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The Creator

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You will find tonight to be a very practical and yet a very spiritual hour, for I am going to speak to you of the Creator. In Paul’s letter to the Romans he said: “All the invisible things of God are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made.” Man is called upon to look at the made, in order to discover the invisible God. How? By questioning himself. Look around you and try to remember when there was nothing to support your belief in the present, but you had a thought and dreamed a dream that one day you would have what is now yours. If you can remember, you have found the Creator to be your own wonderful human imagination. Could that be God? Now, in the very next verse Paul claims: “Although they knew God they did not honor him as God.” Having found the relationship between the things seen and the imaginal act, do you honor your imagination as God? Or do you turn to images resembling mortal man, birds, animals, or reptiles and believe that they are the cause because they seemed to aid in bringing your unseen act into being? If you turn and think something on the outside is the cause of your good fortune (or your misfortune) you are giving up the truth about God for a lie, and worshiping the thing created instead of the Creator. Rather, you should relate your outer world to an imaginal activity within.

 If you do not accept the fact that God is the cause of everything in your outer world, then you do not honor your imagination as God. Read this wonderful revelation in the 1st chapter of Paul’s letter to the Romans, verses 20 through 25. Stop for a moment and see if you cannot relate the world round about you to an imaginal act. Then honor your imagination as God. Do not continue to simply acknowledge that your thoughts create your reality, but accept those thoughts for what they are, and that is God in action. And do not give your creative power over to a mortal man, believing he was the cause of your good fortune (or misfortune). Man is God’s image – the created, and not your imagination – the Creator. The Bible begins on this note: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Here we see that God created the within, (for we are told that heaven is within and God is in his heaven) and he created the earth, which is without. How did God bring the earth into existence if it is on the outside and He is in heaven on the inside? By the act of movement: “The spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” Here we find that motion is the cause, that without motion it is impossible to bring forth anything. And how does God move?

Through the act of imagining. Now, motion can only be detected by a change relative to a fixed frame of reference. What would you do to move from where you are now and what you are now, to where you want to be? Would your friends see a change in you? Would your outside world look different? Take time to sort out your desire, and when it is clearly defined move in your imagination. How do you know you have moved? By mentally looking at your world and seeing its change. While sitting here in the Women’s Club in Los Angeles, you can put yourself on Union Square in San Francisco, where you will see the St. Francis Hotel. Turn around and look at the other side of the square. Then walk down Market Street, and as you look in the shop windows feel you are there by thinking of Los Angeles as 500 miles to the south. If you are seeing the familiar objects of San Francisco, and Los Angeles is 500 miles away, are you not there? Now, you can’t be double-minded. “Let not the man think he will receive anything from the Lord if he is double-minded, for he is nothing more than a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind.” If my desire is to be in San Francisco, I must sleep this night as though I were already there. And as I am falling off to sleep, I must think of the place which I formerly knew to be my home (which is Los Angeles) as 500 miles to the south of me. That is a motion, and without motion it is impossible to bring anything forward into this world. This is true of everything, for in the beginning God created the inner and the outer, then He moved and creation began.

Everything is within you and can be brought into being by this simple technique. Desiring to visit my family in Barbados, I slept in New York City as though I were in Barbados and thought of New York City as 2,000 miles to the north. Then I received a letter from my brother justifying the trip and enclosing a draft to cover my personal expenses. I had not written my brother to ask him for this money, but while I was physically sleeping in New York City and imagining myself in Barbados, my brother had the impulse to write and give me reasons why I should come home. I hadn’t been there in twelve years and the family needed me to complete the link. He justified his letter; justified the draft and justified the expenses he would incur, while I – without a nickel – simply imagined I was already in Barbados. I knew exactly what I had done, and I believe that all things are made by God and without him is not a thing made that is made; so I have found God to be my human imagination. Now, am I going to fall into the trap and not honor him as God but turn to an image resembling a human being and say he was the cause of my trip? Am I going to give credit to my brother who sent me the draft and notified the steamship company to issue me a ticket? Or am I going to remember the God that I discovered? This is what Paul is asking everyone who reads his letter. Having found God, are you going to honor him as God? Or are you going to exchange the truth about God for a lie? Nothing has ever happened to you that you did not set in motion in your imagination. I tell you: you can be anything you want to be, but when you voice your request, your desire must be genuine. You must so want it that you are willing to remain faithful to your change in position. You cannot assume you have your desire for one little moment and then return to your former state, for if you do you are a double-minded man and will not receive anything from the Lord (as told us in the Book of James). If you want to be successful in business, you can. I don’t care how many creditors you owe, or what the bank says you have; if you assume success and persist in that assumption you cannot fail. This is the law by which everyone lives.

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