Neville Goddard Lecture, Every Natural Effect

Every Natural Effect

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Class Lecture by Neville

Edited by Jan McKee

Every natural effect has a spiritual cause and not a natural. A natural cause only seems. It is a delusion of the perishing, vegetable memory. We do not remember these moments in time when we imagined certain states. So when that imaginal state takes form so we can see it with the outer eye, we do not recognize our own harvest and deny that we had anything to do with these natural effects that are taking place in our world. Because our memory is faulty, we do not remember. “There is a moment in every day,” said Blake, “that Satan cannot find, nor can his watch fiends find it. But the industrious find this moment and it multiply and when it once is found, it renovates every moment of the day if rightly placed.” Now, by the word “Satan,” he simply means doubt. Doubt cannot find it. I desire a certain state in this world. Reason tells me it‟s difficult; my friends tell me it‟s impossible; and so if I doubt that I could ever realize it, that‟s the voice of Satan speaking to me. He‟s always challenging God. God is my own wonderful human imagination. That‟s God. So the protagonists are God and Satan — simply faith and doubt. Can I imagine that I am the one that I would like to be and remain faithful to that assumption as though it were true. If I can and remember that assumption and when I did it, then I will see when it happens in my world the relationship between the natural effect and its spiritual cause. The spiritual cause was that moment of assumption.

Now let me share with you what was given to me this past week in the form of a letter. He‟s here tonight. His barber was the low man on the totem pole when he first encountered him. There were four in the shop. Well he was the fourth man. If you‟re familiar with the barbershop, and maybe you ladies do not know, and so the boss always has the first chair; and so if it‟s a slow day, he gets the man. By the time he‟s through, he gets the second one. He doesn‟t share it. If three should come in, then they go to the different chairs. Well, four chairs, the fourth one waits for his customer. Well, this friend of mine one day happened to sit in his chair. And he liked the way he cut his hair and gathered from what he said that he liked cutting hair. He was proud of his profession as a barber, proud of it — not making excuses as so many barbers do. He was proud to be a barber and wanted to be the very best barber and win competitions. So having heard this man express this desire, my friend imagined that he was tops. Well, in a little while he bought out the boss barber and then dismissed him and rearranged his staff and then from then on began to proceed to the top. Well, three weeks ago, while sitting in his chair, which is his now — the boss barber is his barber for he was the low man but now he‟s the top man. He said to him, and in a very exciting way, that there was a contest to be held in San Francisco. And he would like to enter this contest for hair styling and cutting of hair. Well, my friend said when “I discovered that he really wanted it, and no one goes into a contest unless he wants to win, I saw on the wall the trophy that would be his. And I heard him tell me how he won.” Well, there were four men in the shop. One was committed for that weekend and so, this past weekend, he took two with him. So there were three from that shop of four men.

There were only nine trophies given in the State in this competition and that one little shop won four. The boss barber won first prize and a second prize, and his two men that went with him each won a second. So they came back from San Francisco bearing four out of nine. Now he said to me, you‟ve often said from the platform, “I will tell you before it takes place that when it does take place you may believe.” Well now, I‟m going to tell you, Neville, before it takes place. There‟s going to be a contest in Southern California and I have seen his trophy as the first one on that wall. And so, I will tell you before it takes place that when it does take place, you will know that I am putting this into practice. I know he lives by it. “Then there will be another contest,” said, he, “in Miami and one must win in Miami to be eligible for that which will be held in Brussels which will be international. I am putting him there in Brussels as first among all contestants.” Well I know that he will win. For every natural effect has a spiritual cause and not a natural. A natural cause only seems. It‟s a delusion of man‟s perishing, vegetable memory. He doesn‟t remember. Well now, he will remember what he did. And I have his record at home in his letter.

Now he said to me in this letter, “I had a dream. I repeated the dream and then I had a third dream, all in the same night.” So, the first and second was simply the same dream, repeated. “I do not bring back the details,” said he, “of the dream but it was all about, in detail, strangely enough, about my birthday. But I cannot recall all the things that happened. I only know, here stood a man in a white robe with a book in his hand, opened in the middle, it was gilt-edged, and he had a quill in his hand (or it could have been a scythe). He looked almost like a cartoonist‟s concept of Father Time. And he was insistent that my birthday was a certain day and I was equally forceful in stating that it was not because I knew my birthday to be the 19th of September, 1927, and he was insisting, over my protests, pointing all the things out in the book. And then I woke. In spite of his insistence and my protest, for I knew my birthday, at least that was my physical birthday.” I‟ll call his attention to the 87th Psalm, “And the Lord records as he registers the peoples. And he said this one was born there.” It‟s all about birth. There are only seven verses in it. It‟s a small, short psalm. But this is the birth, not of a physical birth, this is a spiritual birth, “and this one was born there.” I can say to him, you did the perfect job as I knew you would in challenging the Lord‟s angel, the recording one. For to sin by silence when we should protest, makes cowards of us all. And no coward can be used in his stable of studs. I can say from the way you worded your letter that you have been born; but the perishing, vegetable memory has not brought it back. You have been born from above. You have had other experiences which would imply an adumbration. But from this letter, I would say you have been. But memory has not brought it back. I am convinced of that from your letter. For it‟s all in the past; it‟s not present and it certainly is not future the way you worded the letter. For you know your birth date which is physical, and you said the 19th of September, 1927, and he denied that was the day of your birth.

To deny that was the day of your birth would imply you were born in the spirit world because he represents not the physical world but the spiritual world. So I would say of you, you have been born from above.
So, here, take these moments, every moment in time. It‟s a special moment, a precious moment, a moment where you can actually use it to plant what you want planted in this world and, remembering that moment, well then, it has to come out. For every natural effect has a spiritual cause and not a natural. Well, that spiritual cause is that moment when you dare to assume that you are the man or the woman that you would like to be or that another man, in his case the barber, that he is the top as he desired to be

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