Neville Goddard Lecture, Election and Change of Consciousness

Election and Change of Consciousness

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Election is an act of God, not based upon any inherent superiority of those elected, but grounded in the love and grace of God and in his promises to the Father. Let no one boast who is called. Let no one boast who is elected, for all will be called, but in God‘s own predetermined time. So tonight my subject is ―Election and Change of Consciousness‖. God speaks to Man through the medium of dream and reveals himself in vision, and we are past masters of misinterpreting his words. A dream is a parable containing a single jet of truth. Don‘t try to give meaning to every word or event of the dream. Perhaps there will be several dreams, several stories in a single dream – then each story contains its own jet of truth. Let me share one such dream of a friend. Her dream is in three parts. It is a wonderful dream on the higher level. The lady states: ―I found myself in an old, comfortable farmhouse. Outside an old horse grazed in the sun and an old dog slept under a tree. Suddenly a man appeared at my door and said: ‗You have been chosen and must leave this place.‘ For a moment I panicked. What would I do about the house and the animals outside? Perhaps I could sell them or give them away. Then the man, having read my thoughts, said: ‗No, you cannot sell them or give them away. You must leave them as they are, and your leaving must be voluntary.‘ The moment I chose to leave, the scene changed and I am in an entirely different world, talking to a man and a woman.

They tell me that I must play three games, of which two have been completed, although I couldn‘t remember playing them. Now standing in the center of a beautiful green field, I see an enormous mountain in the distance. I am told that I must run across this field, gather anything I can along the way, and reach the top of the mountain in ten seconds. Then I must interpret what I have accomplished along the way. Scooping up a few stones, I began to run, stopping occasionally to gather more stones along the way. When I reached the top of the mountain I discovered my stones had become golden nuggets which had fused together. Extending my hand for those who were there to see, I said: ‗This is my mind of golden wisdom‘ and they replied: ‗You have found the way.‘ Then the dream changed and I am standing gazing at a child lying in a crib. Its head appeared to be indented, as though it had been lying on rocks or sand. Rubbing the child‘s head, I smoothed its skin and it smiled. Then I dressed it, made it more comfortable, and as I was feeding it I awoke, still seeing the smile on its face.‖ God spoke to this lady in a glorious dream. A house is the symbol of the state from which you abide. Hers was very comfortable. A dog is the symbol of faith. Called Caleb, in scripture, he is the one who crossed the river with Joshua. He is called the hound of faith. Now, a horse is the symbol of the mind. In her case he represented a comfortable way of thinking. Then the man appears to tell her she is chosen. (In scripture, God‘s messenger is always the Lord himself, for ―my name is in him‖.) So the Lord appeared, not as some strange creature from outer space or as an impersonal force, but as an ordinary man. He tells her she is chosen.

 Chosen to leave this age. She cannot sell or give her present state of consciousness away. She must voluntarily leave it for another to occupy. Entering an entirely different age, she meets two, and there is conflict until she reaches the mountain top where the God in her reveals the mind of golden wisdom. Now, in Paul‘s last letter to Timothy, he says: ―The time of my departure has come.‖ Then he mentions three events, saying: ―I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the faith.‖ Like Paul, she has fought the good fight and finished the race, for she has kept the faith – just as everyone will – for it‘s God who is doing it all. Then she finds wisdom, personified as a little child, he who said: ―Before he created the heavens I stood beside him as a little child. I was daily his delight, rejoicing constantly before him and delighting in the affairs of men. Listen to me carefully. He who finds me finds life. He who misses me injures himself. He who hates me, loves death.‖ She found the child. She found life. Animating bodies in this world of death, we are destined to become life-giving spirits by finding life. Having won the race, having kept the faith, having fought the good fight, she has found the child. Don‘t be concerned about all the little pieces of a dream; simply see the symbols present there. Now let me repeat once again: Scripture is not history, and the characters depicted there are not persons, but personifications of eternal states of consciousness. We all started this journey into death in the state of Abraham. In the 23rd chapter of Genesis it is said that Sarah dies and Abraham becomes a sojourner in a strange land for 400 years. Called the father of the multitude, God promised Abraham that he would return, bringing all with him.

Going to the Hittites, Abraham tells them he has no land to bury his wife, and they say: ―Hear us, my lord; you are a mighty prince among us. Take the choicest of our sepulchers; none will withhold his sepulcher from you, or hinder you from burying your dead.‖ May I tell you: every child born of woman is God the Father, buried in the sepulcher of the Hittites, called Canaanites. Every black man, every white man, every nationality, race or creed born of woman, is a Canaanite where God the Father is buried. This was a deliberate act, not a punishment. Listen to the words in the 82nd Psalm: ―God has taken his place in the divine council where he holds judgment saying: ‗You are gods, sons of the Most High, all of you; nevertheless, you will die like men and fall as one man, O princes.‘‖ We are the ones who deliberately fell into these garments, these sepulchers. A god is entombed in every skull. You didn‘t begin in your mother‘s womb. You are buried in the body your mother wove for you, and from that sepulcher you will be called in fulfillment of God‘s promise. So let me repeat: Election is an act of God, not based on any inherent superiority of those elected, but grounded in the love and the grace of God and in his promises to the Father. It is to the Father that the promise is made. Everyone has been promised that he will die and will be raised from that state. Everyone will be called from the age of death to once again enter the age of everlasting life. This lady has been called. She has been chosen and all the events recorded in scripture will take place in her.

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