Neville Goddard Lecture, Neville’s Purpose Revealed

Neville’s Purpose Revealed

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When purpose is revealed, all falls into place. The revelation of purpose gives meaning to everything, and there is a purpose in this wonderful, vast creation of God. Paul said: ―He has made known unto us . . . . the mystery of His will, according to His purpose which He set forth in Christ as a plan for the fullness of time.‖ [Ephesians 1:9, 10] There is a plan behind it all. Now let us turn to the most disputed verse in Ecclesiastes: ―God has put Eternity into man‘s mind, yet so that man cannot find out what Cod has done from the beginning to the end.‖ [Ecclesiastes 3:11] The Revised Standard Version translates it as ―eternity.‖ The meaning of the word translated ―eternity‖ will determine what meaning you would give to that verse. The word is ―olam.‖ The King James Version translates it as ―the world.‖ ―He put the world into man‘s mind.‖ But the word is ―olam.‖ It really means — in a sense — ―history‖; but history to the one who wrote it, the Teacher, consists of all the generations of man, including their experiences, and all fused into one grand whole; and this concentrated time into which all things are fused, they call ―eternity.‖ It is from this that all things spring. Now that is in your mind. All the generations that ever walked the face of this earth, all of their experiences, all that are walking today, all that ever will walk, God placed in your mind.

You are not limited to this small, little section of time — threescore and ten years. He took Eternity! Therefore, He gave you Himself! But He hid the gift from the beginning of time to the end. The gift is God Himself! Believe it, and the whole incredible story of the Gospel will become to you possible. And the day will come, you will experience the gift, and you will know how true it is. God‘s purpose is to give Himself to you individually, as though there were no others in the world — just you, for the gift is so complete, it is not you and God; it‘s you as God. God became as you are, that you may be as He is. [Paraphrase of Blake‘s statement in ―Jerusalem‖] So in the end, you will not see another as God. It is you as God! This is the story. Now, in the 4th Chapter of Ecclesiastes, at the very end of the 4th Chapter, he said, ―I saw all the living that move about under the sun, as well as that second youth, who was to stand in his place; there was no end to all the people; he was above all of them. Yet those who will come later will take no joy in him. Isn‘t that also vanity and the striving after wind?‖ [Ecclesiastes 4:15,16J This ―second one‖ spoken of in Scripture is the Lord from Heaven.

It begins in the very beginning of Genesis. The ―second one‖ was Abel, the slaughtered, the murdered. As we move through, the ―second one‖ was Isaac, — not Ishmael, the first. We come on through, and it was Jacob, not Esau. A strange reversal of order takes place in all of these adumbrations in Scripture. They are all a foreshadowing of what God has planned for us. There is that ―second youth‖ in us that has to be awakened, and that is God Himself! He is reproducing in us His own image, and that is called the ―second man‖ or the ―Lord from Heaven.‖ I will share with you, as I‘ve done night after night, my own personal experience of Scripture. The story is the only true story in the world. God‘s eternal purpose is taking place in time; but it is an eternal state. It‘s something that is continuous. It is permanent, in contrast to this fragmented state in time where we seem to begin, and all things that begin here end. But there is something that does not begin. It is continuous. It is in man. It is buried in man, and that that cannot begin or end is God-in-man. Paul asked the question: ―Do you not realize that Jesus Christ is in you?‖ [II Corinthians 13:5] Well, the answer to that, if you are honest with yourself, if you have not had the experience, — you would say, ―No, I do not. I could believe it, and I will believe it; but I do not know it. For, to experience it would be to know it. Not to experience it and only to believe it would be hearsay, but I want to actually experience it, that I may know it.‖ Your purpose in this world is not what the world thinks it is. Therefore they said you do not rejoice. ―Those who come later will not rejoice in Him‖ [Ecclesiastes 4:16, R.S.V.], because they will think their purpose is to make a fortune, to get a bigger house or more houses, to get a name among those who are departing this world, for all these appear, they wax, they vane, they disappear. No matter how long they prolong it, or they think they do, they all vanish; and they want to have some name among the shadows that are vanishing. There is a purpose, and the purpose is to awaken as God — God Himself!

The plan is definite in Scripture. He said, ―I have come into the world only to fulfill Scripture.‖ That‘s my purpose. ―He who began a good work in me will bring it to completion at the unveiling in me of His plan, which is Christ Jesus‖ [Philippians 1:6]. He will unveil Christ Jesus in me. Well, when he does, ―I am He.‖ I have been taught that He dwells in me, but I have also been taught that He came from without. When one experiences the story, he realizes He is not from without at all. He was always buried in me — that Universal Christ, the Cosmic Christ. The whole of Him, riot a little piece of Him; but the whole is buried in the seeming part; and that individual, speaking of you now individually, will one day have the experience recorded in Scripture of Jesus Christ! He said, ―I am not of this world. I am from above. You are from below.‖ [John 8:23] He isn‘t speaking to the crowd on the outside. It‘s taking place within the individual. I am speaking now to this conscious, reasoning mind ―below‖ — this garment of flesh and blood, — you are from below. I am from above. I must be born from above. You, Neville, — the flesh-and-blood Neville — you were born from below — from the womb of a woman. I am being born from above — from that place where they laid me when I ―died.‖ I died as God, to awake in man as man, and then to take that man in whom I am buried and raise him to the level of my Self as God.

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