Neville Goddard Lecture, Salvation History

Salvation History

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It is God’s purpose to give himself to you as though there were no other! And when He does, it will not be you and God, but you as God! Although it seems impossible for the God who created the universe and all within it, to give himself to one who is born in time and will die in time, it is true. Ask a devoted Christian who knows his Bible if he believes in Jesus Christ and thinks of him as the Lord; he will answer, Yes. Ask him if he believes that Jesus was referring to the creator of the universe, when he said: “I and my Father are one, and when you see me you have seen the Father,” and again he will agree. Do you believe that scripture is the word of God which is true and its truth cannot be broken? That Jesus said no one could enter the kingdom of heaven unless he was born from above, and he is in heaven now? Then Jesus had to have been born from above, would he not? Did he not say that he encountered David in the Spirit, at which time David called him “Lord”? And did not David say:

“I will tell the decree of the Lord, he said to me, ‘Thou art my son, today I have begotten thee.’ If David called him “Lord” in the New Testament, and the Lord called David “son” in the Old Testament, are they not father and son? Although year after year man has sacrificed the blood of an ox or lamb without changing his consciousness, Christ’s supreme sacrifice (as told us in the 10th chapter of Hebrews) is by splitting the curtain of his own body from top to bottom, and taking his own blood into the Holy of holies. And did not the Holy Spirit, who he knew to be himself, descend upon him in the form of a dove and remain there? Do you agree that a man’s history is made up of all of the events he has experienced? And if Jesus Christ has experienced everything I have mentioned, do they not constitute his history? And you agree he is the Lord? Then I say: only when salvation history invades time, will man really know the meaning of life, in time! As you walk in time, human history is yours; as you are born and die, restored to life you die, only to be restored and die again. Human history goes on forever, until salvation history invades time and becomes the individual’s autobiography.

And if the history of the Lord Jesus Christ becomes your history, are you not the Lord? In human history all things begin and end in time. Things appear, they wax, wane, and disappear, to pass through nature to eternity – until the history of salvation invades time and redeems the individual, allowing him to experience salvation history as his own. Salvation history, belonging only to eternity, takes God’s creative power up from eternal death (called time) to enter the kingdom of heaven and everlasting life. That’s how God – having become Man – raises the individual to the level of being God. Now, I did not ask these questions to test your knowledge of scripture, but to find another witness. That which is recorded in scripture is an external witness of my internal experience. Therefore, who am I other than the Lord Jesus Christ? This is my destiny, as it is yours. Although limited while I walk the earth, when this limitation is taken off I – who have found God to be my very self – will join that one body, one Spirit, one Lord, one God and Father of all. Having experienced the only history of salvation, I know I am He! Although this experience is uniquely mine, it is not exclusive. Everyone will have this invasion and experience the history of salvation, for that is how God gives himself to man, that man may become God. A man’s autobiography is his own personal history. When the autobiography of Jesus Christ was experienced as recorded in scripture, was it believed then? No, because the individual was known by those who heard his story. They knew him to be the carpenter’s son. They knew his brothers and sisters, and could not understand how he could claim to have come down from heaven. To claim God as his father, yet be one with him. But I tell you:

God invades time in order to fulfill his own prophecy, for the Old Testament prophesies all that man must experience in order to be redeemed. The New Testament then tells how the story of redemption takes place. How can an infinite being give himself to finite Man? (By Man I mean generic Man, male/female.) By fulfilling the history of salvation spelled out in the New Testament as the story of the life of Jesus Christ. It is recorded that his birth was from above. That he encountered the one whom the Lord declared to be his son, thereby establishing his Fatherhood. A son must have been fathered, or he could not be; and if you are a father, you must have a son. God the Father prophesied in the Second Psalm that David was his son. As that son, you experience the major events in the life of one called Jesus Christ, making the history of salvation your autobiography. Only then do you know that you and God the Father are one. Believe me, and salvation history will be yours. John tells us that those who heard salvation’s history and would not accept it, departed never to walk with him again. (John 6) Why? Because there were still things for them to experience in the world of time, sadness, and death. Every loving relationship will one day dissolve and vanish as one goes through the gate called death. The British Empire ruled for over three hundred years. Now only England is left, and it only the size of New York City. We are living in the day of the complete dissolution of the British Empire, seeing it dissolve right before our eyes Their literature and art will last, yet even that will have its day and vanish.

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