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The mystery of creation is to be understood in terms of faith, so what is faith? It is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen with the mortal eye. Through faith we understand that the world was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was made out of things which do not appear. “Many suppose that before creation, all was solitude and chaos. That is the most pernicious idea that can enter the mind of man, for it robs the Bible of all sublimity and the nature of the man who entertains that idea a little grubbing worm outside of himself. Eternity exists and all things in eternity, independent of creation which was an act of mercy.” (William Blake) All things exist, and the mystery of their creation must be understood in terms of faith. But faith does not give reality to that which is unseen. Faith is loyalty to the unseen reality! Only in this sense can the meaning of faith be understood. If you have a goal, although it is unseen, it already exists.

Your normal mortal eye cannot see it, but by rearranging the structure of your mind, you can see it clearly. If, as the days follow one another, you remain loyal to this unseen reality, and your goal is reached, you will have discovered the mystery of creation. Eternity exists and all things in eternity independent of your creative act. You may continue to build only upon what your mortal eye sees, and perpetuate the same thing over and over again, remaining forever where you are. But if you know that all things exist, though unseen at the moment, and you have access to them through your imagination, you can rearrange the pattern of your thinking and change your world by remaining loyal to your unseen construction. And when it externalizes itself by becoming a fact that you may share with others, then you will have found the secret of creation, which was an act of faith. The 11th chapter of the Book of Hebrews tells fantastic stones of what the ancients performed – and they did everything! Beginning with Enoch, all of the characters are named, as well as their achievements. Then it is said: “They received the promises, but not the promise.” Having been promised that if they could believe, it would come to pass, they believed and received the promises. But no one knew the fulfillment of the promise until it broke through in one. Then he knew that by the same act of faith, he could leave this sphere and enter the heavenly one. God’s promise has fulfilled itself in me. I have recorded it for posterity as vividly and as accurately as I can in my book, Resurrection. You can read of my experiences and believe them or disbelieve them. It’s up to you. Perhaps at the present time you do not want to leave this sphere and enter the kingdom of heaven.Now, “By faith we understand that the world was created by the word of God,” which is His power and wisdom, called Christ. Any Christ other than he who is crucified, buried, and rises in you, is false. And anyone who teaches of an outside Christ is a false teacher.

 Paul tells us: “The mystery hidden from the ages, Christ in you, is the hope of glory.” Any hope you have of entering a glory that transcends all earthly power and wisdom is already in you, but hidden. Christ is the way, the pattern to follow for entrance into that glory. If everything exists, whether visible or invisible, then my father and mother who have departed this world exist, and would revel in anything that I accomplish here. Although my mother left this world in 1941 and my father in `59, I can bring them into my mind’s eye and hear them speak of their pride in their son. Believing that everything I can conceive is part of the structure of the universe, I can assume they are fully aware of my accomplishments, so I listen to their joy. Now, can I remain faithful to that scene? My faith is not going to give it reality, but my loyalty to the unseen reality will. I listen and remember what I heard, and in the tomorrows I continue to remember. Then, in its own appointed time, when that which I have been faithful to externalizes itself, I will have found the great secret of creation. God tells us he does not create something out of nothing, for all things are! That he calls a thing that is not now seen as though it were seen, and the unseen becomes seen. (Romans 4:17) Instead of calling something out of nothing, you simply rearrange that which already is until it implies what you want. Then you remain loyal to that unseen reality. Faith contains a power which can link you to a world where you are eternal.

Paul tells us to put our faith, not in the works of men, but in the power of God. And no earthly power – be it atomic, megatons of multi-megatons – can compare to that power! Can you conceive of being a power so great that if you desire, you can stop the world? That you can make it stand still and see it as dead? Then release it and let the world continue to fulfill its so-called intentions? Could you deal with such a power by changing your intentions, thus causing the world to be reanimated and do the opposite? That is the power which will be yours when you know you are one with the body of love, called the Everlasting Savior. Contemplate this thought. On this level you may achieve any objective, and prove to yourself that invisible states, when properly rearranged, will externalize what they imply, for the potency of every imaginal act is in its implication. Listen closely to your invisible thoughts. What do you hear? What are your words implying? That is their potency. What do you want? Name it and rearrange the structure of your mind to imply you no longer desire it, because you already have it!

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