word of God as recorded in the books of Genesis to Revelation is revealed, and you – an individual – become the living Word and the interpreter of the Bible. The day is coming when you will discover that you are the one who was sent; that you are the Word of God who cannot return empty, but must accomplish that which God purposed, and prosper in the thing for which you were sent. I was thrilled beyond measure when I realized that I was the Word which became flesh. Now clad in a robe dipped in blood, I am (as you are) the Word of God, who was in the beginning with God and was God. I tell you: you were sent for a divine purpose, which is to fulfill – thereby making alive – the word we call scripture. There is no other purpose for being here. You did not come to be rich, famous, known, strong, or weak, but to fulfill this fantastic play in a living way. The word in the written form is dead. The letter kills, but the Spirit makes alive. You, all Spirit, are the living word which interprets the seeming dead letter.

You are destined to discover that the story of Jesus – from his conception by the Holy Spirit to his ascension into heaven – is a sign granted by God to those who will receive it. Today you may think of Jesus as someone external to yourself, and the Bible as records of events which took place thousands of years ago, recorded by prophets who were servants of a God unknown by you; but when the revelation unfolds within you, you will know you are the Word made flesh. You will discover that you are the Jesus of scripture, and will say within yourself: “I am Mary, and birth to Christ must give, if I in blessedness for now evermore would live,” as you bring forth yourself as the Word which was in the beginning with God and was God. One day you will see the entire Bible unfold within yourself – yet outwardly there will be no change. You will remain a little man (or woman), as you were prior to the unfolding of the Word within you; yet everything said of Jesus, the pattern man, you will experience in the first person, present tense. I, individually, have experienced everything said of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. Now I know that in the volume of the book it is written of me, and I can’t tell you the thrill that will be yours when it happens to you. Your concept of the world will change, as you know that no matter what a person achieves here, it means nothing. You will grant everyone’s wishes, knowing that no matter what their desires may be, they will fade into nothing. If they owned the earth and enslaved all, it would still be as nothing, for it will vanish like smoke or wear out like a garment.

But the individual, who is the Word, cannot and will not return void. The Word did not come to own the earth, but to fulfill scripture. Scripture must be fulfilled in every individual. I have interpreted scripture to you in all the things concerning myself. They were written of me and I have shared their meaning, from experience. We are the Word spoken by God; but remember: God Himself is the Word. The author of this play is playing all the parts, for there was no one else to play them. God had to actually become the actor in this drama called life, and he cannot return empty, but must and will play every part completely and perfectly. Then the final revelation will be played, and God – the Word – will unfold. Today people seem so shocked to discover that one of our judges has turned aside from his ethical code, yet what man can cast a stone? No one who has ever walked this earth can claim he is innocent of a similar experience, for scripture tells us that to want it, is to have committed the act. “You have heard it said, ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery,’ but I say unto you that anyone who lusts after a woman has already committed the act with her in his heart.” The drama of life is psychological, and everyone is guilty of lust for personal gain. Why should we be shocked and offended when we see injustice in high places? All of our officials are guilty, for – by example of those above them – they are encouraged to use their vocation for personal gain. This very night there are those earning a fortune, giving lectures on subjects they know nothing of, and the halls will be filled, because they have publicized themselves. Everyone wants to go see, touch, and hear, one who is known in the world of Caesar. When I brought out my first book in 1941, I went to see a man who was an agent for such speakers as Mrs. Roosevelt and Mr. Churchill. The gentleman explained to me that he could not sell me, because I was unknown. He told me that if I would go out and shoot someone and get off with lots of publicity, he could sell me night after night for hundreds of dollars. He said: “I could sell Mrs. Roosevelt every week for $1200 per lecture.

She is a mother of many children, yet I could sell her if her subject was: ‘What it feels like never to have known a man,’ for the public would come to hear and see Mrs. Roosevelt. Go out and get yourself publicized and I will sell you across the country, because I sell names.” Today someone in Congress will get up and make an outrageous statement. It will be carried on tonight’s television and tomorrow’s press, as they build up his name and he makes more money for them. This goes on over and over again in this world. But that is not the play, for the real play is sacred. It is written in scripture and the Book is sealed. Revelation breaks the seal, as that which was a dead word begins to unfold from within. You will not observe events taking place on the outside. There was never any physical virgin birth. You must be born from within. Now housed in your own wonderful skull – which is the Mary of scripture – it is from that Holy Mother that you must be born. As Mary, I gave birth to Christ; and now, forever in blessedness, I live and share my experiences with those who have not yet brought him forth – for the Word cannot return empty. It has to fulfill this pattern. Jesus is the pattern man, and no one can change that pattern. It begins with the resurrection, when God awakes and leaves his tomb. Three witnesses appear – three wise men – to see the sign as a child wrapped in swaddling clothes. As you fulfill this pattern, your awareness grows in wisdom and power, and you become a witness to the truth of scripture which, prior to your awakening, was never understood. Now, another act in the play is recorded as: “In the fullness of time he sends forth his son into the heart of man, crying ‘Father.’” This will happen to you as it did to me. God’s only son, David, called me “Father,” revealing my true identity to myself.

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