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GOD Is Light

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We are told in the 1st Epistle of John, the 1st chapter: “This is the message we have received from him and proclaim to you, that God is light and in him there is no darkness at all.” Is this a figure of speech or a literal fact? I am telling you from experience: it is a literal fact, for God is light! There are three very firm statements made in scripture defining God. God is light. God is love, and God is spirit. John tells us here that God is light, a light in which there is no darkness. Now try to follow me closely. The final gift to man is God himself and God is a revealer. Man‟s knowledge of himself is based on his knowledge of the revealer. Scripture records what is said of the revealer. As he awakens in you, read scripture carefully and you will discover to what extent God has revealed himself to you. Jesus makes this statement: “I am the light of the world; he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” He is the light that lightens every man as he enters the world. Is this really true? Back in 1926 when I was twenty-one, I was visiting a friend in Larchmont, N.Y. He was the manager of a private club where several hundred boys and girls were gathered to dance. I did not join the group but retired early, turned on the nightlight, and began to read a book. The next thing I knew the sun was up, the light was still burning, and the opened book was lying on my chest. I knew from the page number that I had not read more than a page or two before I fell into a deep, deep trance, because the book had not been disturbed during that long period of maybe ten or twelve hours. I awoke to find myself cataleptic. My body seemed frozen, yet I was conscious of having returned from knowing myself to be an infinite sea of vibrant, liquid, living light. There was nothing but myself. I was the light of the universe and nothing, not one being, existed outside of me.

No planet, no sun, no moon – only an infinite sea of light and I the light of the world. So I can say from experience: I am the light of the world! When God awakens within you (and he will) you too will know you are He who is the light of the world, and if God is light then you must be God! After this revelation happens in you, every claim made in scripture concerning God will begin to unfold from within, just like a tree in blossom. You will know that God is love, for you will stand in the presence of infinite love, embrace and become one with that body. I am human. I am man, and yet I know I am infinite love. Since my embrace I have no other feeling but the body of love that embraced me. While I am here talking with you now I am wearing but a small portion of myself, just a spark of an immensity of my own fiery being. I know from experience that I help and teach more when I am asleep then when I am awake, for now when I sleep I pass beyond the world of dream into a world of spirit waking. I know from the thought, the imaginings, the visions I have received from many of you, that they are fiery darts shot from my own fiery self. That same being of love is waking within us all and when he wakes, for an interval you become the new lamp of the world. But your light is not here. It is beyond the world of dream for here, he who knows he is the light of the world is always rejected. “He came to his own and his own received him not.” Even his own brothers did not believe in him. On this level it is always the same story, but when God awakens in you, you know who you are; and when the world calls you asleep, you are beyond the world of dream, having entered the world of Spirit waking; and from your fiery being you shoot your darts into the mind of those that you want to stir, to accept your message of salvation.

Now let me share with you this wonderful experience which was shared with me. In this lady‟s dream I was standing in the center of a raised platform, surrounded by many rows of people, all deformed in various ways. As I instructed them, one by one they were healed, then they rose and departed. Noticing a madonna made of marble or stone nearby, she saw it become animated and dance for joy as the words I spoke so thrilled her. Then a few weeks ago she had this dream. In it I was a doctor in a hospital which had no surgery or drugs. Everyone simply came to me and was cured. Then she made this statement: “It is my hope that such a hospital can be here.” May I tell her: “No, it is not here on this level at all.” This is a world of educated darkness where you and I – infinite beings as we are – entered for a purpose, and only a very small part of immortal self entered. That‟s what we see here. You are an infinite being, for you are God. Everyone is God, but here we are just a spark of the immensity of our own fiery being. And because ultimately we are one, when one awakens and passes beyond the world of dream, he fires his arrows into the minds of all to stir them, to set that spark ablaze so that everything said of Jesus Christ (God personified in scripture) will be experienced. When it happens in you, you don‟t need a new Bible or any credit on this level at all. You ask for no recognition. It was not granted then and it is not to be granted now. Even scripture tells us that even his own brothers did not believe in him. He came to his own people and they received him not. He was in the world and the world was made through him and the world knew him not. That is the story. So much is said of light in scripture.

He lights every man that comes into the world, because without his spark one could not breathe or live. God actually became us that we could become God, who is awakening and unfolding in all. One day you will know that you are all light, then all love, and finally all spirit. No mortal eye will ever see you, for although your birth from above does not appear in this world, the witnesses to the event are mortal. They see the sign of your birth, but they cannot see you because you are spirit. Talking about you as though you were not present, they speak of you in the most incredible terms saying: “How can he have a baby?” yet you take the sign in your arms and embrace it in the most endearing manner. That is the sign of your spiritual birth, revealing yet another definition that God is spirit. Knowing that God is love and light, when your spiritual birth appears you will have experienced the three definitions of God. Then, still finding yourself confined to this little tiny portion of yourself, you will teach and help others in this world. Ask for no acclaim, no recognition, nothing – just simply teach it, and night after night as you fall asleep you will pass beyond the world of dream, and from the world of spirit waking you will shoot your fiery arrows into the minds of those who follow you. You will stir them and they will awaken as you have been awakened.

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