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ALL That Is Divine

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In the nature of things it is impossible for any child born of woman to go unredeemed, for the moment he says, “I am,” he is proclaiming all that is divine in his flesh. Therefore, God cannot cast away that which constitutes the “I” of man without casting himself away, and that is impossible. Scripture teaches in the form of parables, and we must learn to distinguish between the parable told and its message. In the 18th chapter of the gospel of Matthew we read that he placed a child in the midst of them and said, “See that you do not despise one of these little ones; for I tell you that in heaven their angels always behold the face of my Father who is in heaven.” The word „„angel‟‟ means „„a messenger; to bring forth,‟‟ and the word translated “child” means “an infant; a term of endearment.” Here we find a child is always beholding the face of the Father who is in heaven and bringing forth his message by becoming what he beholds. The reality of man is symbolized as that of the Christ-child, the incorruptible seed which is always beholding the face of the Father, molding man‟s reality into the Father‟s image that he may become one with his Father. Casting his shadow into a certain role, we judge the role, not knowing that the innocent child is doing it as he molds himself into the image of the Father. In the world we play our parts by saying, I am rich, I am poor, I am known, I am unknown; yet all the while the innocent Christ-child (this incorruptible seed) is beholding the face of the perfect one, molding itself into the image of that which it beholds. It is my desire to constantly see truth so clearly that I become its image and share it with everyone who will listen. Not understanding the horrors of the world, man thinks he is damned and not saved; but I tell you, every child born of woman is already redeemed.

The being that is the child‟s reality is molding himself into the image of the Father and becoming what he beholds. But in the world he is casting himself into the many parts to be played. At the moment he may be playing the part of a rich man or perhaps a poor man; still he is free to choose yet another state by applying the precept, “Whatever you desire, believe that you have it and you will.” You are always molding yourself into the image of what you are beholding, whether in this world of death or that world of life. But your Christ-child is always beholding the face of your Father and molding himself into his likeness, that you may know who you are and say within yourself, “I am He!” This seems fantastic, but it is true, for I am telling you what I know, not what I am theorizing or speculating about. No one can fail. God hardened Pharaoh’s heart so that he could not let his people go. Then giving them blow after blow, he again hardened his heart – so who is responsible? The child is dreaming he is Job as he casts his shadow and plays the many parts.

But in the end you will understand why you put yourself through hell, and you will be given a hundred times more than you had before. You are playing a role now, and have played unnumbered roles in the past. Many of you here are playing the last role, but every role was for the purpose of molding you into the image of that which you are beholding. Always beholding the perfect image, hopeful that you will not deviate from it, you will become an image of truth. Now he tells you, “If you abide in my Word you will know that I am the truth.” You will know this when God‟s son sets you free, and when your son sets you free, you are free indeed. In the meantime you are molding your face into the image of that which you are beholding. Now you see only the shadow world, but if you believe me and remember my words in your moments of despair, they will support you in your times of trouble. In the 8th chapter of Proverbs, the little child tells us, “In the beginning, when the Lord created the universe, I was beside him as a little child. I was daily his delight, rejoicing before him always. He who finds me, finds life. He who misses me, injures himself; all who hate me, love death,” for they are in love with this world of death. When you view consciousness you must see the two relationships: the pure, unconditioned I AM, and the conditioned I AM.

Now conditioned, I am aware of being Neville, a speaker and teacher. Another condition placed upon pure awareness is that of a banker, a lawyer, or that of a thief. These are all conditioned states of being the little child has cast you into, and you are playing your part perfectly. You do not see that little child until the end of the play, at which time you will hold that infant in your arms and your intense feeling towards him will come forward into speech. In my own case I said, “How is my sweetheart?” The child calls forth a term of endearment, for when you find that child, you find life. You find he who was beside the Lord when he created the world, and you will know that. He who misses me, injures himself, and he who hates me is in love with the world of death. Everything here is mortal, and in time the billionaire will leave his billions and the honored general will leave his medals. The billions will decay and the medals will tarnish. Everything here will vanish and leave not a trace behind, but he who played the part of the millionaire and the general cannot vanish. He is that little child within, who was one with God, and is God.

It is he who watches and changes the image until he is as perfect as his father in heaven is perfect. He is building the same image and when he reflects and radiates it, you will find that child and speak words of endearment to him. The child is but a sign of your true being who is casting himself into these many roles. He cast me into the role of a poor boy, in a family with no intellectual, social or financial background. Then he brought me out as the perfect image of the Father for me to discover my own being. That is the story of everyone in this world. Now, he gives you a cushion by telling you that, through the act of assumption, you can fulfill every desire of your heart. Knowing what you want, you must assume that you have it in the same sense that the Christ child is assuming he is what he is beholding. You must behold yourself as secure if that is your desire.

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