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A god sent into the fires of experience is the only God upon whom to rely! Paul knew this truth and urged the Corinthians to ‘Examine yourselves. Test yourselves whether you are holding to the faith. Do you not realize that Jesus Christ is in you? Unless, of course you fail to meet the test.’ Speaking of the Lord Jesus Christ as being in you, Paul invites everyone to test him. How would you go about testing yourself? By determining your desire and believing you have received it! In the 12th chapter of Mark, Jesus is made to say: ‘Whatever you desire, believe you have received it and you will.’ Now, here is a condition placed upon you. You must believe! You must dare to assume you are what you want to be and believe in that assumption! Then, if Jesus has not lied to you, your assumption will harden into fact! Now, when you test Him, you, too must be faithful to the test. You have tested Him by giving Him a new model of yourself (or another) and he can’t be changing models every few minutes and produce anything but confusion! So you must assume the feeling of being the man (or woman) you want to be and having assumed it, you must remain faithful to that assumption so that he may have one mode from which to work. Then he can objectify it in your world. It is entirely up to you. I urge you to test him and when you find him faithful to his claim, you will have found the only God worthy of your attention! Moses was told by God that when he went to the people of Israel and they asked: ‘What is his name?’

Moses was to say: ‘I am.’ He was to tell everyone that no other being has sent you, just I am. Then God continued, saying: ‘I have made myself known unto Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob by my name ‘God Almighty,’ but by my name ‘the Lord’ I did not make myself known unto them.’ The name ‘Lord’ was known but not understood. You have heard it time and again: ‘I am the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior and besides me there is no savior,’ but do you understand it? We have all heard the great confession of faith as recorded in the Book of Deuteronomy: ‘Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One,’ but it is not understood. When I say: ‘I am’ God is speaking. You hear my words and because you see the body I wear called ‘Neville’ you think I am saying ‘Neville is God,’ but I am saying: ‘I am.’ I am unconditioned consciousness believing myself to be a man of a certain race and nature, but before I say anything to complete a thought, my unconditioned I amness is God. Can you believe your ‘I am’ is God? Can you believe it enough to trust him? Let me share an experience of a friend who is here tonight. My friend wrote, saying: ‘While sitting quietly waiting for your lecture to begin I imagined hearing a certain voice saying the words I wanted him to say. I heard it, and as I rested in that quiet acceptance I saw a paneled door and wondered what was behind it. Suddenly my curiosity was answered, for the door opened and out came a white pig. Does this have any significance?’ It has tremendous significance. In the universal language of symbolism, a pig is the symbol of Jesus, the Everlasting Sustainer.

The Lost Language of Symbolism by Bayley states: ‘The female pig symbolizes the Sustainer. Pictured are two pigs with crowns. One has upwards to twenty little suckling pigs being simultaneously nourished, and under the figure is the IC of Jesus, the Everlasting Sustainer, and under the other figure is the clover leaf and CR of Christus Redemptor.’ My friend saw the symbol of his own wonderful human imagination, for that is Christ. If you imagine a state, remain faithful to it, and it externalizes itself, you have found the creator of the world for by him all things are made and without imagination is not anything made that is made. When you discover how to make something, you have found him of whom Moses and the prophets wrote, your own wonderful human imagination, the Everlasting Sustainer of all life. Many years ago in vision I was in a large coliseum filled with beautiful trees and flowers. In fact the entire plant world was represented there. It was closing time and I was alone. Looking down I saw a little pig at my feet. Wondering what I could feed him, I picked him up and placed him on a desk. Looking around, I gathered branches, leaves, and flowers to bed him down for the night, so that tomorrow an attendant could care for him. Then the scene changed and the coliseum became a huge supermarket. Again I looked down to discover my pig. He had grown in the interval, but was still not well fed.

Opening a bag of meal I started to mix it, when I called out to my daughter saying: ‘Vicki, bring me a package of grain that I may feed the pig while I mix the meal for him.’ Then she said: ‘Daddy what will I use for money?’ and I replied: ‘Everything here belongs to us. We don’t need money.’ She went over to a pile of goods which was arranged like a serpent, and instead of taking a package from the top she took one from the bottom, dislodging the entire pile causing it to tumble down, revealing a single candle, lit. Then I said: ‘Do not rebuild it. Now that the candle is lit it must remain so and never be covered again.’ My brother, Victor, appeared just then to inquire as to what I was doing and when I told him. he removed what appeared to be white, thick gravy from a bag and added three handfuls to my mixture, as I awoke hearing these words from the Books of Job and Proverbs: ‘The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord and when his candle shone upon my head, by this light I walk through darkness.’ Hearing the words so clearly, I realized they had great significance, so I began to search out the symbolism of the pig and found it to mean the Everlasting Sustainer of the world. I had found my imagination to be Christ Jesus, but I had not fed him well. I had neglected to exercise my imagination when the opportunity arose. Every day presents an opportunity for me to take my imagination and use it lovingly on behalf of others. If I hear people call in distress and do nothing about it I am not feeding my pig. If I want something and do not exercise my imagination towards its fulfillment my pig goes hungry. Having heard that whatsoever I desire I will have if I believe I have received it, and knowing it came from Jesus Christ who is my own wonderful human imagination, and yet not doing it, I am not feeding my pig. It was tall and rangy, but he should have been much fatter; however he had survived in spite of my neglect

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