Neville Goddard Lecture, If Any Two Agree

If Any Two Agree

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Concerning the Law, I can only acquaint you with the Law and leave you to your choice and its risk; but we have Scripture for it — to tell it, regardless of what they do with the Law. In the 18th chapter of the Book of Matthew you read these words: ―If any two of you agree on earth about any request that you must make, that request will be granted by my Heavenly Father.‖ [Matthew 18:19] Find two who agree, and that request will be granted. Well, can you conceive of something greater? If two agree on earth concerning any request — it doesn’t have to be good, it doesn’t have to be this, that or the other, but any request — “that you must make, that request will be granted by my Heavenly Father.” Here we are told the greatest secret in the world concerning the human imagination. We are told that: “With God, all things are possible.” Then we are told: “All things are possible to him who believes”; so he equates God with the human imagination: that God is the human imagination, and all things are possible to the human imagination. Now, a friend of mine called me today, and I tell you the story that you may see. It‘s entirely up to you. I‘m quite sure that she was perfectly innocent in the wonderful work that she did. She has exercised this talent of hers which she has learned, as you have, from this platform; and she has done a remarkable job in the world of Caesar in dollars and cents. But one has to learn something outside of this and govern everything by Love. Everything must be governed by Love. Everything must be governed by Love.

She was quite concerned, and really quite disturbed. She said, ―Neville, what have I done? Have I done something that is wrong? A neighbor of mine — a male neighbor — asked me if I would play back his record for him.‖ Now let me explain to you what she means by this. She has a very keen ear. If you speak to her — make a sentence, and then you stop, she can hear you as distinctly as anyone could ever hear you. If you put it on a record, what she is hearing is just as accurate as that recorded record. So, she wants you to make a statement in a positive manner, like the great Professor* who said: ―I have a lavish, steady, dependable income, consistent with integrity and mutual benefit.‖ This he said long before he had a nickel, and he persuaded himself of the reality of what he was hearing. So, she wants you to put it into a positive statement just like that — ―but tell me what you want.‖ Well, the neighbor wanted to be free of a disturbing element in the neighborhood, which was also a neighbor — a couple with three children. So she heard him distinctly say that he was free of this disturbance, that they were gone. Her ability to hear distinctly is so keen and wonderful that she heard him affirm what he had affirmed. In a matter of days the parents were killed on the highway, leaving three children: two little ones and a demented boy in his early teens. So she wondered, What did I do? ________________ * Robert Millikan I tried to persuade her, ―You did nothing that was wrong. You simply exercised a principle. The lad who asked of you, — did you ask him anything concerning his motive behind it all?‖ Well, she didn‘t ask that. But I say, whatever you do, do it in love. She is completely exonerated as far as I am concerned. She simply applied the principle. So I tell you, I acquaint you with a principle and leave you to your choice and its risk. She is fantastic in hearing what she wants to hear in the world of Caesar; but may I tell you? You can go beyond that and take it into the world of Promise. If someone can say to you, ―I have a lavish, steady, dependable income, consistent with integrity and mutual benefit,‖ and your ear is so sensitive that you can hear exactly what the other one says — there are two witnesses now. ―If two agree on earth about any request that they might make, that request will be granted by my Heavenly Father.‖ Well now, that‘s a request. It doesn‘t limit it there.

 Could I say to you, I have had the experience? I have had the experience of which he speaks, the experience of the resurrection and the birth from above, the experience of the discovery of the Fatherhood of God, the experience of the ascent into the heavenly sphere; and can you hear with me that? Because what I said before was as much a lie based upon this level as the other; and so I am telling you now of another level. Can you find agreement on this level where I will tell you, as I have told you on this level, that my neighbors are gone, and now I am free of that disturbance, and you heard it with me; you heard my voice? You listen to my voice. And then, having heard my voice distinctly, you now — in my absence — you hear my voice actually state what you heard it state physically. And here are two agreeing: you heard the voice, and now you have heard this. Now, can you go into another level and have someone who really sincerely desires to have this spiritual experience of the Promise as that lad wanted to be free of a disturbing neighbor? So, the parents are dead; they‘ve been killed in some freeway accident. Now you may say, Did she do it? No, she didn‘t do it. She had only heard, — may I tell you? we are one body. There‘s only one spirit, only one lord, only one God and Father of all.
―All things, by a law divine. In one another‘s being mingle.‖ [Shelley, from ―Love‘s Philosophy‖]
We are only one! So, if these two parents are now gone from the world, leaving behind little children — two little tots in their swing, — they are totally unaware that their parents are gone; and the other one, the early teens — he‘s a little bit demented, and he‘s not quite aware of what has happened.

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