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Judas The Revealer

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Judas, the one in scripture who is the most condemned, is the true revealer of Christ. We call him Judas, but Judas and Judah are one. In biblical thought, a man’s name reveals his character. The full significance of the name is understood only when it is manifested in him who is the Word made flesh. Tonight we will take the name “Judas” which is spelled “Yod He Vav Dalet He” [Ye-hu-da]. The Divine name “Lord” is “Yod He Vav He”, called “I AM”. So we have the Divine name, “I AM” with dalet inserted into it. Dalet, the fourth letter of Hebrew alphabet, carries the symbol of a door. So the central figure of the New Testament declares: “I AM the door.” Judas is called the betrayer of the Lord Christ Jesus. The dictionary defines the word “betray” as “to reveal, to make known; or to deliver into the hands of the enemy.” Jesus Christ is called the Word of God, this Word is truth. So the one who reveals (betrays) the truth is Judas and those who do not understand recoil from his message. They are the enemy, although they know it not. Who could reveal the secret of God but God himself? Who could reveal your secret thoughts other than yourself? I could take you into my confidence regarding certain things in my life, but no one can ever know my thoughts but myself. So if anyone reveals Christ as the Lord it must be God himself. “He who dips with me into the dish.” Who could dip with me but myself? The Word of God is planted in every being and all the blows of life stir and agitate the Word, causing it to take root and begin to unfold. Then the drama as first told in the Old Testament and explained in the New as the life of Jesus Christ, unfolds, and you – an individual – are cast in the starring role! You are that which is being revealed to yourself. Now let me share an experience of mine that took place on the 10th day of October, 1966. I am in a room, say thirty feet square, teaching the Word of God to twelve men. We were all dressed in ancient robes and seated on the floor. Suddenly one man rose and quickly left the room. As he walked out the door I knew he was going to tell the authorities what he had heard. Then a tall, handsome man about forty years old and about 6’4″ in height, beautifully attired in costly robes, entered.

We all rose and stood perfectly still as he walked in. Walking straight as an arrow to the end of the room, he turned at a right angle and walked to the end of the room, turned at a right angle and walked to the center, turned and approached me. Then he hammered a wooden peg into my shoulder and taking a sharp instrument, with one circular motion he severed the sleeve of my robe, pulled it off, and discarded it. Extending his arms to form the cross he embraced me, kissed me on the right side of my neck, as I kissed him on the right side of his neck. As we embraced and the scene began to fade, I saw the discarded sleeve. It was the bluest of blue. Now let me turn to the 14th chapter of the Gospel of Mark, the 41st to the 45th verses. Imagination is speaking, saying: “The hour has come.” (You will notice that everything is on time.) “The hour has come; the Son of man is betrayed into the hands of sinners. Rise, let us be going; see, my betrayer is at hand.” Then the evangelist speaks of the one who enters, saying: “The betrayer has given them a sign that the one he shall kiss is the man, seize him and lead him out safely.” Then comes the finale, as the story of the betrayer is repeated, beginning with the words: “My hour has come.” This true story unfolds in man, for every man has the Word buried in him. One day that Word will burst the seed and expand into the tree of life. Judas was not the one that departed to tell what he had heard. Judas is the revealer. No one knew who the betrayer was, only that he was to enter quickly, go straight to the one who is being revealed, and kiss him. Walking as fast as a soldier does on a rapid march, Judas embraced me, called me “Master,” and revealed me as the one in authority – fulfilling the 22nd and the 53rd chapters of Isaiah. Hammering the peg upon my shoulder, I was given complete authority over all the inhabitants of Jerusalem and the world until the end, when the peg will fall and I am relieved of its burden. The question is asked in the 53rd chapter of Isaiah: “Who has believed our report and to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?” In this world the right arm is symbolized in the Mass, in that communion must be taken with the right, never the left hand. These fellows come down, clothed in their ecumenical costumes, with a cloth on their right arm.

There was a Cardinal here who developed some kind of a clot in his right arm, and when they amputated it he was given special permission from the Pope to conduct the Mass with his left hand. All this is symbolism on this level, and on the higher level the sleeve is severed to reveal the arm of the Lord. Now, “The hour has come when the son of Man is betrayed into the hands of sinners.” Who are the sinners? Those who recoil from the revelation of the truth that the human imagination is God! Tonight one billion who say they believe in Christ will recoil from the thought that their human imagination is God, and do not know they are sinners, enemies of the truth; for the true Christ is God’s power and wisdom housed in Man as his own wonderful human imagination. Those who do not accept the truth but see only its embodiment would destroy him, but he who recognized the personification of truth embraces him with extended arms. The word “Judas” means “to celebrate; the hand of power, to revere; to worship with extended hand.” That is exactly what he did – he extended his hands to me. He was the celebrant conducting the Eucharist; putting into the shoulder that which would form the burden of Israel, he extended his arms, embraced me, and betrayed me with a kiss. Judas is he who reveals you to yourself! So, scriptural characters are known only as they are manifested in you who are the Word made flesh! The whole vast world – misunderstanding the story – condemns the revealer, and anyone who reveals this truth is condemned. But Judas, the revealer of scriptural truth, is in you and when you arrive at a certain point, like a tree bearing fruit he will be made manifest. Judas is known in his full significance only when he is made manifest in you, the Man who is the Word made flesh.

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