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Infinite Power

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Robert Browning tells us: “Truth is within ourselves. It takes no rise from outer things No matter what you see. There is an inmost center in us all Where truth abides in fullness to know, Rather than insist on opening up a way Whence the imprisoned splendor may escape That is effecting everything As a light that is supposed to be without.” My word is truth. This truth is within you, waiting to be accepted in order to be experienced. Speaking to his father in the 17th chapter of John, Jesus said: “I have given them the words which thou gavest me. They have received them and know, in truth, that I came from thee; and they have believed thou didst send me.” I will now tell you the truth! Power took me to stand in the presence of the Risen Lord. Wearing the Human Form Divine, He embraced me and incorporated me into his body of Infinite Love. Wearing his body of love, I stood before Almighty God who said: “Time to act.” Then I was sent back into this world to tell the story of God as the infinite power of the human imagination! Nuclear power could destroy New York City. But the power of which I speak is far beyond that of nuclear energy. Suppose you entered an animated scene, such as Grand Central Station in New York City at the peak of the rush hour, or the stock market in the course of a hectic day. As you look at it, you arrest an activity within you and everything stands still as though frozen. No matter how long you hold it – be it a second, a minute, or an hour – when it is released the scene becomes animated once again, as everyone continues their intentions. Now suppose, having arrested the activity within you, you change their intentions and – releasing the scene with the changed motivation – you discover that they move under compulsion to fulfill that which they now think they initiated. Do you realize that with this power you could cause them to commit suicide and think it was what they wanted?

 Like the lemmings, you could make them run towards the ocean, enter beyond their depth, and drown. That’s what you can do with this power; but it will not be yours until you are first incorporated into the body of Love! This I know from experience, for I have arrested an activity which seemed to be independent of me, to discover that although their forms were, their life was not. Activating my word, their life was in me; for as the Father has life in himself, so he has granted me (his son) to have life in myself! Now, no man comes to me save my Father calls him – but no one! Starting on the surface of my being, I teach the infinite power of the human imagination, not knowing to what extent it will be believed. Many are called to hear salvation’s story. Few are chosen to believe it. Many will tell me they believe, but I find it is only lip service. I am not here to judge anyone. I was sent, not to condemn or judge the world, but that the world may be saved through me. Man is saved through belief, and condemned through lack of belief in the nature of the son of God. That son, called Christ in the New Testament, is defined as God’s power and his wisdom. When God gave himself to me, he sent his power into the world, expecting the talent given me to be wisely invested. When I tell others what has been revealed to me, regardless of what they may say, I have doubled the investment and will hear the words: “Well done my good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of the Lord.” Now let me show you how the disciples are selected. This selection is always done in the depth of the soul, as in the case of this lady, who wrote, saying: “Last Friday night I went to bed filled with the message I had heard from you, to find myself in a far, far place, remote in time and space.

I am seated on a chair in a large empty room, glass fronted with marble pillars. Suddenly a self-propelled carriage appears. Stopping in front of my window, I see the carriage door open, as a man who is the embodiment of power and authority steps out. He is tall, with gray curly hair, wearing an envelope cape, and carrying a small attaché case. “Moving swiftly, he enters the room, walks over to me. and begins to speak of power. As I look at him I recognize you, Neville. Now personified as power, I realize that you are God and you are Neville! Showing no sign of recognition, you continue to talk of power; sheer unadulterated power. Then, as suddenly as you approached you turned and swiftly made your exit. As though by appointment the carriage appeared, you entered it and vanished from my sight. “I awoke bewildered, wrote down the experience and returned to bed saying to myself, ‘I must tell this to Neville.’ Instantly I am asleep, redreaming the dream, when my friend Marge Broome appeared. And I am hit in the forehead by a 3-4 inch long, 3/4 inch thick polished topaz, embedded with gold. As we looked at it a man walked over and said: ‘That’s very valuable. You can break it into many pieces and get a lot of money for it.’ That commercial idea appealed to me, so I placed it in my purse and again headed toward your house to tell you of the dream. “Suddenly I realized Marge was gone, as well as my car, purse, and topaz. Having no transportation, no money, or identification, I said to myself: ‘What do I . . .’ then I arrested the thought and said: ‘I will go within and imagine I am with Neville.’ Instantly I am in your apartment telling you the dream. As I reach the point of telling how I imagined myself there, the doorbell rang, and a group of gay, happy young boys and girls entered, causing so much confusion I awoke, saying to myself: ‘I will tell him on Monday.’” Last Monday she brought me the letter!

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