Neville Goddard Lecture, He Is My Resurrection

He Is My Resurrection

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The gospel, which appears to be a little secular story, is truly a mystery to be known only by revelation. In the 16th chapter of John we are told: “I came out from the Father and came into the world. Again I leave the world and I return to the Father.” In these four short phrases we find the pre-existence of Christ, his incarnation, his death, and his ascension. I could put this in the first person, plural sense and say: “We came out from the Father” for we are told in the 1st chapter of Ephesians: “He chose us in him before the foundation of the world.” So all of us were chosen in him. That is why I can say, “We came out from the Father and came into the world. Again we are leaving the world and are going to the Father.” How can this be? Let me use a simple analogy. A plant contains within itself the suckers which can be removed and transplanted. While existing within the plant, the suckers partake of the plant’s life, but when removed and transplanted they become the parent. It was God’s purpose to give us himself, and God is a Father. The only way he could do it however was to detach us from himself. Yet, like the sucker, he who sent us has never left us; therefore we must express that which the parent plant is. If its flowers were red, that which was transplanted will bear red flowers. Now, regardless of how healthy the stock may be, when it is transplanted it appears to die, showing us the secret of life through death. The seed falls into the ground and dies in order to be made alive. So the seed, containing within itself all that the parent contained, dies and is made alive to become the parent, containing within itself that which was in the parent stock. And so it is with us. We came out from God the Father and were planted in a world of death, a world of mortality. Then, having died, we become quickened and grow into the parent stock, for if we were a father before detachment, we must return as the one Father who sent us out. And everything God the Father possesses, we possess in our fullness. His son reveals himself as our son. Whatever happened to him happens to us, for we came out from the Father and came into the world. Again, as we leave the world we go to the Father. That is the great mystery of scripture.

Let me now tell you of a vision a lady who is here tonight shared with me. She found herself viewing a very long train ascending from a very dark cavern into which she descended. Immediately upon entering its blackness, she imagined herself aboard the train and was instantly on it. Moving up at an incredible speed, she wondered about her destiny, when a voice said: “It will not be long,” and she entered a world filled with pinnacles and sparkling light. Then a triangular-shaped light penetrated her brain and she found herself standing in front of a very tall chair upon which a great being was seated. As she gazed into his eyes she felt herself immersed in love and in a voice so very tender he called her, “Babe.” Feeling so small and young among these pinnacles, she said: “What shall I do?” when something exploded in her and she heard a voice and saw the words, “Record It” appear in script before her eyes. Seeing me in the distance, she said: “That is Neville” and the being seated in the chair began to describe me in the most endearing, possessing terms ending with these words: “He is my resurrection.” This statement was picked up by invisible voices which echoed and re-echoed and re-echoed all the way down through time as she awoke. Yes, she saw the Father. I am his resurrection. He buried himself in me as he buried himself in you before you came out from him. Having resurrected the Father in me, I am his resurrection and know myself to be the Father. Before coming out I did not know this. I partook of the tree of life, but I was not individualized. There never was a time that you and I were not partaking of this tree of life, but we were not individualized. We did not voluntarily detach ourselves and enter this world, but were made subject unto futility in the hope that we would be set free from this body of death and obtain the glorious liberty of the sons of God. Now, the Son of God is one with God, for the son erupts into the Father.

 Like the sucker which contains within itself everything that the parent tree contains, but cannot know it until detached and transplanted, we contain within ourselves everything the tree of life contains, but will not know it until we come out from the Father and come into the world. Having died, death will be transformed into sleep, from which we will all awaken as God the Father. Individually we will all have these four mighty acts erupt from within to spell out the being we really are. In the statement: “I came out from the Father” the pre-existence of Christ in you, who is your hope of glory, is established. I am not speaking of some little man who walked the earth 2,000 years ago, but of the mystery of Christ which is buried in every child born of woman. Christ, God’s creative power and wisdom, pre-existed. His detachment and entrance into the world through his birth from below is his birth into death. Then, after the long interval of death he is born from above into a world of life. Having come out from the Father and coming into the world, his return to the Father is essential. He comes back bearing witness to the fullness within himself of all that the parent contained, thereby knowing he is the Father. This is how all the fathers return. We are told that in the last days scoffers will come, saying: “Where is the promise of his coming? Forever since the fathers fell asleep, all things have continued as they were from the beginning of creation.” The scoffers do not know that a thousand years is as a day to the Lord; therefore, six days would be like 6,000 years to mortal eye. As He promised, you will return on time, not a moment before or after. Your return begins through the impregnation by one who has awakened. He does not arbitrarily choose his offsprings [sic]. They are called by the depth of his own being. But he is spiritually born to play the part of siring that section of time to which he belongs, a role he did not choose but was born to play.

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