Neville Goddard Lecture, A State Called Moses

A State Called Moses

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While reading scripture, always bear in mind that it is a story of salvation and not secular history, that the characters – from Adam to Jesus – are states of consciousness. In Blake’s “Visions of the Last Judgment,” he said: “It ought to be understood that the Persons Moses and Abraham are not here meant, but states signified by those names as they were revealed to mortal man in a series of divine revelations, as they are written in the Bible.” Having seen the entire play, Blake added: “When you see them from afar they appear as one man, but as you approach they appear as multitudes of nations, as the One Man becomes the many.” The first five books of the Bible are called the Torah, or the Law, with Abraham as the symbol of the beginning of civilization. But the outstanding character recorded there is the infinite, eternal state called Moses. The word Moses is the old perfected [form] of the Egyptian verb “to be born”; so it is in the state of Moses that something is to be born. Now, at the end of the Torah we are told: “Moses, the servant of the Lord died and the Lord buried him, but no man knows the place of his burial to this day.” (Deuteronomy 34) Why? Because Moses is buried in you. Today people try to perpetuate the identity of every prominent person in some mausoleum. In our country, daily trips are made to the graves of our presidents. I am told that there is not a day that Kennedy’s grave is not covered with flowers, as people cry and pray there. So we know the burial place of our presidents and heroes – but no one knows the burial place of Moses. Representing the future of Israel in germinal form, it is in Moses – a state buried in Man – that God’s plan of redemption is revealed.

Now, an Israelite is not a descendant of Abraham after the flesh, but the elect of God of any nation. Whether you be a Jew, Christian, or Mohammedan, Moses – the future of Israel in germinal form – is buried in you. And the word “Israel” means to rule as God. Having seen the entire pattern of God’s plan in the mountain, Moses returns and speaks to the people in the first person present tense, saying: “I am the Lord who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods besides me.” Having said this, Moses reveals God’s name as I am! He did not say, I am Moses and the Lord, but I am the Lord. Recognizing his true identity, Moses begins to do wonderful things, called signs. Giving Moses the rod of God, the Lord said: “Put upon it the fiery serpent, and everyone who sees it, whether he be ill or distressed, if he believes, he is healed.” All of this beautiful imagery is literally true when God’s plan begins to unfold in you. We are told that Moses could not enter the promised land, that Joshua – filled with the spirit of wisdom – entered and the people followed. Joshua is the Hebraic word for Jesus. Moses could not enter because he is God’s plan in germinal form. Joshua is its unfoldment, as the word says: “I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior and besides me there is no savior.”

The plan unfolds in Joshua in the Old Testament, and Jesus in the New. If Joshua is filled with the wisdom of God, and Christ is defined as the power and wisdom of God, are they not one and the same being? God’s glorious wisdom in germinal form saves Israel by pulling the one being out as the germ erupts. Then the man in whom it happens experiences the signs and wonders recorded in scripture in a literal manner. Who would have thought that the rod of God with a fiery serpent on it was literally true; yet I know it is the state you will experience as you enter the promised land. I do not care how long you live or how much you own, you will die to this world. But you are destined to move into the land of the promise, a land that is eternal, where you cannot die. The garment of nature you now wear will die, but there is a germ in you called Moses that lives forever. He is buried in Golgotha, the skull of man.

 And the rod of God is your spinal cord. Having descended into division, God’s creative power has gone down into generation. It is destined to be reversed and turned up into generation and unity. There is only one creative being, only one God. Being protean, he appears to be unnumbered nations, races, and people; but in the end, one by one he gathers himself into the one body, the one Spirit, one Lord, one God and Father of us all -yet without loss of identity. You will know you are God. I will know you and you will know me. Having known each other in this violent state by the masks we now wear, we will return to the unity of one made up of others, to be brothers in that heavenly state. It is Moses who betrays God’s name. Now that you know it, ask for wealth in the name of God by saying: “I am wealthy.” You cannot point outside of self and call upon God’s name. If I am in an impoverished state and desire the state of wealth, I must dare to assume I am wealthy. The Torah is a discussion between Jehovah and Pharaoh, or faith and doubt. You must have the faith of assumption that you are the man you want to be in order to become it. Your desires will never come to pass if you believe the denials displayed by your reason and outer senses.

As you walk in the assumption that your desire is fulfilled, you are calling upon the name of God and conjuring that which you are assuming. You must dare to assume wealth, if that is your objective. If you desire health, you must assume it, even though the doctor’s reasoning world produces proof to the contrary. You must be ever aware that they are not your God, that there is only one God and his name is I am! When you point to another as an authority in your world, you are transferring the power that belongs to God to an idol. Now, if you call for anything with the name of God, and his name is I am, and you say I am – are you not your own maker? God is, for I am! I kill and I make alive, I wound and I heal. I create the light and I form the darkness and besides me there is no other God. Whatever I want, I must assume the full responsibility for it. If I want to conjure health and the doctors tell me I cannot overcome my illness and I believe them, I have made my choice and must accept the responsibility for it. But if I dare to assume health, God is proclaiming it, for he has no name other than I am! This is the grand revelation found in the third chapter, the 14th verse, of Exodus. “Go and tell them `I am has sent me to you.’ “Whatever you declare, is; for God’s name is any form of the verb to be, whether it is I am, I was, or I will be.

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