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When the Rev. Dr. Trusler criticized Blake, saying he needed someone to elucidate his ideas, Blake replied: “You ought to know that what is grand is necessarily obscure to the weak. You also ought to know that what can be made explicit to the idiot is not worth my care. The wisest of the Ancients considered what is not too explicit as fittest for instruction because it rouses the faculties to act. I name Moses, Solomon, Aesop, Homer, Plato.” Then he asked this question: “Why is the Bible more entertaining and instructive than any book? Is it not because it is addressed to the imagination which is spiritual sensation and only but immediately to the understanding or reason?” Tonight I will ask you a riddle based upon scripture and try to solve it for you. What is it that becomes its own grandson and vice versa? And how can the Divine Creator be my Father, yet my child? Now this riddle is not addressed to the reasonable and logical mind, but to the human imagination, as its answer must be revealed. Let us turn to the Book of Isaiah. In the 7th chapter we are told: “The Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold a maiden will conceive and bring forth a son and call his name Immanuel, which means God is in us.” (This is confirmed in the New Testament as: “The Kingdom of God is within.”)

Now, in the 9th chapter of Isaiah, we read: “Unto us a child is born and his name shall be called the Everlasting Father.” So what we, individualized, will bring forth as a sign, is a child whose name is Everlasting Father; therefore are we not bringing forth that which created us? Here we see the Everlasting Father and the child are one, for that is the child’s name. He is the Everlasting Father, the self-existent, ever-created being who created and sustains the universe, and we are told that we will bring him forth as our child. Now let us turn to the 11th chapter of Isaiah, where we read: “There shall come forth a shoot out of Jesse, a branch shall grow out of his roots and the branch will be the ruler of all.” The riddle’s solution can be found in the names. “Jesse” means “I AM”, which is the eternal, everlasting name of God. The shoot which comes out of Jesse is his son, David, and out of David comes a branch who is one with his grandfather. In the 20th chapter of the Book of Luke, the 43rd and 44th verses, this same riddle is asked but not answered: “How can the scribes say that the Christ is the son of David, when David, in the Spirit, calls him Lord?” Let me take these passages and put them together for you. The son is Immanuel, meaning “God is in us.”

His Father is David, the beloved, and his grandfather is Jesse, who is I AM, the Everlasting Father. Here we find three separate generations, as it were, yet the son is one with the grandfather  Now let us unriddle the riddle. David is called the beloved. He is the personification of all the generations of humanity, and their experiences. It is out of David that God begets himself, for the dream is nothing more than the reproduction of the Divine Imagination in the human imagination. There is not a thing in the world but God, who is reproducing himself in humanity. God (Divine Imagination) is wearing the masks of humanity in order to experience its horrors, so in that sense humanity is his son. And when the journey is over for the individualized God, his experiences fuse into a single youth, whom he recognizes as his son, David. Then out of David (humanity) comes which would be the grandson, who is one with the individual, now the grandfather. So the riddle is this: Who becomes his own grandson who becomes the grandfather? Divine imagination! Speaking of David, God the Father said: “I have found in David a man after my own heart who will do my will.” So God the Father, having begotten himself on humanity, causes humanity to do his will, for man is completely under the control of this supreme being. And while on Man, God begets his grandson, for Man his son and the child, Immanuel, his grandson.

So you see: the grandson and the grandfather are one, and you are that one. You are what you begot, and you are its begetter, for you come out as God the Father. Looking down on humanity personified as David who calls you Father, you realize that David brought forth you, his begetter; therefore you are the grandfather and the grandson. You, humanity, are that upon which the child is begotten. And when humanity gathers itself together into a single youth and personifies itself as David, he calls you Father, making you the grandfather, and Christ the grandson, one. I do not say that this is easy for you to grasp, but I am telling you it is true. A fantastic miracle takes place. It is truly the riddle of riddles. Now, the question is asked: “why do the wise men say that Christ is the son of David, when David in the Spirit called him Lord?” Christ is the child, the sign that God is in us, just as the Lord promised, saying: “This shall be a sign. A maiden will bring forth a son and she shall call his name Immanuel which means ‘God is in us.’ And when the Christ is born, he shall be known as the Everlasting Father. Therefore God, through humanity, begot his own grandchild. As human imagination, I am God’s son, but when he raises me to His level, I beget His grandchild. And when my son stands before me, I see David, the being out of which the Christ came. Therefore, who am I? I am the grandfather, the I AM who is one with the grandson (the human imagination).

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