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GOD Speaks to Man

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“In a vision of the night when deep sleep falls upon men, while they slumber on their beds, he opens their ears and seals their instructions.” (Job 33) Tonight you may find yourself in a terrestrial world like this one, and you feel just as real to yourself as you do here. And when you return with its memory you may think it was a dream, but it was a vision. You are dreaming right now, for this world is the dream you and I agreed to complete. Its end will appear when we turn around through a series of visions. The Old Testament outlines the dream, interspersed with vision, while the New Testament tells of the awakening. The trinity which the churches refer to as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, can be taken in a simple way as Mighty Father, the proceeding Son, and the returning Holy Spirit – for they are all one. The dreamer in you is God. Tonight as you dream ask yourself where you are. Many times while lying on my bed I have left this body I know so well, to enter a world just as real as this. Remembering where my body was when I started my journey, when I desired to return I had to feel myself in the body – now cataleptic – on the bed. I could not move it or open its eyes. The body felt dead, yet I was very much alive. Gradually I was able to move a finger, then the toes. But only as I opened my eyes and saw the familiar objects on the wall and dresser did I know I was back. But was I really? Am I not dreaming this world just as much as I was dreaming that one? If so then where am I right now? Man cannot remember where he laid himself down to dream this dream of life. If he could, he would return through the secret of feeling. Finding myself in a world like this, I remembered where I left my body and felt myself back into it. I returned with the memory of people who were there. They were clothed and real and the world was terrestrial, just as it is here. I talked to them and they answered. Now if that world was a vision then this one is also, for one world does not differ from the other. So God has two ways of speaking to man, but man does not perceive it. A dream contains one central thought. Like a thank you note. You don’t try to interpret every word in it, just the message it is trying to convey.

I have a friend who dreamed it was his birthday and many people had arrived to attend his party. There were two large cakes, with one lady very adamant about the design she had placed on hers. (This is not significant to the dream, but only part of getting the story started.) Leaving to find candles for the table, my friend returned to discover one cake was missing, as well as all of the guests. Disappointed because he had not seen or heard me speak, the dream ended. Suddenly he finds himself on a beach with a friend. Asking where everyone was, his friend points to a rock in the middle of the water, and said: “There they are, away out to sea.” Seeing another rock near it supporting a child, afraid and alone, he said: “How did they get there?” and his friend answered: “Mentally.” Then he mentally went to the child, took her by the hand, and placed her on the big rock. Now the dream changes and my friend finds himself in a lecture hall with a stairway in the center of the stage. Coming down the stairs, I place his hands in mine and say: “I’m glad you have made it, chosen one.” Then he awoke. This is a very significant dream, whose single jet of truth is the rock. It’s not the birthday, the party, or the cake, but the language of scripture that will reveal the truth of any dream. The journey of life is a mental one, which is taking place in the sea of illusion. And only when you find yourself on the Rock will your journey be at its end. We are told: “You are unmindful of the Rock that begot you and have forgotten the God who gave you birth.” (Deuteronomy 32) This passage of scripture tells us that the Rock is equated with God. And in the New Testament it is said: “They drank from the supernatural Rock that followed them and the Rock was Christ.” This gentleman is now standing on that Rock. Since all dreams are egocentric, he conjured me from within himself Containing the whole vast world within him, he called forth those he chose to play a part he wrote for himself. This he did without our knowledge or consent.

My friend has now reached that foundation stone upon which he will build his house. No longer will he build on shifting sands, where the winds and storms destroy the structures, but upon the Rock who is Christ; and Christ is God who is the Human Imagination. The central figure of Christianity is the Human Imagination. When you accept this as the first principle of religion, then all governments, rituals, and external worship will have heard the trumpets of Joshua. All of the buildings that are of any structure than that Rock – which is your own wonderful Human Imagination – will fall. This gentleman had a wonderful experience. He is on the Rock, but he may move from it. He may turn his back and forget that the cause of all of the phenomena of his life is the Human Imagination. It is my hope that he will not. There is only one source of all creation. “By him all things were made, and without him was not anything made that was made.” If anything or anyone comes into your world, remember the cause is your Human Imagination, who is the God of scripture and the dreamer in you. Stand upon that Rock, knowing you are God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, as these three are the chosen One. In the 1st Epistle of John, the 5th chapter, these three are called the Spirit, the water, and the blood. Knowing that God is spirit and there is life in the blood, the Risen Christ calls himself the Living Water, saying: “If you had asked, I would have given you living water that you would never thirst again.” Living water is the truth. Once truth has been experienced, you will hunger and thirst no more. “I will send a famine upon the land. It will not be a hunger for bread or a thirst for water, but for the hearing of the word of God.” This gentleman has found the word of God, for he has found the Rock

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