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Experience Scripture

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Experience Scripture

To unravel the mystery of Christ from all the interpretations put upon it is quite a different task. We are up against all kinds of misunderstandings of the mystery. Most people believe that it is secular history, and the story has something to do with some historical occasion; and it isn‟t. It is salvation history. The whole thing is taking place in you, the individual. It‟s not taking place on the outside at all. But how to convince men that this is true? Well, tonight we will try. I will try to explain what I know from my own experience. The story is told of Christ; and the term called “Son of Man” is a term used most to describe the Christ, the Messiah.
We are told in the Book of Daniel: “And on like a son of man came to the Ancient of Days, and was presented before him, and he was given dominion and glory and kingdom.” [Daniel 7:13]
Well, “dominion” means “complete control of all human and non-human forces”―complete control. That’s dominion.
“Glory” is God Himself, as told us in the Book of Exodus: “I make my glory pass before you,…and when I pass by.” [Exodus 33:18 and following] So he equates “glory” with “I.” So here, it is God Himself.

And now “Kingdom” is simply the realm where a monarchical ruler dominates all things―the king.
In the New Testament it is said of Him, which is the central figure, that he is the Son of Man. So he asks this question: “Who do men say that the Son of Man is?” [Matthew 16:13-16]
And they answered, “Some say John the Baptist come again, others Elijah, other Jeremiah, and still others one of the prophets.”
Then he turned to them and said, “But who do you say that I am?” He equates himself with the Son of Man.
Then Peter answers, “You are the Christ, the son of the living God.”
He accepts that definition. So here we find the Son of Man, the “I” and then “Christ” all equal. They are one and the same. So here tonight, we speak of This-in-You.
And when the Son of Man, as we are told in the Third of John: “As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up” [John 3:14]. Now we have just seen that the Son of Man is the “I” of man―the pronoun “I.” It means “I” or it means “one.” So here we can say, “And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must „I‟ be lifted up,” or “…so must one be lifted up.

I am not speaking of anything outside of you. That “I” is the One spoken of in Scripture. You must be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me” [John 12:21]. This is the drama of Scripture.
Today the world―I hear it on TV, I read it in the papers; and these very prominent and very popular teachers from the pulpits and from the TV screen are speaking of the signs, and they tell you that we can see the signs of the end of the world. There aren‟t any signs!
You are told in Scripture that “of that day and hour no one knows but the Father.” [Mark 13:32]
“It is not for you to be given the time or the signs.” [Acts 1:7]

When the sign comes, you‟ll understand it. Everything will happen in you just as described in the story of Christ; but earthquakes and convulsions of nature, cosmic catastrophes haven‟t a thing to do with the end. This is a unique story all about you. It hasn‟t a thing to do with the end of the world. It‟s the end of your journey though the tribulation of human experience, that‟s “the end.” Then comes, with shocking suddenness, the “I” awakening in you. It is not another; it is you. You are the Lord Jesus Christ. You are the Lord God Jehovah. You are the central figure of Scripture. It has not a thing to do with another.”
So, catastrophes? Well, a year ago in San Francisco I read in the New York Times that every 24 hours we have approximately eighteen hundred what are called “natural” catastrophes in the world like volcanoes, earthquakes, storms, typhoons―all kinds of horrible things; but every 24 hours there are at least eighteen hundred of these normal, natural convulsions of nature. And yet, here are our religious leaders interpreting an earthquake, interpreting some convulsion of war.
You are told, “There will be wars and rumors of wars” [Matthew 24:6 and Mark 13:7]; but that is not it. If anyone should ever come to you saying, Look here is the Christ, or there is the Christ, believe him not.” [Mark 13:21]

There is no outside “Christ.” Christ is buried in you; and when he comes, he can only come by awakening in you. Even though one has actually had him completely awake within himself, don‟t believe he is the Christ. He has awakened in me, the speaker, but I am not the Christ that you are looking for. The Christ that you are looking for is now buried in you. and must awaken in you as you. it is the “I” of you.
The personal pronoun “I”―that is Christ; but man doesn‟t know it, and he is looking on the outside for Christ. And there is no other Christ. So when any one tells you because of an enormous following that he can interpret the signs,–there aren‟t any signs on the outside.
Let me show you one simple little story. In the 13th Chapter of Mark [Mark 13:1,2] and the 24th Chapter of Matthew [Matthew 24:1,2] it is said that he turned, after having heard from his Disciples,–they said, “Look at these building,”―speaking of the temple. “Aren‟t they wonderful?” meaning that they are forever.

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