Neville Goddard Lecture, Release Barabbas and Crucify Jesus

Release Barabbas and Crucify Jesus

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As you know, we feel that life should be a perpetual increase of the things you love! That, to me is the art of living. In man’s ability to live in the end, to live in the feeling of the wish fulfilled, lies man’s capacity to live the more abundant life. I do not care what your objective is; feeling that you have it is living a more, abundant life. First, tonight, let us turn to three who were awake, and by three I mean three men. The whole purpose of life is to awaken and join the chorus of awakened humanity, which is God. We will turn to a great poet, one who passed from this sphere only within the last two or three years, Walter de La Mare. “So flows experience, the vast without. It is the microcosm of the soul within, The day-distracted eye may doubt, But no longer as the dreams begin.” Think of it! This vast “without” is the microcosm of the soul within. The day-distracted eye cannot believe it, but you take this and expand it to the nth degree and see that the “vast without” is only the microcosm of the soul within.

How can man believe it? Now we will turn to the great bard – Shakespeare: Everything in the world is the projection of something that activated within myself. I meet a friend and I say that I love him and I see in him something that I would like to change. Everything in this world is the microcosm of this vastness in my own being. Everything in the world, “no matter what it is, all the so-called evil could be changed, would man, observing, distill it out.” If I knew this I could look at anything, any condition, as a scientist could look at bubbling mash, and know I could extract something from it that is good. Blake tells us: “He who does not imagine in stronger and broader lineaments, and in stronger and brighter light than his perishing and mortal eye can see, does not imagine at all.” This is in a way a parable. A parable is a story told to illustrate a truth. In Second Corinthians 3:6, in the letter which Paul writes to the Corinthians – these are not the people of Corinth. You are Corinthians, for these are stories of the mysteries, and so this is Corinth, so the letters are addressed to those who are interested in rising to another level of consciousness: “We are the ministers of a new covenant, not written in the code but in the spirit.” Now remember the teaching: “The letter killeth but the spirit giveth life.” So we are ministers of a new covenant. You be the judge, for I am not here to judge you.

 But if I came and whispered in your ear that you were harboring a robber, would you react violently? You be the judge, but I will tell you a story, in the code written in the form of a letter. This is the story of Jesus and Barabbas. Now it was the season of the year when it was customary to release a man who was imprisoned. “Whom will you have me release unto you? Barabbas or Jesus? And they cried, Release Barabbas! Crucify Jesus!” “And when the wife of Pilate said to him, will you do this thing? he washed his hands,” etc. Now you take that, and that is the code – but what does it really mean? That it took place, actually? We are warned of those who “depart from the truth,” and those who think that the resurrection has already taken place, they have wandered from the truth, for if it has already taken place then I cannot know the power that resurrects every dream in the world. The resurrection must be taking every moment in time in all men. The Passover does not take place at a certain time of year, like Easter. The Passover takes place every moment of the day, if we are willing to pass over into another state. There must always be a passing over from one state to a higher state. So, which will you have me release, the robber or Jesus? Which will you let go of, and to which will you hold fast? I must release the robber, for I am housing him. Who is he? If this moment you want something and reason tells you that you cannot have it, than you are entertaining the thief that robs you of being what you want to be in this world. This is the “son of Satan,” something in me that robs me of that other Son who will save me.

The thing that will save me from what I am, is Christ Jesus. And what is keeping you from what you want? That is Barabbas. So, they crucify Jesus; they fix the state desired. The whole drama takes place in you. You must release Barabbas and crucify the Lord. You must learn the art of doing it. I can tell it best now by telling a case history I have just received. This is what she told me: She had a neighbor, a woman who had been divorced for nineteen years, and who was up to her ears in debt. She worked hard but she could not get beyond a day-to-day existence. She could not afford a vacation, though she had one due. And in four weeks college was starting and her son wanted to go to college, and there was no means with which to send him. She had prayed over her problem, but she had got nowhere, and then she asked this lady who wrote the letter to pray for her. This lady explained to her this teaching that I am giving you here, and then she did what follows for her neighbor. She asked her first: what do you really want? Well, this woman had been divorced for nineteen years and she had lost her faith in men, but still she said that above all else she would like to be happily married and out of debt. Every night for a month this lady from the class here went to her neighbor’s house and talked with her and made her think of the qualities she most wanted in a husband: gentleness, kindness, tolerance, attentiveness, honesty, etc. All the qualities she felt a man should have she had to name over and over. And then the lady asked her: “Can you feel the embrace of such a man?” and the other lady said: “Yes, I think I can.” And then she did something else. She went through the marriage ceremony with her neighbor, the part of putting on the ring and hearing the words pronouncing the couple man and wife. And then she left her neighbor with the suggestion that she sleep in that state and promised her that she would do the same thing – that is, sleep in the state herself of having just seen her neighbor married.

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