Neville Goddard Lecture, He Is Dreaming Now (1)

He Is Dreaming Now (1)

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He Is Dreaming Now

Tonight‘s title is: ―He is Dreaming Now.‖ God‘s name―His real presence―is within us, in the very midst of us, for His real presence is concentrate in His name.
―Come, let us go and look at him,‖ said the brothers, and each took one of Alice‘s hands and led her up to where the king was sleeping.
―He is dreaming now.‖ said Tweedle-Dee, ―and what do you think he is dreaming about?‖
Alice said, ―Why, nobody could guess that.‖
Then Tweedle-Dee said, ―He is dreaming about you; and if he left off dreaming about you, where do you suppose you would be?‖ (from ―Through the Looking Glass‖ by Lewis Carroll)
Now, to us, that seems a fairy story; and, yet, it is so altogether true. If the Dreamer in you left off dreaming anything that you now entertain, where do you think you would be? Is not the Dreamer and the ―I‖ of waking a pair of identical twins?

We think this is the real world, and then we speak of the ―dream world. To us, that isn‘t real, and yet we are told in Scripture: ―God speaks to us through the medium of dreams, and makes Himself known through vision.‖ (Numbers 12:6) And, yet, we say that is not real, and yet: ―God speaks to man through the medium of dreams‖; and He is the Dreamer in man, identical with the ―I‖ of waking.
When we really wake, we will not be God and man. It will just be you; and you will be God, who was the Dreamer. The whole will simply awaken within you. it will not be a twin. The wall of separation will be broken down. It will only be God; and God-and-you will be the One.
―God becomes as I am, that I may be as He is.‖ (from ―There Is No Natural Religion‖ by William Blake)
When the promise was made that God and an Angel would lead Israel, this promise was given special force by Jehovah‘s assurance that ―My name is in him.‖ That is, Jehovah Himself would lead them. Well, who is Jehovah? In Scripture we are told His name really is ―I AM.
―Go, say to them that I AM hath sent me unto you…This is my name forever, and by this name I will be known throughout all generations.‖ (Exodus 3:14-15) ―There is no other name. (Acts 4:2)
Now, here in this room―take this simple little object here. My simple apprehension of this corporeal object we call sense. It is now a ―sense‖ object. It is ―real,‖ for I can see it, I can touch it; if I strike it, I can hear it. So, this is called ―sense‖ because it‘s present. If absent, it‘s imagination.

What I want to teach everyone who will listen to me is to tell them―to convince them―that the so-called ―absent states are just as real as the present states. If man, the spectator, could only enter into these so-called ―absent‖ states―these images in his imagination,–―approach them on the fiery chariot of his own contemplative thought‖ (from ―A Vision of the Last Judgment‖ by William Blake)―if he could enter into these states and give to the state the sensory vividness that he now gives to this, and give it all to his imagination; if he could give it all the tones of reality we now give to this, using our senses, it would clothe itself in what we call ―objective‖ reality.
Here in this audience tonight there is a gentleman. He started a business in Chicago in March of this year. If you knew the market in the month of March as you know it today, it was at the lowest point in years. Stocks tumbled and tumbled day after day, many dropping ten or fifteen points a day; and on paper billions and billions were lost. As far as the mind goes, they were lost. There was no market to raise money for business. He needed two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to launch this business. It is a manufacturing business, manufacturing special instruments―technical. No one had any money,–no individual, no group.

He went through the month of March, April; and then in May he called me from Chicago to tell me he was too close to picture. He couldn‘t use his imagination because he was too close to it, and all the negative arguments the papers gave you, the brokers gave you, friends would give you,–everything printed that the financial situation gave you looked forward to a greater and greater depression. He couldn‘t stop it. So, I heard what he had to say: he wanted two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. I said, ―All right, I will hear it for you. I will now reverse the entire conversation from you wanting two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to a conversation that tells me that you have your two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and I will persuade myself of this so-called ‗invisible,‘ and therefore unreal state. When I am self-persuaded of the reality of what the world would say to be unreal, it‘s done, and it will not fail! I will do it now.

So, he hung up. I did not leave the ‗phone until I was self-persuaded that he had called me and told me of the good news that he had his two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, to launch this new venture in these special things that he is making.
Well, he is here in the room tonight, and last night he gave me a letter setting forth the highlights of this entire state. I have given you the first three: it was incorporated in the month of March. The need was two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. March and April went by; and in May he didn‘t panic, but everyone simply turned him down. There was no such thing as a money market.
Then he called me, and I‘ve told you the exact conversation between the two of us. He is here in this City now; and in this statement he said: ―Out of the blue, a broker called me and told me he heard of this new venture, he had investigated it, examined it, and he would like to underwrite it for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars,‖ which he agreed to.

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