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Although only a few are teaching this wonderful principle at the present time, many others will follow; and because the Christian world believes in a man, this question will be asked over and over: “Do you not believe that a man called Jesus Christ walked the earth?” It is my hope that I will be able to clarify this point for you tonight. Listen to these words from scripture: “You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Thy Word is truth.” And speaking of Jesus Christ: “His name shall be called the Word of God.” Here we see he has a name, so he is a person, yet he is the Word, the truth that sets man free. Confessing that he came into the world to do his Father’s will, in the 6th chapter of the book of John he makes this statement: “This is the will of my Father, that everyone who sees the Son and believes in him should have eternal life.” Now, there is not a truth (or a lie) that does not have a man as its agent, as it takes a man to express either a lie or a truth, and Jesus Christ is called the truth! So when you are called upon to answer the question: “Don’t you believe on e unique man was born in 4 B.C. and named Jesus Christ?” answer it in this way: “Jesus Christ is not a man, but God’s plan of salvation.

One of the saddest and yet poignant statements in the Bible is recorded in the Book of Samuel. David’s son, Absalom revolted against him and tried to take over the kingdom. All during the battle, however, David inquired over and over again: “How is it with the lad, Absalom?” And when he receives the news of Absalom’s death he goes up to the chamber over the gate of Jerusalem and weeps, crying: “Oh Absalom, my son, my son. Would I have died instead of you. Oh Absalom, my son, my son.” This is a foreshadowing in a not altogether conclusive or immediately evident way of the story recorded in the New Testament. In the New Testament, we find that God the Father does that which David longed to do. He longed to give his life to restore his son, but he couldn’t do it, for only God can give his live to save his Son. Speaking to humanity, Blake put these words into the mouth of Jesus: “Fear not! Unless I die thou can’st not live. But if I die I shall arise again and thou with me. Wouldest thou love one who never died for thee? Or ever die for one who had not died for thee? And if God dieth not for Man, and giveth not himself eternally for Man, Man could not exist.” God died by emptying himself of his divinity. He is not pretending he is dead, but actually becomes the very breath of life of every child born of woman. Now walking in the forgetfulness of Man, God has prepared a plan for his return, a plan whereby everyone is redeemed. This plan of redemption is Jesus Christ, but because it is personified man has taken the vehicle that conveyed the instruction for the instruction, and the agent that expressed the great truth for the truth expressed. If truth is to be expressed, it takes an individual man to express it. Therefore, when the story of redemption unfolds in a man, he relates his own experience. Now we are told: “Everyone who sees and believes in the Son has eternal life.”

The words “see” and “know” the same in both Hebrew and Greek, so if tonight I paint a word picture of the plan of salvation, I am showing you God’s Son. It does not necessarily follow that you will understand what I am saying and believe me, so the statement is made: “To everyone who sees the Son and believes…” Tonight I hope I can tell it so clearly that everyone can follow and understand what I say and accept it! Jesus Christ is not a man! He is not a person, but God’s plan of redemption which must be discovered and understood. To enter this world one must wear a body of flesh and blood; yet we are told that flesh and blood cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. It takes a spiritual body to enter that kingdom and my words are spirit! If I tell you a story that many in this audience have experienced, and you accept it, you too will experience the truth that will set you free. No man can set you free. This man called Neville is simply an agent expressing truth. It is not good enough for you to just understand it. You must believe – not in Neville – but in the truth he is expressing from this platform and his books. If I lie and you believe what I say then you can’t prove it and will remain a slave. And oh, the pain that is promised to the teacher who dares to lie and mislead those who trust him. (Read it in the Book of James.) I am telling you what I have experienced, so I can’t lie. Jesus Christ, God’s story of salvation, has been fulfilled in me. I have experienced the birth; the discovery of God who is David; the splitting of the temple which is one’s body, the ascent of the Son of man into heaven, and the descent of the dove.

The majority of the people of the world will not accept my story, for they want a person on the outside as their personal savior. Tonight many who are facing their inevitable departure from this world are hoping to meet what they call their “savior,” but their savior is a plan of salvation who is God Himself! When they ask you the question and insist on a Yes or No answer, ask them to come and reason with you in this manner: You believe in scripture? Let us turn to the 11th chapter of Matthew and read the story concerning John the Baptist. It is said of him: “Among those born of woman, none is greater than John the Baptist, yet the least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.” Now let me ask you: Is Jesus Christ man of flesh and blood? Then he is not greater than John the Baptist. You don’t believe that? Well, it was Jesus Christ who made the statement: “No one born of women is greater than John the Baptist.” If you insist that Jesus Christ was born of woman and therefore in this world of flesh and blood, then he is not greater than John the Baptist. In fact, if you insist that Jesus Christ is a man of flesh and blood, and the least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than John, then is he not also greater than Jesus Christ? God’s plan of salvation, is an entirely supernatural drama and hasn’t a thing to do with any child which came (or comes) from the womb of a woman. His story takes place in an entirely different area, for man comes out of his own skull. That’s the birth from above. There is a wonderful hiddenness of Christ in the 6th, 8th, 18th and 19th chapters of the Gospel of John.

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