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Lecture #450 IMAGINATION PLUS FAITH Workshop

Free Sample Workshop for Lecture Imagination Plus Faith by Neville Goddard

 Take your study of Neville Goddard to the next level with this professionally prepared set of lecture workshops by Dr. Neeta Blair. Dr. Blair spent over 2 years putting together this incredible resource for those that are having a difficult time integrating Neville’s teaching into their lives, and in exhaustive detail walks us through the steps necessary to fully integrate Neville’s teaching into our day to day life. Click the link above for a FREE example workshop for Neville’s lecture “Imagination PLUS Faith” and then order your complete sets below.

Looking back on that day in mid-2006 when Gary and I decided to include workshops as part of the Dare To Assume series, I see the period as a bridge between my earlier studies and practices and my current evolution. Each workshop portrays knowledge and skills I applied in relation to concepts Neville presented in the lectures. Taking up Neville’s challenge to test and experiment with the things he taught, I followed an adage from Gibran – “a teacher teaches best what she needs to learn. In other words, my desire for a comprehensive and clear understanding of what Neville taught was the driving force behind the workshops.

Already practiced in breaking down various Neville concepts and presenting my experiences in the Yahoo forum Applying Neville starting in 2003, I asked questions and let answers unfold in relation to the concepts. This asking and letting the answers come was a process I consciously started in 1997 after about 30 years of studying teachers in the metaphysical approach, starting with the Fillmores at Unity, Holmes at Religious Science, Joel Goldsmith, Anna Besant, Quimby among others who gave specific instructions on how to use the mind. I practiced the skills and saw phenomenal transactions before my very own eyes – from rotating a floating needle in a shallow dish of water to creating new paths for a category-5 hurricane so it did not demolish my city as well as a high power typhoon bearing down on Okinawa where my son and his young family resided. But that 1997-morning I opened my Daily Word, reading about a principle and my Bible, reading an instruction and realized, “I want to know how to do this!”

In the workshops I talk about my struggles with the concepts, such as sorting out how all things are possible to me in the workshop from Lecture #405, LIVE IN THE END, and helping persons shift from trying to figure out how they were going to “get” their desires (such as money) to knowing they had “more than enough” already in their possession by incorporating the imaginal activity associated with their inner bank account in the workshop from Lecture #416, TEST HIM AND SEE.

I paced myself to learn and practice whatever I could from each lecture and put my experience in written form across a seven-day period so each workshop could be distributed to subscribers of the weekly series. This means I left many concepts for later exploration – and in 2012 when Gary and I started a new project (audio version of the series), I extracted more knowledge and skills from concepts presented in Lecture #400, THE SIGNS OF THE END. Although it seems I had one shot at the concepts, I experimented with concepts Neville repeated from lecture to lecture, taking advantage of multiple opportunities to develop new perspectives each time.

In February 2008 we completed the entire series, but out of this 70-week process came a seed for my program of Imagination Education. Something in the workshop process activated the idea of “educating the imagination” within me and I returned to asking the question “How?” and let the program unfold into a six-session “live” workshop and outlines for many subsequent workshops.

Simply speaking, the workshops of the Dare To Assume series were instrumental in my ongoing journey and I suspect you will be able to use any of these as a launch pad for the next steps for your journey to your Eternal Self. I expect you to become so enamored by your imaginal self that you readily identify yourself more and more as Imagination being the person with life fulfilled in every way – because this happened for me. And still in 2014, I know my unfoldment represents barely the tip of the iceberg of my Divine Potential.

Remembering the late Gary Nordgren with whom I produced the DARE TO ASSUME Lecture and Workshop Series (2006-2008). 

Neeta Blair, Ph.D.

August 2014

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This series is arranged in six parts or sets of lectures and corresponding workshops for ease in downloading. Sets One through Five contain 24 files each;
Set Six – 22 files. Prices for workshops only: lectures are provided without charge.

Dare To Assume Series, Part 1 (#400-411) – 24 files.

Lecture #400 – The Signs of the End

Lecture #401 – Who Am I

Lecture #402 – No Other Gods

Lecture #403 – The Pattern Man

Lecture #404 – Prophetic Sketches

Lecture #405 – Live In The End

Lecture #406 – Faith

Lecture #407 – Power

Lecture #408 – The Man Within

Lecture #409 – Awake, O Sleeper

Lecture #410 – The Signs of the End

Lecture #411 – Persistent Assumption

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Dare To Assume Series, Part 2 (#412-423)- 24 files

Lecture #412 – Imagination

Lecture #413 – Many Mansions

Lecture #414 – Pre-Existence

Lecture #415 – The Son Revealed

Lecture #416 – Test Him and See

Lecture #417 – Self-Abandonment

Lecture #418 – All Powerful Human Word

Lecture #419 – The Pattern of Scripture Is Real

Lecture #420 – His To Give, Yours To Receive

Lecture #421 – If You Can Really Believe

Lecture #422 – You Dare To Assume

Lecture #423 – God’s Plan of Redemption

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Dare To Assume Series, Part 3 (#424-435)- 24 files

Lecture #424 – The Promise Explained

Lecture #425 – The Perfect Law of Liberty

Lecture #426 – Proof The Law Works

Lecture #427 – Where Is Golgotha

Lecture #428 – The Hidden Secret of God

Lecture #429 – Order Then Wait

Lecture #430 – Revelation On Purpose

Lecture #431 – Consigned To Disobedience

Lecture #432 – Control Your Inner Conversations

Lecture #433 – Salvation History

Lecture #434 – Step Into The Picture

Lecture #435 – Self In Self and Risen

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Dare To Assume Series, Part 4 (#436-447)- 24 files

Lecture #436 – Experiencing Scripture

Lecture #437 – God-Given Talent

Lecture #438 – Gifts Bestowed By God

Lecture #439 – The Mystery Called Christ

Lecture #440 – Who Is The Real Messiah

Lecture #441 – The Dweller of The Threshold

Lecture #442 – Who Is Paul Really

Lecture #443 – Secret of Imagination

Lecture #444 – Neville’s Purpose Revealed

Lecture #445 – Catch The Mood

Lecture #446 – Family Portrait

Lecture #447 – He Is Dreaming Now

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Dare To Assume Series, Part 5 (#448-459)- 24 files

Lecture #448 – His Purpose

Lecture #449 – If Any Two Agree

Lecture #450 – Imagination Plus Faith

Lecture #451 – Order Your Conversation

Lecture #452 – Paul’s Prayer Interpreted

Lecture #453 – Predestined Glory

Lecture #454 – The Divine Body

Lecture #455 – The Flood Is Still Upon Us

Lecture #456 – The Identical Harvest

Lecture #457 – The Morning Star

Lecture #458 – The Most Precious Gift

Lecture #459 – The Pattern Man

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Dare To Assume Series, Part 6 (#460-471)- 22 files

Lecture #460 – The Potter’s House

Lecture #461 – The Power and The Wisdom

Lecture #462 – The Promise Fulfilled

Lecture #463 – The Secret of Imagining

Lecture #464 – The World’s A Stage (no lecture)

Lecture #465 – They Related Their Own Experiences

Lecture #466 – What Is Truth

Lecture #467 – Where Are You Staying

Lecture #468 – Who Is The Son of Man

Lecture #469 – Whom God Has Afflicted

Lecture #470 – You Must Experience God

Lecture #471 – Questions and Answers (no workshop)

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